Runescape – Daily/Weekly Chores and Money Making

Here is a list of daily and weekly Runescape tasks – If you complete this list every day/week when you log on you will find it does not take long but you will end up with a large pile of cash 🙂

Even if you can’t do some of these tasks, pick some others from the list that you can.

Daily chores are:

First tele to your house and check next star time and location – mining the star is relaxing, gives mining experience and gives about 90k gp for maybe 20-30 mins mining (sadly only once a day) – If you don’t have a telescope join hunt4stars clan chat.

Teleport to Varrock and visit Zaff while wearing Varrock armour(Obtained by completing the Varrock achievement diary), talk to him and buy battlestaffs. Varrock 3 armour means you can get 64 staffs a day Varrock 2=32 Varrock 1=16 its a 1.3k profit on each one per day for a couple mins effort if you just sell them on the grand exchange. Lets assume you have varrock 3 = 83.2k (you can also make them into air staffs for crafting exp and sell on GE or you can just sell them for greater profit to players or high alc).


Once you complete all 3 stages of the Varrock achievement diary you are able to (while wearing the varrock armour) purchase upto 64 battlestaves from zaff in varrock. The battlestaves have a set price of 7000gp each

Runescape - 7000gp battlestaffs from Zaff in Varrock
Runescape – 7000gp battlestaffs from Zaff in Varrock

The beauty of this is that they are in huge demand from crafters and alchers and can usually fetch well over 8000gp each in the grand exchange and they usually sell instantly. The oher great thing is that almost never go down in price, they’re pretty steady in price so you dont have to worry much about the demand going down as you can see here:

Runescape - 7000gp battlestaffs from Zaff in VarrockRunescape - Battlestaff GE Graph
Runescape – Battlestaff GE Graph

Currently battlestaves sell instantly at around 8400gp each which is a profit of over 1400gp per staff with absolutely zero effort

Runescape - Selling battlestaffs on the grand exchange
Runescape – Selling battlestaffs on the grand exchange

As you can see you can buy 64 staves per day for a nice profit of 1400-1500 each instantly, the best part is you can buy the battlestaves from zaff and run 5 seconds north to the grand exchange and instantly sell them


Go to GE to change any merching investments.

Walk or glory teleport to Edgeville and go to the nearby fairy ring to manage your kingdom. Top up populariity generally doubles your money up to 75k a day (eg you spend 75k for 150k worth of stuff) – See the following guide.

MANAGE THY KINGDOM:The first thing you should do is complete both quests (theyre fairly easy) so you can use 15 workers to collect resources. After you’ve completed the quests get your favour upto the max 100% and keep it there, it takes perhaps 1 minute per day max. It’s best to use a fairy ring (available during fairytale pt.2 quest) to get to the kingdom, use code CIP

Runescape - Kingdom fairy ring code
Runescape – Kingdom fairy ring code

You can put upto 7.5m gp into the coffers but it’s not necessary if you cant afford it, aslong as you keep over 75,000gp (It takes 75k out of the coffers per day) you’ll technically be fine but i recommend keeping a week or two’s amount in there just to make it easy incase you forget…1m gp is more than enough.

**you kingdom takes 10% of what’s in the coffers upto a maximum of 75k (if youve done both quests). If you have less than 750,000gp in the coffers you will be getting less profit so it’s best to always keep over 750k in the coffers**

Runescape - Kingdom subjects 100% happy
Runescape – Kingdom subjects 100% happy

Hes an example showing one way you can distribute your workers:
– 10 workers on maple logs
– 5 workers on flax

Runescape - Kingdom Example showing how to distribute your workers
Runescape – Kingdom Example showing how to distribute your workers

The costs per unit for your workers effort is as follows:

Runescape - Costs per unit for kingdom workers effort
Runescape – Costs per unit for kingdom workers effort

So using my choices per day my cost is 75,000gp (This is a fixed cost no matter what you choose) and for that I recieve the following:

890 maple logs and 9 bird nests – 67,400 gp
625 flax and 1 random herb seed – 54,500 gp

In addition to the above I also recieve usually 5 random tree seeds per day which can fetch between 20,000 – 500,000+ depending on the type. It’s completely random and i’ve recieved as low as 5k gp in seeds and as high as 500k from a few magic seeds. I usually average around 50k in tree seeds per day over the longterm.

MANAGE THY KINGDOM is the perfect introduction to runescape investing and I recommend it for everyone. Even if you have an extremely limited amount of cash this is the perfect thing for youas long as you have around 1m cash you’re all set! The best way to look at it is if you keep the coffers topped up around 1m cash at all times you’ll always get around 85-100k profit per day for a daily return on investment of between 8-10%. As you can see even if you are relatively poor you can get upto 10% proit per day!


Go back to Edge and go do Bork for about 7 to 9k, 3 gems, 5 blue charms, 2 green and 7 crimson

House tele out recharge prayer, use garden portal to yanile for your daily 80 buckets of sand ge 140 ea = 11k.

Go to the bank get ready for a farming run. 1 rannar at Trolheim 4 toadflax at other locations generally gives 7 rannars and 28 toadflax for a profit of 74k per run.

HERB FARMING (2 runs per day):For this guide I’m only including the 4 major herb patches since I never use the trollheim patch (available after the “My Arm’s Big Adventure” quest), you can include it if you want and since it never gets diseased your profits can be even better.

When it comes to growing herbs it is recommend to use super compost and, if you have them, use magic secateurs. Herbs are going to die, it’s unavoidable, but over the longterm everyone seems to agree that you average around 6 herbs per seed after you count the herbs that die, for this guide im going to use this average. Many people like to grow ranarr and/or snapdragon because they are worth the most and if you have millions of gp to buy the compost and seeds then by all means go for it (I personally grow Ranarr) but for most people starting out or that don’t have a lot of money toadflax is recommend. Toadflax sells extremely well for a very good price and the seeds cost almost nothing so your investment won’t be that much. For this guide we are going to use Toadflax as an example.

The 4 major herb plots are located here:

Runescape - The four major herb plot Locations
Runescape – The four major herb plot Locations

For a more detailed guide on herb farming i recommend`s excellend guide.

Herb`s take approx. 75-80 minutes to grow and the best part is they grow even while you are logged out. For this guide were using the example of you planting 4 toadflax seeds before going to bed and each day logging in to pick them and then playing runescape for around 1 hour a day until you can plant a 2nd round of herbs before logging out. This will give you 8 herb seeds per day planted and picked for an average of 48-50 herbs.

Runescape - Toadflax Prices and Total Profit
Runescape – Toadflax Prices and Total Profit

As you can see the cost/profit breaks down as follows:

1 toadflax seed + 1 super compost = 800 gp
6 toadflax herbs = 14,300gp

This gives us an average profit of around 13,500gp per seed planted and picked which multiplied by 4 patches is a nice 54,000gp profit. With our assumed 8 seeds per day thats 108,000gp profit with perhaps 15 minutes of effort at most. For others that are logged in for longer you can obviously increase your profits exponentially. There have been many times I`ve planted and picked over 30 seeds in a day which is equal to over 400,000gp profit.

APPOXIMATE PROFIT PER DAY: 108,000gp (8 seeds planted and picked)

Whilst at catherby patch talk to Arhein on dock and buy daily 80 seaweed and 40 pineapple (I make glass for mage exp as im generally on lunar but you can just sell on GE) I use pineapples for supercompost 18k for seaweed on GE.

That lot doesn’t take long and nets 267k (with varrock 3 armour) plus 90k for star and few good charms – then off to slayer or whatever else I want to do.

Weekly chores are:

Tears of guthix – I get about 8k agility exp here – I hate agility.

Circus – Just do for max exp eg hardest to lowest only succedding once no emotes gives me about:

20k mage exp

18k range

8k agility

Penguins w60 get as many as you can 25exp per penguin x skill level eg for my 80 summoning I get 80x15x25=30k summoning exp a massive saving for me in cash, time and charms (theres a max of 15 penguins a week).


You may need to change your setup to do this efficiently but this guide should give you some ideas – If your in Varrock why not buy some staffs its instant profit to spend on pk gear.

I dont think any of the above breaks Jagex rules and its definately worth doing – The tasks above are very low financial risk unlike merching on the GE and are very fast to complete. If you have any questions please post on the forums.

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Oblivion Optimising Performance Guide


First thing you should do is use a search engine to find a guide on optimising your operating system, if you use Windows Vista then search “how to optimise windows vista”. You need to find a guide that only presents meaningful, efficient little things you can do that can drastically optimize the performance of your PC. These guides will have a major effect on basically everything you do with your computer and is well worth a look if you spend half your time waiting for things to happen.


Secondly, you should consider overclocking your video card. Depending on the video card you use, this can reap good benefits or not. Some cards are notably good overclockers, like the 7900GS, or X850Pro, while some can’t achieve much, like my actual X800XL.

For ATI cards, a nice overclocking utility is ATI Tray Tools. It’ll make your life so much easier.

For NVidia cards, Rivatuner has the best reputation, although I don’t currently own an nVidia card and didn’t get the occasion to test it.

Both are easy and intuitive to use, but you should always be very careful about overclocking, and take the time to read a comprehensive guide.


Thats the computer sorted, now we can do some tweaking in Oblivion.

a) Oblivion launcher options and in-game video options:

I’ll leave some up to your experimenting, since all pcs are different. However, in order to optimize your framerate, try changing your options according to the list provided here, one at a time, until you find a comfortable setting.

1. VSync OFF. VSync reduces image tearing, but this is generally a secondary concern. It can have drastic consequences on framerate.

2. Water quality on NORMAL. It is hard to see any difference between normal and high water rendering, except in the framerate.

3. Resolution: between 1280×1024 and 800×600. Middle-range cards and lower have a really hard time with high resolutions. This can absolutely kill your performance. With a little antialiasing, a lower resolution can be just as good and with a major boost in framerate.

4. Textures on MEDIUM. This is advised on all video cards 256 MB or less. It was often pointed out that playing Oblivion for a long time with high textures is overkill for 256MB video cards. Medium textures look just as good as long as you’re not looking up too close.

5. Anti-aliasing 4X, 2X or OFF. Above 4X, Antialiasing does nothing except slowing down your computer. At 2X, it’s already a major improvement over none, and most video cards can do this almost “for free” (with no framerate hit). Of course, if you really have low-end hardware, then turning it off altogether will improve performance even more, although at a significant quality hit.

6. Very little or no grass. Even on high-end video cards like the X1950XT, Oblivion’s default grass is an fps killer. However, there are ways to optimize its rendering, as we will discuss below. So before you reduce your grass, try the other options at the end of this guide.

7. Shadows on self/Shadows on grass/Tree canopy shadows/Ext Shadows/Int shadows OFF. Shadows are easy to ignore and are often a major fps killer.

8. Specular distance at 40% or lower. I did some testing and specular lightning doesn’t seem to change much, except making shiny surfaces somehow even more shiny. For the fps cost, it’s not necessarly worth it.

9. Blood decals on LOW or OFF. Minor detail that can slow you down even more in combat.

10. Window reflections OFF. All kinds of reflections involve rendering stuff twice, which is always taxing on the video card.

b) Oblivion.ini

This file is NOT located in your Program Files/Oblivion directory but rather in My Documents/My Games/oblivion.ini. Double-click on it and then find and edit the following lines. As the oblivion.ini is a long text file, CTRL-F is your friend.

bUse Joystick=0 (leave to 1 if you are actually using a joystick)
bUseRefractionShader=0 (especially true on low-end ATI cards. This will lead to strange artifacts for spell effects, be warned.)
bPreemptivelyUnloadCells=1 (leave at 0 if you have 1GB of RAM or more)
bSelectivePurgeUnusedOnFastTravel=1 (leave at 0 if you have 1GB of RAM or more)


If your processor is a dual-core or supports hyperthreading, edit the following lines as such:


If enabling grass doesn’t kill your framerate, or if you can’t live without grass (that sounds very wrong), optimize it:

iMinGrassSize=130 (you can try a higher value: 150, 180, 200)

Blanking the following will prevent all the startup movies from loading into the memory, thus reducing memory usage and speeding up Oblivion on the startup:


Disabling the animated map in the main menu can increase mouse responsiveness:


Finally, disabling music frees up the CPU somewhat, and some people really prefer playing the game without music, so they can enjoy all the ambient sounds.



There are a few mods released in various locations that will help you optimise your game performance, just search for the names below:

Streamline: Oblivion is reputated for bad memoy management. This awesome program will clean the memory intelligently, resulting in significantly reduced stutter for everyone!

Low Poly Grass: This mod replaces the 20-poly grass mesh with an 8 poly one, effectively reducing the graphical load presented by grass by more than 50%! This works wonders on most systems. A lot of people actually prefer the simpler mesh for aesthetical reasons too. If you’re looking for maximum performance at all costs, search for a 4-polygon version, called Low-Low poly grass. It looks extremely simplistic though.

Quiet feet: Having a sound playing for each of the four paws of each animal around you (including your own horse!), especially if they’re all running at the same time, can totally bog down the CPU. This mod simply removes this sound.

Operation Optimization: Similar to low-poly grass, this mods replaces many meshes with low-poly ones, that look just as good. I haven’t have the occasion to test it personaly, but it has been said to improve the framerate in some areas.

De-Parallaxer: This removes parallax mapping on most textures, thus making them appear more flat. I’ve not been able to see much improvement in framerate with this, but that’s maybe because I was more bottlenecked by fill rate than anything else. Depending on the video card you use, it could help.

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Oblivion Beginners Guide


Umbra, both sword and armor is found in Vindasel (ayleid ruin) South West of the IC


The fastest way we found to level up (legit)
is to become a mass murderer by fighting the guards
you will level up very quickly. It would take around 10 game days to level up 10 times whereas using normal methods can take up to 50 game days…


Gain access to the Arcane University create a small spell for each college of magicka
DESTRUCTION: fire 3 points 1 sec SELF
RESTORATION: restore health 3 points 1 sec SELF/TOUCH
ILLUSION: Invisibility 1-5 secs SELF or Light 1-5 secs 10-15 ft.
ALTERATION: open very easy lock (keep casting on harder lock)
COUNJURATION: bound helmet 1-5 secs SELF or summon scamp
MYSTICISM: detect life 1-15 secs 10-30 ft.
When your magicka runs out rest for an hour – for the most part getting to expert (75/100) is fairly easy after that it mite take up to an hour to increase 10 points.


DUPLICATION: once you have 2 or more scrolls of the same kind double-click on it. Drop the item you wish to duplicate (the first attempt might fail).

95% of items can be duplicated including SOULGEMS and SIGIL STONES.

PERMANENT ENCHANTMENTS: this one requires you to have 4 or more scrolls of the same kind.

1ST: do the duplication cheat on the ENCHANTED ITEM you wish to make permanent you should now have 2 of the item

2ND: equip one of the two ENCHANTED ITEMS

3RD: double-click on the scroll you have 4 or more of

4TH: then drop the UN-EQUIPPED version of the ENCHANTED ITEM
now BOTH versions should be dropped and the item should be un-able to be re-quipped (because the enchantment is permanent) – sell the extra copies.


Gain access to the arcane university. Do the duplication cheat on any UN-ENCHANTED item. Enchant the EXTRA COPIES of the duplicated item, for example: fortify magicka 24 pts
Perform the duplication cheat on your new enchanted item
then do the permanent enchantment on your duplicated enchanted items
sell your extra copies
since you kept the original version you can do it as many times as you wish
Its possible to fortify magicka 5000 in less than an hour
since you MASTERED all your magicka colleges (or even just a few is nice)
you now can create FREAKY spells (100 frost damage 50 feet 10 secs + 50 damage health 100 ft 20 secs)
A spell like that mite in fact cost 10,000 gold to create and 5000 magicka to cast but the sky is the limit!!!!!
Get creative and enjoy

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Runescape – Making Money By Manipulating The Grand Exchange

Want to be rich?

Not a lot of time online?

Don’t want to merch?
Try this!

Oo’glog raw bird meat: You buy the raw bird meat sets for about 20k (this was with 5 sets). Selling this in GE will get you about 66k when one meat is 263 gp in GE.

Vials of water are sold at:

Aemads Adventuring Supplies, Obli’s General Store, Sigmund the Merchant, The Lighthouse Store

Vials are sold at:

Frincos’ Fabulous Herb Store, Grud’s Herblore Stall, Jatix’s Herblore Shop, Moon Clan General Store, Obli’s General Store, Sigmund the Merchant, The Lighthouse Store

Eyes of Newt are sold at:

Frincos’ Fabulous Herb Store, Grud’s Herblore Stall, Jatix’s Herblore Shop

Feathers are sold at:

Ava’s Odds and Ends, Etceteria Fish, Fernahei’s Fishing Hut, Fishing Guild Shop, Fremennik Fish Monger, Gerrant’s Fishy Business, Gift Shop, Island Fishmonger, Lovecraft’s Tackle, Lumbridge Fishing Supplies, Shantay Pass Shop

Lovecraft’s Tackle does sell feathers, but somehow, he’s out of stock after visiting some spots.

All these stores sell the items.

Vials of water are approx. 11 gp ea.

Vials are approx. 5 gp ea.

Eyes of Newt are approx. 3 gp ea.

Feathers are approx. 6,5 gp ea.

In GE, most of these items are double that price, so it’s a lot of easy profit.

Shop Locations:

You have to go to the following areas:

Oo’glog (Chargurr and Gift Shop (General Store))

Entrana (Frincos)

Ogre City (Grud)

Taverly (Jatix)

Moonclan (General Store)

Shilo Village (Obli and Fernahei)

Rellakka (Sigmund and Fish Monger)

Lighthouse (General store)

Ardougne (Aemad)

Port Sarim (Gerrant)

Witchhaven (Lovecraft)

Draynor Manor (Ava)

Shantay Pass (Shantay)

Lumbridge (Hank)

Etceteria (Fish Monger)

Fishing Guild (Store Owner)

Miscellania (Fish Monger)

*NOTE! As long as there’s no amount specified, buy all.

*NOTE! Entrana Monks do NOT like Karamja Gloves.

The best way to get past all spots is:

– Lyre to Rellakka, buy vials and feathers from centre and feathers from both kingdom isles. Take the boat black to Relakka, then walk to the boat to Lunar Isle. Take the boat to Lunar Isle, buy the vials there.

– Walk/Lyre back to the centre, go to the lighthouse, buy the vials and vials of water.

– Glory amulet teleport to Draynor, run north to Ava in the Manor, buy the feathers. Walk to Port Sarim, buy the feathers from Gerrant.

– Take the boat to Entrana, buy the vials and eyes from Frinco.

– Teleport to Ardougne, buy the vials of water from Aemad.

– Either teleport back to Ardougne then walk, or just walk to the Fishing Guild to buy their feathers.

– Teleport to Lumbridge, walk northwest and buy the feathers from the fishing store.

– Walk/teleport to Al Kharid, go to the Shantay Pass and buy his feathers too.

– Grab your Karamja 3 gloves if you have them.

– Use Karamja gloves 3 to teleport to Shilo, or take the cart from Brimhaven in order to get into Shilo. Buy the vials, vials of water and feathers. You can also go to Duradel and buy 3k unfinished broad bolts and 2k-3k broad arrow heads.

– Use a Duelling ring or Watchtower teleport to get near Ogre city. Walk past the Ogre that sells shards, through the gates and down the path, to the herblore-ogre. Buy his vials and eyes.

– Use your Duelling ring again to teleport to Mobilising Armies, then run east to Oo’glog. Buy your bird meat and feathers.

– Teleport to Falador, go to and through the member’s gate. Walk a bit southwest towards the herblore shop. Buy your vials and eyes. You’re done now.

By now, you should have about:

– 250 bird meat

– 3000 unfinished broad bolts

– 3000 broad arrow heads

– 10k feathers

– 2150 vials

– 1600 vials of water

– 3000 eyes of newt.

This will take you about 25 minutes per day.

It costs you about 470k, but you can sell it for 900k.

This is a nice 430k profit in 25 minutes.

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Runescape – F2p War Binding Guide

About Binding

These days binding in wars is really important to a clan. No bind, no victory in a war or pkri. In relation to previous years binding is even more important than before, in the past it was common to be blast / binder but these days you do not use blast in most fights. During fights as long as you are not a ranger, a fall in leader or a sniper you should bring the binds. Binding not only helps you and your clan, it’s also fun! Binding is only used in f2p, really nothing to worry about in the p2p fights.

PVP Bind gear

top > Wizard Robe

Hat > Black wizard hat or Blue wizard hat

legs > Leather Chaps/ Monk skirt

Shield > Wooden shield > rune kite > rune sq > anti dragon shield

Ammulet > Ammy of power > Mage ammy

Runes > 90 nats > 120 water > 120 earth


Gloves > ALWAYS LEATHER – if binding

Boots > leather boots or none

PVP Bind Gear

PVP Bind Gear

PVP Blasting + Binding


You must have rune to put on and dont take a wooden shield/antidrag shield to switch up to runekite/rune sq when blasting and binding becuase you will be sniped loads.

Rune sq is more suggestable when blasting and binding because it takes away less mage bonus then a rune kite does.

Heres the gear:

PVP Bind/Blast Gear

PVP Bind/Blast Gear

Binding in clan wars arena (CWA)

For cwa its good to have drudic robes and use power ammy with rune gaunts , zerker if u dont have drudic and use old school binding gear its better not to use rune gaunts/zerker shield as they lower your mage quite a lot. The reason for using a square shield in cwa for more mage bonus and a bit of def is because the other team will always have the same numbers as you usally so its easy to get sniped and get hit for large amounts.

Heres the gear:

CWA Bind Gear

CWA Bind Gear


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Runescape – F2p Warring Guide

1. Clan Wars Arena

Clan wars arena does have an option to loose your items, but most clans don’t use it, so its pretty much 100% safe, so heres the best gear!


f2p warring best melee clan wars gear

F2p Warring Best Melee Clan Wars Gear

The gear above is the best there is for Clan Wars, the ring can be used to restore run, and if achieved by completing the Lumbridge Diary. And Shield is a rune beserker, and can be brought from the Grand Exchange at 0% and recharged at Fist of Guthix. Also, with this gear i’d like to point out that skirts are verrrrry slightly lighter then legs, so let your hair down and whip out the skirts

Another point is that plain rune is too be worn only, leave the fancy rune to the fall in leaders so there easier to spot!

Hybrid (Binds)

f2p warring best Hybrid clan wars gear

F2p Warring Best Hybrid Clan Wars Gear

Please take note of the inventory in this picture, when binding, you should still have FULL RUNE. Along with it, you should have Runecrafting robes ( The Great Orb Project ) Or Druidic Robes ( Fist of Guthix ). It really doesnt matter about how many runes you bring for CWA, but i would take all you have, you dont loose them anyway. The majority of people should be hybriding because it wins wars. The staff in the picture is an Omni staff, which you can also get from The Great Orb Project.

2. PVP


Really, refer to the picture above. Its all the same, but if you dont want to get the Zerker/Gaunts/Boots again replace them with Rune Kite/Leather Gloves/Boots. The rest should stay the same, remember, if its a bounty +1 world you will be keeping your rune plate anyway!

Hybrid (Binds)

f2p warring best Hybrid PVP gear

F2p Warring Best Hybrid PVP Gear

Only difference is the boots and shield, also dont take that many rune to PVP :p This is my setup, using Druidic Robes (0), but you can swap theese for wizard or even monk robes :), please remember to take full PLAIN rune to PVP, even when binding

3. Tanking

Well, tanking is the same in CWA or PVP, and this is how to do it GIFs and Videos Style, like a boss

Tank It!!Tank It!!

Hints and Tips

Save your energy. Make sure you have it over 30% all the time, you’ll need it when you get piled.
You can switch between inventory, prayer menu and spellbook by using F1, F3 and F4 keys
When you get piled, use protect from melee, steel skin and rapid heal prayers (You can also use Mystic might)

Drag them as far as possible from your own team before you die

Use your exploror ring!

Dont get KO’d like me!

Guide created by Sp0k3y
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Runescape – Blue Dragon Guide

This guide is written for those poor noobs amongst us with hardly any rune sets as an easy way to make some cash.

The best place to kill blue dragons is in taverly dungeon.

To get there:

How to get to the Taverly Dungeon

How to get to the Taverly Dungeon

Once down the ladder you have 2 options;

Option 1:
You have 70 agility and go straight through the pipe:

The 70 agility pipe to blue dragons

The 70 agility pipe to blue dragons

Option 2:
You dont have 70 agility so you have to walk round (you will need a dusty key for the gate)

The long way round to blue dragons

The long way round to blue dragons

Beasts Of Burden

Spirit terrorbird – holds 12 items

War tortiose – holds 18 items

Pack yak – holds 30 items

If you can use any of these it is wise to do so as in the long run it will add up alot.

The Gear

You can wear rubbish gear here and its personal preference really but I generally just wear this:

Gear example for blue dragon killing

Gear example for blue dragon killing

Wearing barrows here would be a waste but dfs/bandos would probaly be good.

Inventory example:

Gear example for blue dragon killing

Gear example for blue dragon killing

I did 3 trips earlier using a pack yak and I came out with:

Blue Dragon Loot After Three Trips

Blue Dragon Loot After Three Trips

Not bad for around 30-40 mins easy work.

current D bones prices:
Dragon Bones: 3,580gp 3,768gp 3,956gp

current blue dragonhide prices:
Blue Dragonhide: 2,175gp 2,290gp 2,405gp

This may not be a 20m armadyl hilt split but can be great for those people who any low on cash and dont have much time to play – you can also TRAIN RANGED here and help the cause for a greater range avg.

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