Runescape – Making Money By Manipulating The Grand Exchange

Want to be rich?

Not a lot of time online?

Don’t want to merch?
Try this!

Oo’glog raw bird meat: You buy the raw bird meat sets for about 20k (this was with 5 sets). Selling this in GE will get you about 66k when one meat is 263 gp in GE.

Vials of water are sold at:

Aemads Adventuring Supplies, Obli’s General Store, Sigmund the Merchant, The Lighthouse Store

Vials are sold at:

Frincos’ Fabulous Herb Store, Grud’s Herblore Stall, Jatix’s Herblore Shop, Moon Clan General Store, Obli’s General Store, Sigmund the Merchant, The Lighthouse Store

Eyes of Newt are sold at:

Frincos’ Fabulous Herb Store, Grud’s Herblore Stall, Jatix’s Herblore Shop

Feathers are sold at:

Ava’s Odds and Ends, Etceteria Fish, Fernahei’s Fishing Hut, Fishing Guild Shop, Fremennik Fish Monger, Gerrant’s Fishy Business, Gift Shop, Island Fishmonger, Lovecraft’s Tackle, Lumbridge Fishing Supplies, Shantay Pass Shop

Lovecraft’s Tackle does sell feathers, but somehow, he’s out of stock after visiting some spots.

All these stores sell the items.

Vials of water are approx. 11 gp ea.

Vials are approx. 5 gp ea.

Eyes of Newt are approx. 3 gp ea.

Feathers are approx. 6,5 gp ea.

In GE, most of these items are double that price, so it’s a lot of easy profit.

Shop Locations:

You have to go to the following areas:

Oo’glog (Chargurr and Gift Shop (General Store))

Entrana (Frincos)

Ogre City (Grud)

Taverly (Jatix)

Moonclan (General Store)

Shilo Village (Obli and Fernahei)

Rellakka (Sigmund and Fish Monger)

Lighthouse (General store)

Ardougne (Aemad)

Port Sarim (Gerrant)

Witchhaven (Lovecraft)

Draynor Manor (Ava)

Shantay Pass (Shantay)

Lumbridge (Hank)

Etceteria (Fish Monger)

Fishing Guild (Store Owner)

Miscellania (Fish Monger)

*NOTE! As long as there’s no amount specified, buy all.

*NOTE! Entrana Monks do NOT like Karamja Gloves.

The best way to get past all spots is:

– Lyre to Rellakka, buy vials and feathers from centre and feathers from both kingdom isles. Take the boat black to Relakka, then walk to the boat to Lunar Isle. Take the boat to Lunar Isle, buy the vials there.

– Walk/Lyre back to the centre, go to the lighthouse, buy the vials and vials of water.

– Glory amulet teleport to Draynor, run north to Ava in the Manor, buy the feathers. Walk to Port Sarim, buy the feathers from Gerrant.

– Take the boat to Entrana, buy the vials and eyes from Frinco.

– Teleport to Ardougne, buy the vials of water from Aemad.

– Either teleport back to Ardougne then walk, or just walk to the Fishing Guild to buy their feathers.

– Teleport to Lumbridge, walk northwest and buy the feathers from the fishing store.

– Walk/teleport to Al Kharid, go to the Shantay Pass and buy his feathers too.

– Grab your Karamja 3 gloves if you have them.

– Use Karamja gloves 3 to teleport to Shilo, or take the cart from Brimhaven in order to get into Shilo. Buy the vials, vials of water and feathers. You can also go to Duradel and buy 3k unfinished broad bolts and 2k-3k broad arrow heads.

– Use a Duelling ring or Watchtower teleport to get near Ogre city. Walk past the Ogre that sells shards, through the gates and down the path, to the herblore-ogre. Buy his vials and eyes.

– Use your Duelling ring again to teleport to Mobilising Armies, then run east to Oo’glog. Buy your bird meat and feathers.

– Teleport to Falador, go to and through the member’s gate. Walk a bit southwest towards the herblore shop. Buy your vials and eyes. You’re done now.

By now, you should have about:

– 250 bird meat

– 3000 unfinished broad bolts

– 3000 broad arrow heads

– 10k feathers

– 2150 vials

– 1600 vials of water

– 3000 eyes of newt.

This will take you about 25 minutes per day.

It costs you about 470k, but you can sell it for 900k.

This is a nice 430k profit in 25 minutes.

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Runescape – F2p War Binding Guide

About Binding

These days binding in wars is really important to a clan. No bind, no victory in a war or pkri. In relation to previous years binding is even more important than before, in the past it was common to be blast / binder but these days you do not use blast in most fights. During fights as long as you are not a ranger, a fall in leader or a sniper you should bring the binds. Binding not only helps you and your clan, it’s also fun! Binding is only used in f2p, really nothing to worry about in the p2p fights.

PVP Bind gear

top > Wizard Robe

Hat > Black wizard hat or Blue wizard hat

legs > Leather Chaps/ Monk skirt

Shield > Wooden shield > rune kite > rune sq > anti dragon shield

Ammulet > Ammy of power > Mage ammy

Runes > 90 nats > 120 water > 120 earth


Gloves > ALWAYS LEATHER – if binding

Boots > leather boots or none

PVP Bind Gear

PVP Bind Gear

PVP Blasting + Binding


You must have rune to put on and dont take a wooden shield/antidrag shield to switch up to runekite/rune sq when blasting and binding becuase you will be sniped loads.

Rune sq is more suggestable when blasting and binding because it takes away less mage bonus then a rune kite does.

Heres the gear:

PVP Bind/Blast Gear

PVP Bind/Blast Gear

Binding in clan wars arena (CWA)

For cwa its good to have drudic robes and use power ammy with rune gaunts , zerker if u dont have drudic and use old school binding gear its better not to use rune gaunts/zerker shield as they lower your mage quite a lot. The reason for using a square shield in cwa for more mage bonus and a bit of def is because the other team will always have the same numbers as you usally so its easy to get sniped and get hit for large amounts.

Heres the gear:

CWA Bind Gear

CWA Bind Gear


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Runescape – F2p Warring Guide

1. Clan Wars Arena

Clan wars arena does have an option to loose your items, but most clans don’t use it, so its pretty much 100% safe, so heres the best gear!


f2p warring best melee clan wars gear

F2p Warring Best Melee Clan Wars Gear

The gear above is the best there is for Clan Wars, the ring can be used to restore run, and if achieved by completing the Lumbridge Diary. And Shield is a rune beserker, and can be brought from the Grand Exchange at 0% and recharged at Fist of Guthix. Also, with this gear i’d like to point out that skirts are verrrrry slightly lighter then legs, so let your hair down and whip out the skirts

Another point is that plain rune is too be worn only, leave the fancy rune to the fall in leaders so there easier to spot!

Hybrid (Binds)

f2p warring best Hybrid clan wars gear

F2p Warring Best Hybrid Clan Wars Gear

Please take note of the inventory in this picture, when binding, you should still have FULL RUNE. Along with it, you should have Runecrafting robes ( The Great Orb Project ) Or Druidic Robes ( Fist of Guthix ). It really doesnt matter about how many runes you bring for CWA, but i would take all you have, you dont loose them anyway. The majority of people should be hybriding because it wins wars. The staff in the picture is an Omni staff, which you can also get from The Great Orb Project.

2. PVP


Really, refer to the picture above. Its all the same, but if you dont want to get the Zerker/Gaunts/Boots again replace them with Rune Kite/Leather Gloves/Boots. The rest should stay the same, remember, if its a bounty +1 world you will be keeping your rune plate anyway!

Hybrid (Binds)

f2p warring best Hybrid PVP gear

F2p Warring Best Hybrid PVP Gear

Only difference is the boots and shield, also dont take that many rune to PVP :p This is my setup, using Druidic Robes (0), but you can swap theese for wizard or even monk robes :), please remember to take full PLAIN rune to PVP, even when binding

3. Tanking

Well, tanking is the same in CWA or PVP, and this is how to do it GIFs and Videos Style, like a boss

Tank It!!Tank It!!

Hints and Tips

Save your energy. Make sure you have it over 30% all the time, you’ll need it when you get piled.
You can switch between inventory, prayer menu and spellbook by using F1, F3 and F4 keys
When you get piled, use protect from melee, steel skin and rapid heal prayers (You can also use Mystic might)

Drag them as far as possible from your own team before you die

Use your exploror ring!

Dont get KO’d like me!

Guide created by Sp0k3y
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Runescape – Blue Dragon Guide

This guide is written for those poor noobs amongst us with hardly any rune sets as an easy way to make some cash.

The best place to kill blue dragons is in taverly dungeon.

To get there:

How to get to the Taverly Dungeon

How to get to the Taverly Dungeon

Once down the ladder you have 2 options;

Option 1:
You have 70 agility and go straight through the pipe:

The 70 agility pipe to blue dragons

The 70 agility pipe to blue dragons

Option 2:
You dont have 70 agility so you have to walk round (you will need a dusty key for the gate)

The long way round to blue dragons

The long way round to blue dragons

Beasts Of Burden

Spirit terrorbird – holds 12 items

War tortiose – holds 18 items

Pack yak – holds 30 items

If you can use any of these it is wise to do so as in the long run it will add up alot.

The Gear

You can wear rubbish gear here and its personal preference really but I generally just wear this:

Gear example for blue dragon killing

Gear example for blue dragon killing

Wearing barrows here would be a waste but dfs/bandos would probaly be good.

Inventory example:

Gear example for blue dragon killing

Gear example for blue dragon killing

I did 3 trips earlier using a pack yak and I came out with:

Blue Dragon Loot After Three Trips

Blue Dragon Loot After Three Trips

Not bad for around 30-40 mins easy work.

current D bones prices:
Dragon Bones: 3,580gp 3,768gp 3,956gp

current blue dragonhide prices:
Blue Dragonhide: 2,175gp 2,290gp 2,405gp

This may not be a 20m armadyl hilt split but can be great for those people who any low on cash and dont have much time to play – you can also TRAIN RANGED here and help the cause for a greater range avg.

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Runescape – Kalphite Queen Guide


Kalphite Queen (KQ) gear
Kalphite Queen (KQ) Gear

Full Veracs is very good as it can damage the Queen even when she is protecting from melee. If you don’t have Veracs, make sure you have decent armour and bring range gear with you too.

Bring either a skill cape or a fire cape, other capes won’t do much. Accumulator can be used if you don’t have Veracs and plan to range. Amulet of glories or furys work well, you can also use power amulets or amulet of strengths if you don’t have either.

Barrows gloves are recommended, climbing boots or dragon boots are the best for killing the Queen. Zerker or warrior ring are preferred, ring of life if you feel you might die.

For a spec weapon, dragon claws, ags or bgs are recommended (these are not required).

Bring super attack and strength pots. If you plan on staying a while, bring brews and super restores although sharks/rocktails and prayer pots will work fine. Bring 1 super anti incase you get poisoned.

Remember a teleport and you can bring a summoning creature if you desire, an ice titan is used in the above screenie. Remember 5gp for a Shanty Pass and to bring 2 ropes, although the council will most likely have these.


How To Get To Kalphite Queen (KQ)
How To Get To Kalphite Queen (KQ)


After finding your way through the tunnel, stop at the bend right before the Kalphite Guardians. Make sure everyone is ready and is in the clan chat with lootshare on. Then the person with the tope will run in and place it, everyone will follow and go down, make sure you have protect from magic on as well as protect item and piety if you desire. Try to surround the Queen as best as you can.

That is the end of my guide. Please tell me if anything is incomplete/missing, or if you have an idea on how to improve it. Thanks for reading.

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Runescape – Pyramid Plunder Speed Guide

Quick thing: I suggest you don’t start this way, do a few hours of plunder first to get used to how it works.

Maybe check out the beginners guide first!

Ok, so you’re wondering if there’s a faster way to plunder right? I’s not fast enough already 😛

1. The items you’ll need

Preferably, take more stone seals rather than monks. To clear things up, the staff is a Pharaoh’s Sceptre. MAKE SURE IT’S FULL. (examine it it’ll say it’s fully charged) (it’s the bottom one bought at GE)

Pyramid Plunder Items
Pyramid Plunder Items

2. Inventory

Your inventory should look something like this (I personally like monks because monks are cheap and it doesn’t take 2 bites like pizzas do)

Pyramid Plunder Inventory

Pyramid Plunder Inventory

3. Equipped Items

For the cape, hood, gloves, boots, those are all optional, can wear whatever you want. Fully charged pharaoh’s sceptre equipped, FULLY CHARGED GLORY (that is VERY important). 3rd stage f2p ring (for the run energy)

Pyramid Plunder Equipt Items

Pyramid Plunder Equipt Items

4. Getting There

To use the sceptre, it’s the TOP TELE, Jalsavrah, it tellies you straight to the mummy to start the run.

Getting To Pyramid Plunder

Getting To Pyramid Plunder

5. You should already know how the next bit works, run through this garbage.

6. Go to the room BEFORE your max room until the timer reaches about here, then go to your max room.

Going To Your Max Lvl Room

Going To Your Max Lvl Room

7. Do NOT pick from the chests or the coffin, waste of time and valuable exp. BUT! I do pick from the chest right before i leave my room before max and max.

8. If you do open up the chest and the scarab things come out in a room you’re staying in, flick on protect from melee and keep thieving, they do nothing.

9. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE 1 CHARGE LEFT from the sceptre. So you used up 1 full sceptre, and 2 charges from the other 1. Glory to edge and withdraw 24 stone peices, and use your last tele back to the mummy, left click talk to him, recharge your sceptres. Edge tele, restock, do it again.

10. Doing this my way I made a minimum of 180k exp per hour and got as high as 240k.

11. I hope this helps.

12. What’re you doing still reading? get stealin’!

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Uncharted 2 – What is the purpose of the store?

What does the store do on Uncharted 2 – Amongst thieves?

The various medals you can earn while playing single player Uncharted 2 give you some dollars to spend in the single player store. Most players get a bit annoyed when they buy unlimited ammo, for example, and then find it don’t work. Let me explain how it works – The stuff you purchase in the store can only be used after you have completed the mission on a particular difficulty.

So as an example –
You play through the entire game on normal difficulty. You can then go back on any level on normal difficulty and use the things you have purchased in the store. If you were to try a level on hard difficulty then you wouldn’t be able to use your store items until you had completed that level on hard first. Basically the store is like a cheat mode and obviously they want you to complete it without cheating first!

Where are the online boosters and When do I get boosters while playing online?

ANSWER: You have to buy them from the store. Press R1 at the menu after connecting to multiplayer. You get different boosters at different levels so will gradually unlock all of them as you work your way up.