Runescape – 120 Slayer Tips

Some advice going for 120 slayer:


Dark Magic: Best aura you can get, use it on the highest xp tasks like Airuts of difficult ones like Rune Dragons where that 15% dps will make the difference between life and death.
Mahjarrat: Would be worse than Dark Magic but better than berserk auras due to longer duration/less damage taken I think. However, I don’t have VIP so not sure.
Berserker auras (10% dps, ruins your defence): These are a great dps boost (especially the first 6 minutes where it will stack with ovl if ovl aready on when you use aura, raising stats to 127) but you can also get destroyed so I tend to avoid them on anything which hits hard (airuts/edimmus/rune dragons/shapeshifters etc). On weak monsters, especially the fast tasks, these are fantastic:
Chaos Giants
Ganodermic Beasts
Celestials (doesnt last full task)
Abyssal Demons
Dark Beasts etc

Accuracy Auras: WHile in pvm these are the best dps if you don’t have 100% accuracy, they’re not great for slayer as long as you have t90. If you have t80 use them at Airuts/Kal’gerions and other high defence stuff.
Penance/Vamp: Not particularly useful but might as well use them if dps auras are on cooldown as it makes a task cheaper. Penance is great for aviansies tasks.


Scythe > Lance > Drygores = Attuned Crystal Hally.
Drygores can be good for automatons for safety. Danklight/OH Drygore for Ripper Demons.
Nox Bow > Ascensions as Dazing Shot > Needle Strike, plus greater max range.
Supreme Overloads (1% accuracy/2% dmg over normal Overloads) plus they’re cheaper per dose. Use them everywhere, the more dps you do = faster kills = pays for higher cost/h
Adrenaline Potions (1-3 per task). Most useful as melee but pretty good on all styles.
Ring of Vigor to save 10 adrenaline after ultimate. Can squeeze in 2 wild magics during sunshine with it + adren pot.
Elite Enhanced Excalibur. 40% of lp every 5 minutes, doesn’t waste adrenaline like butterflies/rejuv etc.
Boots/Gloves = Barrows Gloves + Silverhawk boots are the best cheap power armour you’ll find, plus hybrid so can use all tasks.
Bandos/Arma/Subj boots+gloves if you have a bit more gp, still no repair cost but more dmg than the hybrid ones. T80/t90 is a waste of money for 2*0.087% dps, both upkeep and higher cost at death. Likewise, deathtouched brace isnt worth the cost.
Blood necklaces (Brawler/Farsigh/Arcane Stream) have the second best dmg in the game on non reflect-immune monsters, above Ammy of Souls. Use them all the time (Dragon Rider is better than non-blood arcane stream though) unless you actually need the tank benefits of Souls.
In no way is the Demon Horn necklace worth it. Prayer potions with t95 prayer + soulsplit = 40-50k/h cost, and much greater dmg boost. Stock up on tons of prayer potions.Just as a disclaimer, if you don’t care that’s fine. Hava asked me for some advice as he’s going for 120 slayer but as he had to go before I could tell everyone I thought it’d be easier to write everything down here.
Gem Bag + toolbelted Herbicide/Charming Imp/Bonecrusher (I crush everything except Rune/Addy Dragon bones)/[Seedicide(all but yew+/papaya+)
Spring Cleaner’s great, no looting + it profits. Alch Runes for the rest. Notepaper is for Muspahs as can’t alch, and the odd valuable drops which you don’t want to alch and have more than one of/rune drag bones etc.
Dom Tower gloves have uses, but aren’t essential. I use them at K’ril, Kree, Kal’gerions and Rune Dragons.
Steel Titan everywhere, with Steel of Legends Scrolls.
Exceptions are Ice Nihil (smoke is cheaper, slightly worse version) for maging Kal’gerions.


This is what I’ve found works best. I generally come out even/small point profit with the 10/50/100 bonus points increasing my total, which I use to buy additional reapers. I went down the list of tasks assigned by Morvran from highest to lowest threshold and blocked all of the ones I skip every time. There’s other tasks I skip also, but the blocked tasks are the most common ones.
All of my preferred tasks are at least 250k/h Slayer experience, and are ones I enjoy too. There’s a handful of tasks that could be preferred which are better but I don’t like killing them.
Automatons – Scythe > Range for xp/h. Dw drygores is almost as fast but 99x safer.
Kal’gerions – I like magic best, but can melee em too. Nihil + t90 is 100% accuracy. Demon Slayer gloves/boots (can be dropped by them) gives a xp/dmg boost.
Abyssal Demons – Magic > Scythe (demon slayer gloves/boosts again)
Aviansies – Magic > Range for Kree, but difference is marginal (Dom Tower Gloves/Nips/Glacor Cave boost etc make a diff), Penance for 0 sups
Crystal Shapeshifters – Melee > Magic. Barge + Surge between enemies. Attuned Crystal gloves + boots (750 crystals each) on shapeshifters adds 10% dmg, sending them to 290k/h xp plus 680k combat xp.

These are the other tasks I do:
Elves – incredible xp/h, but the task only lasts 10 minutes with Scythe
Dark Beasts – I hate these so cancel them 90% of the time, but they’re technically a great task.
Edimmu – boring, but ~200k/h and very profitable. Melee > Magic, magic is far far safer
Shadow Creatures – Scythe > Magic
Muspah – Ancients
Ripper Demons – DW melee is best here, and they average 4-600k/h slayer exp, but they’re dangerous as hell so I don’t bother.
Rune Dragons
Camel Warriors/Acheron Mammoth – Again, I don’t kill them but mean to start as they’re amazing xp if you don’t suck.
Adamant Dragons
Chaos Giants – Scythe
Ganodermic Beasts


1 = Dw, 4 = 2H, 2 = Range (Needle Strike/Dazing Shot can switch), 5 = Magic (if dual-wield Conc. Blast replaces Sonic Wave).
Tuska’s wraths hould replace Sacrifice/Smash for 2h, but I don’t have it.
Dw setup is slightly wrong, should be same as the 2h ones except for thresholds/ability 1.
For melee, Fury and for dw magic, Concentrated Blast have to be clipped or they’re useless and should be removed. After you hit once with them you use the next ability instead of letting them compete cast.
Snipe should either queue an ability so it activates instantly (cancelling cast time, doesn’t always work if you lag) or by using a new ability before cast finishes (will still hit). Again, if you’re lazy and just revoing everything get rid of snipe.


Weapons: Precise 5 (5x Armadyl – if dual-wield put it on off-hand) + Aftershock 3 (5x Illujankan – from Zaros stuff)
Armour: Genocidal+Crackling2 (2 undead/3 explosive, like 20% chance).
Biting2 (5x Subtle)

For my remaining two perk slots I use pvm ones as I prefer to just use my t80 nex gear everywhere.
Absorbative2/Venomblood (1 healthy,1 evasive, 3 fungal comps – cool for Rax/Greg, but otherwise a filler perk)
Impatient3/Devoted2 (3 Zammy/2 Zaros – from nex gear. The devoted part isn’t great for Slayer but is amazing in pvm if you can get it, impatient is still a decent dps boost for slayer).

Additionally I have two gizmos with Undead/Demon Slayer (1 undead comp/1 ancient component – can get the demon slayer part with dextrous too but rarer instead of 100%) and Scavenging2/Looting (5 Precious) which can be cool for K’ril and Edimmus etc but requires an armour switch.

If you got this far, thanks for reading. 🙂 It’s quite likely that I’ve forgotten/overlooked some things, and I also got carried away a bit but hopefully this helps.

Runescape – How to Kill Telos

As of the 27th of june, Gielinor has another boss mob to face: Telos, the warden.

This boss is unique in almost all of its attacks and special mechanics. Let’s cover the basics first.
– Telos starts at 0% and is his enrage is uncapped; therefore being the hardest boss in game.
– Telos has 4 phases from 0-99% enrage, and gains a p5 at 100%
– Telos has 3 special attacks that he can use in every phase, every single phase as one or multiple phase specific specials
– Telos drop mechanic is different; you can chain your loots for better loot, guaranteed better drops at higher enrage, and his enrage resets at every successful loot or when you meet your maker.
– Telos CAN NOT be walked
– Telos rage increase is RANDOM by 5-25% per kill. You can reset rage or set to hardest you’ve unlocked.

Let’s begin by describing his basic attacks:
– Melee attack: Attacks with his blade arm (Charges special bar)
– Mage attack: Small green ball from his head
– Enhanced mage: Fireball. Uses this attack when his special bar is full. Doing magic attacks reduces this.

Then there are also his non-phase specific specials:
– Uppercut: He will hold his attacks and then charge you. This can be dodged by surging to the left or the right. Surging into him will still make him deal a fair amount of damage to you.
– Jump stun: Telos will say ‘hold still, invader’ and stun you before jumping up to deal you for a huge hit. Can be dodged by using freedom and walking/surging away.
– Tendril stun: Telos will say ‘return to the ground’ and snares you in tendrils. This will damage you every tick and heals telos for 1500 hp per tick, as well as draining adrenaline every tick. Deal damage to end his grip (3000 at low enrage, more when higher). Can not be dodged in any other way.

Telos’ jump and uppercut specials CAN be blocked with resonance.

Now for his phase specific specials:
– Yellow beam: Increased adrenaline gain, increased prayer drain
– Black beam: Decreases damage done and damage taken.
– Red beam: Increases damage done and damage taken.
– Minions: Make sure the minions are down as soon as possible as they increase telos’ defence or decrease your hitchance by a VERY significant amount. Minions spawn at 75k, 50k and 25k respectively and will continue to regain consciousness after a few seconds of getting knocked out.
– Shockwaves: As long as the minions are killed as soon as possible you wont have to deal with these. Whenever the minions are alive they increase the bar on top of the screen. When it reaches the red, telos will send out shockwaves.
– Anima bomb: Deals MASSIVE damage when not charging an anima font
– Anima drain: Cleanse yourself at an anima font as soon as possible to stop it from dealing loads of damage (just walk to a font)
– Minions: Kill these minions asap.

Overall rundown of the boss:
– Dps telos down as quick as possible. Keep him away from the beams by blocking them or walking telos out of them.
– Dps telos down as quick as possible. Keep him away from the beams by blocking them or walking telos out of them. Beams charge his adren bar; the higher his adren bar the more damage he does to you.
– Dps telos down as quick as possible. Take the minions down as quick as possible. Minions spawn at 75, 50 and 25k. Keep him away from the red beams.
– Stand in the pure anima font until he spawns his minions, target the minions and get back on telos. After telos used his anima bomb attack and it hit you, move to the vulcanic anima font and repeat the same thing. Move to the corrupted anima font after that and repeat.

Useful tips:
– Dreadnips poison, stall and stun him.
– Dominion gloves stall him slightly as well.
-Try to shield swap and reso to minimise your food intake
– The full fight should be easily soulsplittable on low enrage.
– Telos drains your renewal timer and possibly your ovl timer as well. Seems to have an increased prayer drain rate.

Toyota Minolta 88C-V Race Car ’89 Tuning For GT5

Toyota Minolta 88C-V Race Car ’89 Tuning For Gran Turismo 5

– Rigidity Improvement
– Turbo Kit 3 (High RPM)
– Fully Customisable LSD
– Racing Soft Tires

Driving Options:
TC: Off
SRF: Off
AS: Off
ASM: Off
ABS: 1
CSS: 0

Downforce: 60/85
Transmission: 249 ( set roughly 10 above max speed on straight)
LSD: 15/30/50
Ride Height: -30/-20
Spring Rate: 17.5/14.5
Dampers Ext: 9/8
Dampers Com: 9/8
Anti-Roll Bars: 6/3
Camber: 0.0/0.2
Toe: 0.15/0.25
Brakes: 9/8

Assassin’s Creed 2 solve puzzle glyph “The Fourth Day”

Select ever picture with the Sun in it.

More specifically;
~ sun sitting in between mountain things
~Aztec / mecca calendar (sorry i cant remember which one)
~the east gate
~black bird thing
~The Sistine Chapel

The book of the dead.
The Sistine Chapel
The Eastern gates
The Aztec Calendar
The Red Sun sitting between two mountains. (the second picture on the top).

Choose pictures 2,3,5,8 and 9

Assassin’s Creed II “synapses” Glyph Question

6 = Three trees (1s)
0 = One delta (5s) and Seven trees
3 = Three deltas and One tree

Heres how it is worked out for those who like to know:
the numbers on the left picture represents the difference on the numbers on the wheel starting at the 1 (tree symbol). tree + 2 + 6 + 2 + 1 + 5 + 3 + 5 + 6 + 4
so the numbers on the wheel is:
1 + 2 = 3
3 + 6 = 9
9 + 2 = 11
11 + 1 = 12
12 + 5 = 17
17 + 3 = 20
20 + 5 = 25
25 + 6 = 31
31 + 4 = 35

now the symbols on the wheel all corresponds to these numbers if you translate them into normal numbers. Trees represent 1:s and the deltas are 10:s
the missing numbers are 17 and 31.

the right picture shows a 5 and a tree which means turn the wheel so the 5 and 1 (tree) are the same.
that gives you the solution of:
6 = 3
0 = 17
3 = 31

Runescape – Stealing Creations Guide

Stealing creation or SC for short is a member-only teamwork based mini game located in lvl 13 wilderness. On the game skillers and players killers work together to beat the opposing team.

The stealing Creations Portal

The stealing Creations Portal

How to get there?

How to get to stealing Creations

How to get to stealing Creations

Stealing creation is located in the “Mystic camp” south-west of the wilderness volcano , and north of Edgeville and the Grand Exchange.

1_The easiest way to get there is using a games necklace to teleport to the wilderness volcano and then run south-west to the mystic camp.

2_If you got the ancient magicks spellbook you can cast carrallangar teleport ; this spell teleports you to the graveyard of shadows (next to clan wars) and then you just have to walk south-west to the mystic camp.

3_If you are in Edgeville or GE you need to jump the wilderness wall and run north until you reach the mystic camp. (BEWARE OF REVENANTS!!)

Getting started

Once in the mystic camp you need to talk to the HEAD MYSTIC (he is always south of the small purple portal).YOU CAN NOT BRING ITEMS TO THIS MINI GAME

Talking to the head mystic at SC

Talking to the head mystic at SC

After the tutorial you can choose two different styles of game : Clan match or Free for all match.

As the name suggest “Clan match” allows you to fight against different clans while Free for all is for anyone wanting to play the mini game ; you can choose a team by climbing over one of the two stiles (red or blue team).

Free for all matches can be started by jumping into one of the fenced off areas located west of the portal.

Starting a free for all SC game

Starting a free for all SC game

While you are waiting, you will see a small interface indicating how many combat and skill levels each team has and the numbers of players.

Number of players, combat levels and skills

Number of players, combat levels and skills

Clan matches can be started by entering the large waiting area located east of the portal.

Starting a clan SC game

Starting a clan SC game

The first member of a clan that enters the waiting area will be made CLAN LEADER ;the clan leader can issue challenges or offer alliences to other clan leaders.To do this you have to right click another clan leader and choose the option “ally” or “challenge” ; a clan can have a maximum of three allied clans.

Playing SC

Once in the game you will be placed in a room with tables in which you or your team can deposit the sacred clay item they have made.

Start of an sc game - the lobby

Start of an sc game – the lobby

Once outside your team base there are two things you can do, be a skiller, or kill skillers ^^.

Gathering sacred clay

There are different ways of gathering sacred clay but each class of clay need a specific level.
lvl 1 —> no requirements
lvl 2 —> lvl 20 in the skill
lvl 3 —>lvl 40 in the skill
lvl 4 —> lvl 60 in the skill
lvl 5 —> lvl 80 in the skill

You can take sacred clay straight off the ground (lvl 1 ) and no skill is needed.

level one clay gathering

Level one clay gathering

You can also harpoon it using the fishing skill ,you can see what lvl you need right clicking the pond.

fishing at SC to gather clay

Fishing at SC to gather clay

You can also mine sacred clay from a rock using the mining skill ,right-click the rock to see the level needed.

You can also harpoon it using the fishing skill ,you can see what lvl you need right clicking the pond.

Mining at SC to gather clay

Mining at SC to gather clay

Similarly,you can chop sacred clay using the wc skill ,right-click tree to see level needed.

Woodcutting at SC to gather clay

Woodcutting at SC to gather clay

And finally,catch swarms of sacred clay using the hunter skill , right-click the swarm to see lvl required.

Butterfly catching at SC to gather clay

Butterfly catching at SC to gather clay

Creating items

Once you got some sacred clay it’s time to look for a “creation kiln” click on it an a menu will appear.

SC Creation Kiln

SC Creation Kiln

This menu is divided in four sub-menu’s one tab for weapons,another for armour,equipment and potions.
Each item have specific bonuses and are taken away if you die or the game ends.Again, you will need a certain lvl to make different items.

Controlling Resources

To control a resource you need to build a barrier around it, you wil need different construction levels for different barriers.Only members of your team can cross the barrier however players of the opposing team can break down the walls and you will need to repair the barrier and remember the higher class the barriers , the more damage they can take.


Another way of helping your team is by attacking the other team members.Any foe you defeat will drop all of his items (not if he was using protect item prayer) which you can pick and deposit at your team base.If you die you will respawn either at your base or the closer resource your team controls.

Armour and food can be either made using the creation kiln or taken from your base ,but taking items from your base will reduce your score.

Food can be made from different sacred clay classes.
food class
class 1 —> 40 life points
class 2 —> 80 life points
class 3 —> 120 life points
class 4 —>160 life points
class 5 —> 200 life points


If you dont want to fight but still want free items you can always pickpocket players in game.
However you can only pickpocket players that got up to 20 lvls more than you in thieving.

Obstacles or life savers…

Fog banks: Once inside them , nobody can attack you or even see you in the mini map as you disappear from it.

SC fog bank

SC fog bank

Rift : All you have to do is click the rift to jump it.

Wall: All you have to do is click the wall to jump over it.

SC walls

SC walls

Altars: In this game altars not only recharge your prayer points but also your run energy and summoning points.

SC altars

SC altars

Familiars: can be summoned in game to carry sacred clay items and to fight foes , the familiar combat lvl depends on the type of clay used to produce the pouch.

clay class 1—> 1 item storage —> 25 cb lvl
clay class 2 —> 6 items storage —> 37 cb lvl
clay class 3 —> 12 items storage —> 58 cb lvl
clay class 4 —> 18 items storage —> 93 cb lvl
clay class 5 —> 24 items storage —> 139 cb lvl


After 20 mins , you will be send back to runescape and an interface will appear showing your score your team score and what team has won.

SC rewards

SC rewards

The awards are:
Most clay gathered
Most processed clay
Most clay deposit
Most damage done
Most players killed
Most deaths
Highest personal score
Lowest personal score

To claim your rewards talk to the reward mystic east of the portal.

SC rewards

SC rewards

All reward items will give you double xp when training a certain skill.

Runescape – Guide To Hunting Revenants

Rev hunting can be very profitable but also a little risky as it takes place in a pvp wildy area. This guide will show you what gear to wear to hunt them effectively without losing too much coin in the chance you get pked.


The bracelet in inventory is Forinthry Bracelet, you need to use this to “repel” the revs so that they don’t all attack you at once. Some setups:

Simple rev hunting gear thats effective and not that expensive

Simple rev hunting gear thats effective and not that expensive

With this gear you can kill the revs really fast if you are on low health

With this gear you can kill the revs really fast if you are on low health

Rev hunting rapier gear

My personal favourite since Revs are weak to stab and that’s what rapier is for, only difference between this and the first setup is basically no dds since with rapier you won’t need but you can bring it if wanted

Rev hunting ranging Setup

Rev hunting ranging Setup

Another setup for cheap and effective kills

Another setup for cheap and effective kills

Bring an antipoison if you feel like Killing the dragon without using charges on bracelet.

For familiars I wouldn’t recomment BOBs since they get attacked by the revenants a lot and you won’t want your supplies on the floor now would you? :p

Recommended familiars would be Bunyip Titans for healing and Unicorn.

Also remember to use repel on the bracelet if it’s your first time or else Revenants will be aggressive towards you and remember to re-do it every 1 hour.

Also remember! Revs are in wild which is a place where you can lose your items so don’t risk anything you’re not willing to lose


Revenants only found exclusively in the north-east corner of the Forinthry Dungeon in the middle of the Wilderness. Revenants of all types can be found here.

Whilst killing these monsters, you may encounter teams and single pkers.
If this happens i would advise using dragonstone enchanted jewellery to teleport out.

Re bank, hop worlds and head back up.

Entrance to the rev cave

Entrance to the rev cave

Once here Enter the cave

Getting through the cave to revs

Getting through the cave to revs

Once at the revs : Right click your bracelet and click repel, this will make the revs non aggressive to you for 1 hour


The Revenants will drop coins mostly but you can get some very valuble drops as seen below

Statius’s Warhammer
Statius’s Full Helm
Statius’s Platebody
Statius’s Platelegs
Vesta’s Spear
Vesta’s Chainbody
Vesta’s Chainskirt
Vesta’s Longsword
Zuriel’s Hood
Zuriel’s Robe top
Zuriel’s Robe skirt
Zuriel’s Staff
Morrigan’s Coif
Morrigan’s Top
Morrigan’s Chaps
Morrigan’s Axe’s
Morrigan’s Javelin’s


You can also get Stattues which can be exchanged in Edgeville to Mandrith

Broken statue 5,000gp
Third age carafe 10,000gp
Bronzed dragon claw20,000gp
Ancient psaltery bridge30,000gp
Saradomin amphora40,000gp
Bandos icon 50,000gp
Saradomin icon 75,000gp
Zamorak icon 100,000gp
Armadyl icon 150,000gp
Guthixian brazier 200,000gp
Ruby chalice 250,000gp
Bandos statuette 300,000gp
Saradomin statuette400,000gp
Zamorak statuette 500,000gp
Armadyl statuette 750,000gp
Seren statuette 1,000,000gp
Ancient statuette 5,000,000gp


Corrupt Dragon equipment can be gained as a drop too these contain :

Medium Helmet
Square Shield

More very rare drops you can obtain are brawling gloves used for 4 x the experience in the following skills: