Runescape – Castle Wars Guide


Castle wars is a Runescape spin on the well known game Capture The Flag. The rules of the game are similar; to score a point you must capture the opponent’s flag in their base, and take it to your own base. The team with the most points at the end of the 20 minute long game wins.
Simple though it is, there are various tactics and hints that can help you win for your team. I will address these in my guide.


As far as equipment is concerned, I always try to bring at least 2 styles of combat when playing Castle Wars, if not 3. In Castle Wars capes and helms, and food are not allowed so that is why they are not present in my equipment guide. I’m going to assume that you are able to afford and wear rune and above items, if you aren’t then just wear the corresponding lower levelled items. I’ll also assume you can’t afford the new ancient armours (Torva/Pernix/Virtus), if you can then you won’t need this guide!
Top tip – bring Ava’s device from animal magnetism to Lanthus to receive the effects of Ava’s device during castle wars.

Gear – Melee

Castle Wars Melee Gear

Castle Wars Melee Invent

Gear & Invent – Melee

Weapon: Chaotic maul/CLS/CR>Godsword>Whip>Korasi>Dragon scimitar
Platebody: Barrows>Bandos>Dragon>Rune
Platelegs: Barrows>Bandos>Dragon>Rune
Shield: Dragon defender>Rune defender
Amulet: Fury>Glory>Power
Gloves: Best RFD gloves>Regeneration brace>Combat brace
Boots: Dragon>Rune (or infinity if mage defense is an issue)
Ring: Berserker>Warrior>Recoil
Ammo: Best you can afford for the corresponding weapon


As extra items I like to bring a spec weapon, a ranging body for magic protection, a bow if you are binded, and a shield for tanking.

Spec weapon:
Defensive: SGS>Enhanced Excalibur>Excalibur
Offensive: Dragon claws>AGS>Korasi>Dragon dagger
Body: Karils>Arma (negative melee bonus)> D hide
Shield: Divine>Elysian>Chaotic shield>Spectral>DFS>Arcane>Blessed>Spirit shield>Rune kite
Bow: Chaotic crossbow>Rune crossbow>Crystal bow>Magic shortbow
Potions: Extreme melee>Super melee>melee potions
Pouch: The best you can use

Gear – Ranged

Castle Wars Range Gear

Castle Wars Range Invent

Gear & Invent – Range

Weapon: Chaotic crossbow>Rune crossbow> Crystal bow>Magic shortbow
Body: Armadyl>Karils>Dragonhide
Legs: Armadyl>Karils>Dragonhide
Shield: Divine>Elysian>Chaotic shield>Spectral>DFS>Arcane>Blessed>Spirit shield>Rune kite
Amulet: Fury>Glory>Power
Gloves: Best RFD gloves>Dragonhide vambraces
Boots: Ranger boots>Snakeskin
Ring: Archer>Recoil
Ammo: Best you can afford for the corresponding weapon


In the inventory I like to bring some melee platelegs in case I am outnumbered by attackers, and I need to boost my defence, and I bring a spec weapon, potions and a familiar. You can also bring a few enchanted bolts to in your inventory to unleash devastating special attacks. If you bring a spec weapon with different ammo you will also need that type of ammo in your inventory.

Spec weapon:
Defence: SGS>Enhanced Excalibur>Excalibur
Offensive: Dark Bow>Magic shortbow
Platelegs: Barrows>Bandos>Dragon>Rune
Potions: Extreme ranged, defence>Super ranged, defence> Ranged, defence
Pouch: The best you can use

Gear – Magic

Castle Wars Mage Gear

Castle Wars Mage Invent

Gear & Invent – Mage

Weapon: Chaotic staff>Staff of light>Ancient staff (wands are good too but provide no damage boost)
Body: Ahrims>Battle robes (no set effect)>Infinity>Mystic
Legs: Ahrims>Battle robes (no set effect)>Infinity>Mystic
Shield: Divine>Elysian>Farseer shield>Arcane>Spectral>DFS>Blessed>Spirit shield>Rune kite (or zamorak book for magic attack bonus, though you will die more easily)
Amulet: Arcane stream>Fury>Glory>Power
Gloves: Best RFD gloves>Infinity>Mystic
Boots: Infinity>Mystic
Ring: Seers>Recoil
Ammo: Runes for your corresponding spell(s)


As a mage I always bring melee armour, because magic robes are so weak. I also bring a melee weapon, because when in melee armour it is very difficult to not splash with magic attacks.
Spec weapon:
Defence: SGS>Enhanced Excalibur>Excalibur (or use staff of light, which is wielded)
Offensive: Melee weapons
Weapon: Chaotic maul/CLS/CR>Godsword>Whip>Korasi>Dragon scimitar
Platebody: Barrows>Bandos>Dragon>Rune
Platelegs: Barrows>Bandos>Dragon>Rune
Potions: Extreme defence>Super defence> defence (+ extreme magic potion if you want to boost damage, or normal magic potion if you want to your boost magic level for a spell)
Pouch: The best you can use (Wolpertinger gives a nice damage boost for magic)

Hybrid tactics

As I stated before, it is foolish to not bring 2 or more types of combat to castle wars, due to enemies using protection prayers and the variety of circumstances you will face. For example, ancient mages with ice spells are highly sought after to freeze opponents, most notably enemies holding a flag. Ancient mages are also capable of producing the best damage per second, however they have the most expensive supply cost. Rangers are very useful for killing mages and flag holders, and warriors are good all round players, their high defence armour gives them good resistance, and their weapons are very powerful against nearby rangers and mages.
Because of the use of all 3 types of combat in castle wars, I always bring 3 types of combat. Here is a typical setup I might use.

Castle Wars Hybrid Gear

Castle Wars Hybrid Invent

Gear & Invent – Hybrid

The equipment used is as stated in each individual class, but beware that you will not have enough space to bring boots/gloves/amulet/rings for each class when you hybrid, so you have to compromise. When using magic, it is best to always use magic boots and gloves, because the other types of boots and gloves have high negative bonuses to magic, whereas magic boots and gloves give no negative bonuses to the other classes. RFD gloves provide high bonuses to all classes, so for hybriding purposes, I strongly recommend them.

Tactics & Gameplay

When you visit Castle Wars, you can enter the waiting lobby by choosing one of 3 portals, the red portal will put you on the zamorak team, the blue portal will put you on the saradomin team, and the green portal will put you on the team with the least players. Personally I would not recommend the green portal, as it increases the chance of you losing the game, so unless rewards aren’t important to you, you should go to the red and blue portals, scout each one for the best players, and join the team with the highest levelled players. This can improve your chances of winning.
When you enter a lobby, you will be presented by a timer which tells you how long you have to wait until the next game. As there are 5 minutes between consecutive games, you will see most of the players run in when the timer reaches 5 minutes. If you wear certain god items, you will be transformed into a type of animal whilst you are in the lobby.

Castle Wars Waiting to Start

Castle Wars – waiting to start

As well as the general multicombat style of fighting in Castle Wars which is found throughout Runescape, there are also specialised tactics which can be used in Castle Wars. When starting the game there are a variety of items you can use to aid your combat. These have unlimited stock, but your inventory is not unlimited, so you have to manage your space. A very common tactic in Castle Wars is to take enough bandages at the beginning of the game to fill your inventory, and then rinse and repeat when you die. At this point I should probably point out that this is a SAFE mini game, and you will re spawn in your base when you die, and you will keep all of your items.

The other equipment available for pickup includes catapult ammo, explosive potions to destroy rocks underground, pickaxes to cause rock falls underground, barricades to stop people from moving in a certain direction (these can be attacked and destroyed), tinderboxes to burn barricades, flares to direct catapult attacks, ropes to climb up the battlements, and repair kits to repair the front gates of the castle. Repair kits are much neglected; I have never seen someone use one.

On the top of the battlements, there are catapults which can be used by anyone, provided that they pick up some catapult ammo from the tables on the ground floor of the base. The catapults are a great way to get your own back on high levels if you are a low level, because any player can use them, and they are extremely powerful, if slightly annoying. The catapult shots can fire anywhere except for the enemies base, and have a very high radius of impact. Because they can’t reach the enemies base, a usual target for shots is the island in the middle, so you should be careful when you are on the middle island.

Castle Wars Catapult

Castle Wars Catapult

The battlements are a good place for rangers and mages to attack other players invading their base, as it offers protection from warriors, and almost all castle wars players are warriors.

Castle Wars Battlements

Castle Wars Battlements

In Castle Wars there are 3 basic player types, those that defend their castle, those that attack the other castle, and those that run to the middle and attack other players (most players do this). As a defender, it is your job to stop all enemy players from taking the flag. The best strategy for this is to place barricades along the top floors to slow enemies. It is also very helpful to have an ancient mage to freeze enemies going for the flag. You should fill your inventory with barricades to replace those that get destroyed when you are defending.

When attacking, the most important thing to remember is defence. You will need substantial magic defence to stop yourself being frozen, but you will also need good melee defence or you will be killed in seconds. A typical tactic employed by players is to equip mage defence gear, eg armadyl, karils, dragonhide, and use protect from melee with a defence potion to block melee attacks. A few useful tips for improving magic defence are:

1.Equip a staff, all staves have good magic defence
2.If you can afford it, use a spectral spirit shield, this gives the best magic defence bonus, with a great melee defence bonus too.
3.Invest in an amulet of fury; it gives great all round defence bonuses.

I would not recommend trying to capture the flag with 70 or lower defence, such an attempt is very unlikely to bear fruit. On reaching the enemy based, a very common situation is to be faced with a large number of barricades, and to die trying to clear your path. Because of this, you should plan an assault with other players so that the damage is spread between all of the attacking players, and so that the barricades can be cleared more effectively.

Castle Wars Barricades

Castle Wars Barricades

If you plan on playing as a ‘run to the middle’ player like most players (and me), then there are still tactics to apply to certain situations. If you meet a magic user, a great way to annoy them is to use the special attack of the seercull bow, which reduces their magic level by 1/10 of the damage you hit. This is especially effective against ice barrage users, who will be unable to use ice barrage if you hit above 55, and because they are unlikely to be carrying chaos runes, they will be unable to use ice burst instead.

If you want to try a more efficient way of killing, you could try to assemble all of your team players in a clan chat (or better, bring your clan!), and give them directions. Piling enemies will see them die much faster, and result in less opponents attacking you at a time.

When you see an enemy running with a flag, a useful tactic is to attack them with the dragon spear/zamorakian spear special attack to stun them for a couple of seconds. This can be very valuable when they are in high magic defence gear and they are not being frozen.

Sometimes when an enemy flag runner holding your flag dies, one of your team members might manage to take the flag, and another tactic known as flag holding comes in play. If your team holds your flag, then in order for your opponents to score, they will have to kill that team member and take the flag off them.

Various tactics can be utilised to ensure this doesn’t happen, if your team is in the lead, then your team should guard the flag holder, and set up barricades around them. It is beneficial for the flag holder to have use magic attacks, because when holding the flag you can only attack with the flag, which is very weak, or use magic. With enough ancient mages, barricades, and attackers, you can guarantee your team a victory by flag holding.


Castle Wars Rewards Shop - Decorative Armour

Castle Wars Rewards Shop - Consumables

Castle Wars Rewards Shop - Miscellaneous

Castle Wars Rewards Shop

Various rewards can be bought with the use of Castle Wars tickets, which are gained by winning or drawing a game, 2 tickets for a win and 1 ticket for a draw. The most obvious choice is the Castle Wars armour, which can be mounted in the skills hall of a POH, or worn in Castle Wars to great effect. The lowest levelled armour gives a 10% damage boost inside Castle Wars, this increases by 5% per set, but the armour sets only have a defence bonus comparable to steel, mithril, adamant, and rune respectively. You only need to wear the body, platelegs and shield to gain the set effect.

You can buy parts of a ballista with tickets, but in my experience the catapult is far more powerful than the ballista, so it’s somewhat a waste of tickets. You can buy potion sets for tickets, but these potions can only be used inside a game of Castle Wars, so they are useful if you have a low number of tickets floating around and nothing else to buy. I wouldn’t buy them unless you have serious money making problems, because much more money can be made by money making, buying potions, and then playing Castle Wars.

You can also buy decorative capes and hoods to show off your Castle Wars achievements, or you can buy the new halos or faithful shield. The halos each reduce the drain rate of certain prayers. Guthix reduces the rate of attack prayers, Saradomin reduces the rate of defence prayers, and Zamorak reduces the rate of strength prayers. I personally can’t find much use for these, because they don’t work for protection prayers, and in most situations I would prefer a helmet with strength or defence bonus. I currently own the faithful shield, which gives a nice +6 prayer bonus with stats comparable to a rune kite, and looks very nice, sporting the new particle effects recently added to Runescape.

Runescape – Guide To Hunting The Giant Mole

1. Gearing up

Giant Mole Gearing Up

Giant Mole Gearing Up

2. How to get there

The Giant mole is found in the Falador Mole Lair, just under Falador Park. The player will need a spade to get there and a light source to see. The mole lair is a Multicombat area, so teams of players can easily coordinate their activities to slay giant moles.

Use a spade to dig on one of the mole hills in falador park:

3. Inventory

-Falador Elite Shield.
-Special Weapon (DDS + Claws > DDS + Dragon Halberd > …)
-Teleport runes to falador and lumbridge.
-Combat pots.
-Prayer pots and food if you are not using the teleport method.
-Cannon + cannonballs
-Tireless run scrolls > Energy pots > Boots of lightness+Spottier cape

4. Summoning

Offensive familiars that are attacking the giant mole will walk towards the mole when it runs away from you, and give you a general direction of where the mole’s new location is.

Terrorbirds can restore your energy using Tireless Run scrolls.

5. Prayer

Always pray piety/turmoil and protect from melee, after killing the mole it won’t respawn for 2 minutes. Enough time teleport to lumbridge (or anything else close to an altar), pray and teleport back to falador.

6. Gear

Helm: Neitz > Verac
Chest: Bandos > Torso > Proselyte > Verac
Legs: Bandos > Proselyte
Cape : Fire Cape > Soul Wars > Skill Cape > Spottier Cape
Boots : Dragon > Boots of lightness
Gloves: Barrows
Ring : Berserker (i) > Berserker > Wealth

Shield : Rune defender > DFS
Weapon: Chaotic Rapier > Chaotic Long > Zamorak Spear > Godsword > Whip.
Special: DDS + Claws > DDS + Dragon Hally

7. How to kill it

The Giant mole will always spawn in the middle of the lair. Set up your cannon there. Equip your Dragon Dagger (S) and do specials to poison it.

Killing The Giant Mole

Killing The Giant Mole

At half health and under, the giant mole starts digging around the cavern to escape. There are several different locations that the mole can resurface around the cave. These are the resurfacing locations. There is one in the centre, one in the top left of the cave, one in the top right, one on the hill, one below the hill, 2 on the far right of the cave and one in the centre.

When it burrows, it raised a huge cloud of dust than can extinguish an unprotected light source, always bring a tinderbox! Covered light sources such as the Bullseye lantern and Candle lantern are not affected.

An excellent way to fight the mole is to be able to run almost constantly. The mole lair is quite large, so run energy is easily depleted once the mole starts burrowing. A terrorbird can be very helpful, energy pots or even Oo’glogs Energy Pool help too. Falador Elite Shields can be operated to find the mole easily.

The value of teams, especially larger ones, is that team members can stay at locations where the mole can surface after burrowing away, allowing the team to spread out and find the mole again very quickly.
After killing the mole it won’t respawn for a good two minutes. Quickly teleport to lumbridge, pray at the altar and tele back to falador for cheap prayer points. The mole will always respawn in the centre.

8. Rewards

The mole will always drop Mole claws and multiple Mole skins, each of which Wyson the gardener (in Falador park) will exchange for Bird’s nests. Bird’s nests can contain valuable Seeds and other items and, when crushed, become Crushed nests, a valuable item that is often highly in demand by players training Herblore.

The mole drops 2 charms at a time.

Other drops: Blood, Law, Nature and Death runes. Various rune weapons. Rune Kiteshield. Rune Square Shield. All gems. Rune bar. Up to 100 noted yew logs.

Clues: Hard and elite.

Effigies: Yes.

Runescape – Dungeoneering Prestige Explained

I just learned this by reading up on it a bit today. Prestige is xp given to you in your base xp for dungeoneering. It is kind of tricky to understand at first but this is what I grasped off it.

Prestige is an xp given to you per floor you are doing. If you have done that floor already you will not get prestige xp the next time you do that floor, so you get his xp only once. The more floors you do the higher the xp will be given per floor done (not per higher floor number, its total floors.) It was set up this way so people didn’t grind the same floor over and over for XP.

Method of getting max prestige xp. Start at floor one and work your way through the floors. You will get prestige xp per floor done. Upon reaching the highest numbered floor you can do (example lvl 6) go back out and using your ring reset it(you won’t lose floors unlocked or complexity.) Upon reseting go to floor one and work your way down again. This way you will get max xp from prestige and your base xp. This means more xp for ya.

I hope this helps some. And if you have any questions i’ll try to answer them.

RS Dungeoneering prestige link and faq

Runescape – Guide to Crafting Air Battlestaffs

What you (basically) need:

-Cosmic, astral, fire runes
-Access to Lunar Spellbook

Gathering Supplies


Zaff’s Staff shop (Varrock Diaries)
A certain number can be bought from Zaff for 7k each, depending how much of the Varrock Diaries you’ve completed, a maximum of 64 each day wearing Varrock armour 3, resetting at 1am BST

Baba Yaga’s shop (Lunar Diplomacy)
Baba Yaga on Lunar Isle also has a few battlestaffs for sale, but check as you buy them as they start at 7k but rapidly increase in price. Remember your seal of passage!

Mage Training Arena (Decent magic level)
A time consuming way of getting them, but is cheaper than buying on GE while training up magic. Battlestaffs cost 1 Telekinetic, 2 Alchemy, 20 Enchantment and 2 Graveyard pizazz points.

The Grand Exchange is a most convenient place to buy everything, but battlestaffs have a limit of 100 every 4 hours, if you are constantly crafting them you should try looking over the forums for people selling bulk amounts.


Bert’s daily sand (Hand in the Sand)
You can get 84 sand a day from Bert in Yanille, resetting every 24 hours. They are delivered straight to your bank.

Zanaris sandpit (Lost City)/Yanille sandpit
The sandpit in Zanaris is the closest to a bank but not often used because of the random events in Zanaris which can slow you down. Many people prefer using the one in yanille. A way of gathering sand very quickly is to move you house to Yanille, get some house teleports and dueling rings. Teleport to your house, go out and fill up your buckets. Use a BoB too if you like. Once filled, teleport to Castle Wars to bank.

Buckets of sand at the Grand Exchange has a limit of 10k every 4 hours.


Arhein’s daily seaweed
You can buy 80 (noted) seaweed from Arhein in Catherby for 2gp each, he only restocks 24 hours after you have bought the last of the seaweed.

Piscatoris seaweed nets (Swan Song)
There are 2 nets that catch seaweed at the north-east corner of Piscatoris that respawn fairly quickly and is close to the bank.

The best alternative for quest noobs people that can’t get into Piscatoris, because now there’s a deposit box at the Port Sarim docks! There are 8 spawn points at the North-west end of the island. No armour/weapons are allowed on Entrana, it’s easier just to wear wight-reducing items so you can run longer.
*Note that I haven’t actually tried this since the deposit box, so I don’t know if weight reducing items are needed*

Seaweed at the Grand Exchange has a limit of 10k every 4 hours.


Either buy them or craft them yourself. The Grand Exchange has a limit of 25k runes every 4 hours.

Making Air Orbs

Firstly, make sure you are on the Lunar spellbook. Grab an air staff, fire and astral runes for however many casts of Superglass Make you want. Withdraw 13 buckets of and and seaweed and cast. This gives you 130 crafting exp and 78 magic exp per inventory. the buckets will be destroyed but you will get an extra 0-10 molten glass per inventory (about 33% overall).

Craft the glass into unpowered orbs with a glassblowing pipe (spawn at Entrana),giving 52.5 exp per orb.

Then switch back to normal magic to enchant the orbs. Start at Edgeville. Equip an air staff, a charged glory and some light armour. Bring and 27 unpowered orbs and 81 cosmic runes (3x cosmics for each orb). Run to the air obelisk through Edgeville Dungeon and enchant.
*The air obelisk is in the wilderness, so watch out for revanants that may climb up the ladder.*
When finished, use your glory to teleport back to Edgeville. Using BoBs is recommended to charge more than 27 per glory charge, especially if you only have a few.

Then just attach the powered orbs onto the battlestaffs for epic amounts of experience. =)
You can either sell or alch the finished staves.

Runescape – Guide To Brewin’ Beers

Hello and welcome to my guide on brewing your own beer. I’ve found it to bring in a fair bit of money for very little effort. Once finished you sell these at the GE for max. They’re highly sought after by herbalists who don’t bother wasting their money training, or wasting their time raising their stats with evil stews. I’d time how long this task takes, but you could just take my word for it. If you take longer than 8mins all up you’re doing something wrong.

You’ll also get cooking xp from this, a whole 281xp per brew. And you can do roughly one sometimes even two brew runs per week, 2 each run. Golly, imagine how much xp you’d get in a year!!

How to start:

Bottom line, you need to quest.
Do these:

Between a Rock… – Free access to Keldagrim
Ghosts Ahoy – Free access to Port Phasmatys
Cabin Fever – Access to Mos Le’Harmless

Level reqs:

29 Cooking (gasp!)
And whatever the quests above require

Items needed

Items needed to brew

Items needed to brew

So what’s this “stuff”, what makes them think it deserves a title like “The”? Why not “Mr Stuff”? Can I skip getting it?
Sadly no you can’t. It’s obtained as a reward from the Trouble brewing mini game. In short annoy the group chat when there is greater that 6 people in it.

I’m also assuming you’ve already got brews on, ready to be collected. If you don’t forget the glasses and it’s 4 barley malt, 4 buckets of water instead of 2.

First brew kit:

Start at the GE, along the west wall you’ll find a trap door. Go down and travel to Keldagrim. From where your cart docks, run north to the pub.

How to get to Keldagrim and brew

How to get to Keldagrim and brew

First add the water, then the barley, THEN THE STUFF! Don’t skip this as you’ll have to drain it and start again. Next add the harralanders. Now you need yeast.

Here’s how you get it:

How to get pot of yeast to brew

How to get pot of yeast to brew

How to get pot of yeast to brew

Not feeling stupid bringing those coins now, eh?

Add it finally and your brew will start to ferment. Use your pot on the dwarf again to refill your pot with yeast.

Second brew kit:

Stop your dillydallying and use your ectophial to teleport to Port Phasmatys. Run south through the gate, then SE past the pub (unless it’s your first time) to the bank. Spam-click your way through pointless dialogue to open your bank account, take out another 2 barley malt, 8 glasses and run back NW to the pub. Go down to the trapdoor once there.

How to get to Port Phasmatys brewing place

How to get to Port Phasmatys brewing place

First add the water, then …read the section above?

For those who only have access to Port Phasmatys, well you only get half the profit. You’ll also need a Ghostspeak amulet and 10 ectotokens for yeast here?

Step3: ???. Step 4: Profit!

Each brew location you visit gets you 8 glasses or two kegs. So you visit both Keldagrim and Port Phasmatys to get 16 glasses or 4 kegs.

Profit from brewing

Profit from brewing

Profit from brewing

Remember you’re doing this twice. Mm, twice.


Q. How long does the brew process take?
A. Varies lots, and I’m positive that’s because the duration has been updated several times. Just check every 3-4days (I keep a reminder in my notes), if it’s not done after that check once a day until it is and then tell me how long it took you.

Q. Will calquat kegs work just as well?
A. Glasses for now still get a good profit. I’ve been keeping an eye on kegs and very soon they will be the way to go instead.

Q. Where do you get supplies?
A. Barley either still does or used to sell instantly in the GE, glasses are infinite supply from Sorceress’ shelf in Al Kharid. Can run back at forth between there and the Shanty Pass chest and stock up. Buckets and pots from the general store. Gp was from begging…

Q. I looked at the GE graph and saw they crashed.
A. That’s not a question. Follow the graph and you’ll notice they got bought back up again and are still rising. Sometimes they sell instantly for min, sometimes max. You really worried about losing 20k?

Q. Dis woz our lil secrt, y ru telln ppl?!1
A. Shut up merchant, and stop ruining my game.

Assassin’s Creed 2 wwii Bunker Code

“Assassin’s Creed 2” features several hidden glyphs that players can find and scan to activate a puzzle. Once the puzzle has been solved, a file unlocks that reveals a small section of a video file known only as “The Truth.” The 17th puzzle in this sequence is known as “The Bunker.” To solve this puzzle, players must first enter a code made up of several symbols, and then locate an Assassin’s logo hidden in an image.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Highlight the red square under the number 7 and scroll to the spiral symbol that looks vaguely like an inverted “G.”

Select the red box under the number 9 and scroll to the symbol shaped as a bowtie.

Highlight the red square under the number 1 and scroll to the symbol that shows a diamond within a diamond. Press the “Submit” button.

Move the view reticule to the top-right corner of the building in the picture and center it on the Assassin’s logo on the white wall, above the slanted roof section. Press the “ID” button.

This will always be the 17th puzzle, no matter what order you scan the glyphs.
Activate “Eagle Vision” to find the glyphs more easily. They are highlighted red.

Runescape – Soul Wars Guide

This is a guide made to help you how to play soul wars.

1.Introduction and Requirements

Soul wars is a P2P combat-based mini-game with 2 teams: the red and the blue team.
It’s like castle wars, you have to play like a team to win. It’s also a safe mini-game.
There are no requirements, it’s known as a good training method for lower levels.


Soul wars can be founded south – west of edgville. You can see it on your mini-map with the mini-game symbol.

How to get to soul wars

How to get to soul wars


First of all you don’t lose anything, so bring some of your best armour. But, you can’t wear any cape inside the soul wars game. You will receive a cape with the color of your team. This will be blue or red. All combat styles are allowed, here are some examples.(you can take what u want ofcourse…)

Melee gear

Soul wars Melee gear

Soul wars Melee gear

range gear

Soul wars Range gear

Soul wars Range gear

mage gear

Soul wars Mage gear

Soul wars Mage gear

You can also bring ancients or chinchompa’s to hit multiple players.

4.How to play + tactics

If you are playing soul wars you can either choose to get experience or kill the avatar. If you want to get experience only, you can kill pyrefiends or jellies the whole game. You can get about 10-20k xp in a single game. If you choose killing the opponents avatar, you can do some things to help your team.

– guarding the soul obelisk
– graveyard conquering
– collect soul fragments
– guarding the avatar
– burying bones to raise your avatar’s level

The main part of soul wars is killing the avatar of the other team.

Soul wars Avatar

Soul wars Avatar

The avatar will have a certain level. In the beginning he will have 100, but you can decrease it by taking soul fragments to the soul obelisk. The soul obelisk can be found in the middle of soul wars.

Soul wars soul obilisk

Soul wars soul obilisk

The soul obelisk can only be controlled by one team, this means if your team controls it, you can use your soul fragments on it to lower the avatars level.
If your team doesn’t control it, you will have to fight to control it.

To obtain soul fragments you’ll have to kill pyrefiends or jellies. These will drop a certain amount of fragments.

Soul wars getting soul fragments by killing monsters

Soul wars getting soul fragments by killing monsters

But if you get killed, you lose your fragments!!!

When you die, you will end up in the graveyard that your team controls. You will have to wait 15 seconds before leaving it.

Soul wars graveyard

Soul wars grave yard

If you have lowered the avatar level of your opponent, you might be able to attack the avatar. This depends on your slayer level, if your slayer level is higher then the avatar’s level, you will be able to attack him. Burying bones will restore the avatar’s level.


You can’t bring any food inside the ‘arena’. But you will find bandages, explosives and barricades close to your camp.

Watch out for the ancients and chinners, as this is a great spot for them.

Soul wars supplies

Soul wars supplies


You will get a reward each game. This can go from 1-3 points. Losing team gets 1 points, winning team 3 and if there’s a tie everyone will get 2 points.
You can exchange these points at nomad or zimberfizz.

You can choose bteween the experience, charms or summoning pets reward.

Soul wars rewards
Soul wars rewards
Soul wars rewards

Soul wars rewards

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