Runescape – F2p Warring Guide

1. Clan Wars Arena

Clan wars arena does have an option to loose your items, but most clans don’t use it, so its pretty much 100% safe, so heres the best gear!


f2p warring best melee clan wars gear

F2p Warring Best Melee Clan Wars Gear

The gear above is the best there is for Clan Wars, the ring can be used to restore run, and if achieved by completing the Lumbridge Diary. And Shield is a rune beserker, and can be brought from the Grand Exchange at 0% and recharged at Fist of Guthix. Also, with this gear i’d like to point out that skirts are verrrrry slightly lighter then legs, so let your hair down and whip out the skirts

Another point is that plain rune is too be worn only, leave the fancy rune to the fall in leaders so there easier to spot!

Hybrid (Binds)

f2p warring best Hybrid clan wars gear

F2p Warring Best Hybrid Clan Wars Gear

Please take note of the inventory in this picture, when binding, you should still have FULL RUNE. Along with it, you should have Runecrafting robes ( The Great Orb Project ) Or Druidic Robes ( Fist of Guthix ). It really doesnt matter about how many runes you bring for CWA, but i would take all you have, you dont loose them anyway. The majority of people should be hybriding because it wins wars. The staff in the picture is an Omni staff, which you can also get from The Great Orb Project.

2. PVP


Really, refer to the picture above. Its all the same, but if you dont want to get the Zerker/Gaunts/Boots again replace them with Rune Kite/Leather Gloves/Boots. The rest should stay the same, remember, if its a bounty +1 world you will be keeping your rune plate anyway!

Hybrid (Binds)

f2p warring best Hybrid PVP gear

F2p Warring Best Hybrid PVP Gear

Only difference is the boots and shield, also dont take that many rune to PVP :p This is my setup, using Druidic Robes (0), but you can swap theese for wizard or even monk robes :), please remember to take full PLAIN rune to PVP, even when binding

3. Tanking

Well, tanking is the same in CWA or PVP, and this is how to do it GIFs and Videos Style, like a boss

Tank It!!Tank It!!

Hints and Tips

Save your energy. Make sure you have it over 30% all the time, you’ll need it when you get piled.
You can switch between inventory, prayer menu and spellbook by using F1, F3 and F4 keys
When you get piled, use protect from melee, steel skin and rapid heal prayers (You can also use Mystic might)

Drag them as far as possible from your own team before you die

Use your exploror ring!

Dont get KO’d like me!

Guide created by Sp0k3y
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Runescape – Blue Dragon Guide

This guide is written for those poor noobs amongst us with hardly any rune sets as an easy way to make some cash.

The best place to kill blue dragons is in taverly dungeon.

To get there:

How to get to the Taverly Dungeon

How to get to the Taverly Dungeon

Once down the ladder you have 2 options;

Option 1:
You have 70 agility and go straight through the pipe:

The 70 agility pipe to blue dragons

The 70 agility pipe to blue dragons

Option 2:
You dont have 70 agility so you have to walk round (you will need a dusty key for the gate)

The long way round to blue dragons

The long way round to blue dragons

Beasts Of Burden

Spirit terrorbird – holds 12 items

War tortiose – holds 18 items

Pack yak – holds 30 items

If you can use any of these it is wise to do so as in the long run it will add up alot.

The Gear

You can wear rubbish gear here and its personal preference really but I generally just wear this:

Gear example for blue dragon killing

Gear example for blue dragon killing

Wearing barrows here would be a waste but dfs/bandos would probaly be good.

Inventory example:

Gear example for blue dragon killing

Gear example for blue dragon killing

I did 3 trips earlier using a pack yak and I came out with:

Blue Dragon Loot After Three Trips

Blue Dragon Loot After Three Trips

Not bad for around 30-40 mins easy work.

current D bones prices:
Dragon Bones: 3,580gp 3,768gp 3,956gp

current blue dragonhide prices:
Blue Dragonhide: 2,175gp 2,290gp 2,405gp

This may not be a 20m armadyl hilt split but can be great for those people who any low on cash and dont have much time to play – you can also TRAIN RANGED here and help the cause for a greater range avg.

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Runescape – Kalphite Queen Guide


Kalphite Queen (KQ) gear
Kalphite Queen (KQ) Gear

Full Veracs is very good as it can damage the Queen even when she is protecting from melee. If you don’t have Veracs, make sure you have decent armour and bring range gear with you too.

Bring either a skill cape or a fire cape, other capes won’t do much. Accumulator can be used if you don’t have Veracs and plan to range. Amulet of glories or furys work well, you can also use power amulets or amulet of strengths if you don’t have either.

Barrows gloves are recommended, climbing boots or dragon boots are the best for killing the Queen. Zerker or warrior ring are preferred, ring of life if you feel you might die.

For a spec weapon, dragon claws, ags or bgs are recommended (these are not required).

Bring super attack and strength pots. If you plan on staying a while, bring brews and super restores although sharks/rocktails and prayer pots will work fine. Bring 1 super anti incase you get poisoned.

Remember a teleport and you can bring a summoning creature if you desire, an ice titan is used in the above screenie. Remember 5gp for a Shanty Pass and to bring 2 ropes, although the council will most likely have these.


How To Get To Kalphite Queen (KQ)
How To Get To Kalphite Queen (KQ)


After finding your way through the tunnel, stop at the bend right before the Kalphite Guardians. Make sure everyone is ready and is in the clan chat with lootshare on. Then the person with the tope will run in and place it, everyone will follow and go down, make sure you have protect from magic on as well as protect item and piety if you desire. Try to surround the Queen as best as you can.

That is the end of my guide. Please tell me if anything is incomplete/missing, or if you have an idea on how to improve it. Thanks for reading.

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Runescape Clans – The History of Collision


TOL – It starts

It all started in the summer of 2003 when Albus1234567 came up to Broken_22 when they were both training on Lesser demons in Karamja valcano. They started the clan and had some events. It was pking if you want to call it that. Most of TOL’s members were around lvl 80 with the exception of Jed Averill , who was a mighty lvl 106. When Albus became to inactive to lead anymore Furioust “AKA Matty” took over TOL. In early 2004 Matty made TOL is first official forums and under his leadership Tha Outlaws became a strong pking clan that wasn’t afraid to take on almost anyone. With his famous afro crown he lead Tha Outlaws to many victory’s. Everyone loved and respected his leadership.

Tha Outriders – Tha first merge

In the summer time of 2004 Tha Outlaws merged with The dragonriders (TDR). Because of issues Matty had with them over wanting them to wear full rune and not to telly. (Yes using tellaport runes was a major issue back in those days.) The first PK was chaos. Later that day TDR’s leader tried to ban Matty from his own forums so the merge broke down after just two days. Tol’s leadership decided that merges just were for us and time marched on.

Expounder and Owz600 – Genesis begins

Expounder and Owz600 decided to start there own clan called Genesis. Owz and Expo agreed an on almost everything. Once this clan started Owz and Expounder started to have a little success.Both Expo and Owz told all of Tha Outlaws members to stay with TOL. But alot of them didn’t listen. With around 40% of TOL joining GSS they won many battles. They never got ranked in the top 25, but they were able to beat many clan there own size and never had many defeats. The clan never showed signs of slowing down but continued to grow. However Owz and Expounder started to miss TOL ( Tha Outlaws). They heard how they were hurting and were getting picked on by clans like Anarchy and Exer. Expounder told Owz one day how much he miss TOL and he wished to rejoin TOL. Owz agreed and both leaders agreed to help TOL by sending GSS (Genesis) members back to TOL. Once this happened TOL would never be the same.

Alliances – One strong beginning, one weak ending

On Oct 20 2005, at 04:11 pm Sakabatou59 posted on TOL’s furoms asking for a alliance. Sakabatou was second in command of Clan Overdose under there leader Geometrical. There was alot of hype going around that there was going to be a alliance because our two clans got along very well and had very many successful PK trips together.
On Dec 11, 2005 TOL also allied for a while with a clan called Lethel Blades. The alliance broke down shortly after because there style of pking and TOL’s wasn’t the same. Plus TOL already had a strong relationship with OD and that’s all we wanted or needed.

Furioust and TOL – Defeat TUF

Tol agreed to a war with The Forsaken
TOL started with 150 opts vrs 165 -170 opts with TUF. Tol ended with around 110 – 105 opts. Being that TUF was ranked at the time. They tried to say that TOL cheated.( with no grounds, they tried to say TOL had 1 -2 players that wasn’t suppost to be there.) However TOL won so convincingly that RSC/ the clan world agreed that TOL won. TUF was ranked to 25 and TOL took there spot. This help TOL to grow alot. This was Furioust’s first Major victory.

Furioust goes inactive – The rise of Jedaverill & Expounder

Furioust had just got himself a new girlfriend and the clan was seeing less and less of him around. Jedaverill was doing the bulk of the leadership work but didn’t have enough time to do alot of the things that needed to be done. Being more into the Pking aspect of the job, Jed himself didn’t really enjoy leading but did it for the good of the clan. Someone posted and asked Furioust to make a temporary leader. Several people on the post asked for Expounder by name and Furioust agreed. Expounder came online later in the day and saw the post. After talking with Furioust, Expounder agreed to take the job until Furioust returned. On Jan 13 2006 Furioust made Expounder into a temp leader. Later Furioust liked the job Expounder was doing and made him into a full leader to serve along side Jedaverill forever.

Expounders First War – TOL learns a thing or two

On Jan 15 2006 The Death Squad (TDS) declared war on TOL. TDS had about 121 Registered members compared to TOL’s 70 or so. The fight took place at the ruins. TDS rushed in with almost 300 opts and TOL had a little less then half of that. TOL had been running drills for a while and was able to hold TDS off for a long time. However the numbers became to great and TOL went down. TOL may have lost but we saw something we hadn’t seen before. We realized that even tough we were greatly outnumbered we could still hold our own (which was a fairly new thing in those days). TOL came away from that fight a new clan with a new since of how to fight in the wild. After this fight TOL started to be ranked for the first time in it’s history and won many battles afterwares.

David802291’s Rise
The first of many responsibilities this guy would have
With one of TOL’s council members stepping down. David was given his first role in the leadership. On Mar 6 2006, Expounder posted these words.

[I] “As we know Aaron can not be active and he asked that David take his spot.
David is a loyal member that as been here a long time and has never left to my knowledge. He always makes people feel at home here and never flames. He is active and really cares about this clan. In my eyes Aaron made a great choice.
So Gratz to David everyone!!!!
You deserve it”

Expounder couldn’t have agreed with Arron more and none of us had any idea how great role David would play in the future. Had we only known then what we know now he would have been promoted along time ago. He would do many great things for TOL/COL. But that is later on in history, as you will read shortly.

The Idea – What would become Collision

One day Expounder logged on and found out that Furioust, Geometrical, and Sakabatou59 were talking. Geo, Fury, and Saka started talking of a merge between the two clans. Furioust told Expounder to see if the clan agreed and to set it up if TOL did. Expounder agreed but only if 70 Plus % of TOL agreed also. Geometrical taught this was a good idea and said that 70% of The Overdose must agree. So the first polls where set up.

The polls were set up and both clans agreed. ON Feb 12 2006, 01:58 AM a poll was set up once again on TOL site. A 88% approval rated was given from TOL as follows:

yes [ 47 ] [88.68%]
no [ 6 ] [11.32%]

Overdose also had a poll and agreed with over 88% that TOL and OD should merge.

Once both clans approved Geo and Expo began making a contract on the rules that Collision would follow. Below is what they agreed on.

TOL + OD Merge Contract

Official Clan Colors

Sara Cape Prefered


Leaders declare on clans by choice.
This means that declaring war with other clans excluding our allies is decided by only leaders alone.

If we are declared on by another clan including our allies, we will hold a poll on if we should accept.

PK Trips

PK times
(temp pk times until we see what works best)
– 5:00pm eastern at Wednesdays
-7:30pm eastern at Fridays,
-4:00pm eastern at Saturdays

Cape Color:
Blue capes–(Can be can be obtained in champs guild)
***Wear Saradomin Cape if you can.

*You must attend at least one pk trip a week.
-If NOT, you need to post the consequences on why you cannot attend such trip/event.


One week of not attending a PK trip/event= One strike
Two weeks of forum or in game in activeness and not attending a PK trip/event =
Account deletion and Character/Account kick; with the consent of the high ruler(s) [Leaders].

“***Maximum of 3 Strikes before Account Deletion and Character/ Account Kick
“***Strikes last one month.




co leaders






All master below keep there rank as of now. Unless as stated above Volts doesn’t want it anymore. If that is the case someone well be voted Gen for TOL side along with JED.

Choosing a name

With both clans finally agreeing to a merge the next thing in order was to find a name for the clan. Again a poll was set up. First suggestions on the new name were asked from both TOL and OD’s members. The names just couldn’t be any made up old name, they had to have meaning. They was narrowed down to these three.

Name: Genesis
Why: It means a new beginning. This would be good for both clans.

Name: Collision
Why: Two forces colliding with each other.
Plus we could have a banner with TOL on one side
and OD on the other side. (Geo’s idea)

Name: Tha Overlords
Why: Been Suggested somewhere before. Combines both
names and to me it doesn’t sound bad at all.

Name: SWAT
Why: I have no idea…lol

So once again a new poll was sat up to vote on the name.
Collision [ 20 ] [40.82%]
Tha Overlords [ 2 ] [4.08%]
SWAT [ 5 ] [10.20%]
Genesis [ 17 ] [34.69%]
I’ll write my vote in [ 5 ] [10.20%]

Both OD and TOL agreed on the name Collision so everything was set in place but the work.

Making Collision

Both Geo and Expo agreed that this shouldn’t be anything that we rushed into. In fact at one point after the name was picked the merge almost didn’t happen. Because Geo didn’t like how Expounder allowed TOL members talk above lvl 30 wilderness and Geo wasn’t sure all the TOL members liked him for a bit. But things worked out after Expo posted about it with the following post. (I think both sides were alittle nerves about the merge anyway)

Geo’s post: Posted: Mar 1 2006, 09:08 AM

“hey guys, im postponing the merge for a week or 2. One reason why im doing this is because on the last few pk trips i’ve gone with you guys. Alot of members are still talking after the pk leader says be quiet. Also members are still chasin pass charlie and passing dwarfs. If we’re goin to b a successful clan, we neeed to stop this . IF A MEMBER SCREAMS HES TEAM. DONT ATTACK. The pk leaders should b alot more strict in this pk trips because once we merge.Alot of tol members got upset like that one time i lead a tol pk trip because I gave out strikes and members decided to “freak IT” and leave. During OD pk trips, we’re very strict in pking. We might not b able to max out opts or max out levels. but we do noe how to listen when a leader says shut up, and fall in.”

so lets start getting serious because i noe alot of tol hate me and my rules. so i just want everyone used to the rules b4 the merge and a reminder of them.

( this is not a flame topic )

Expounder’s reply to Geo

“I have nothing but respect for OD . But I’ve been having second thoughts also. I mean we are doing pretty good as one clan. The people putting forth effort are doing a super goodjob. We worked along time for Tha Outlaws name to get out there. Latly TOL has only gotten better. With a few road bumps on the way. It’s just scary to me that we might lose that or the whole clan. The fact is most merges don’t work. Like the upper 70% fall apart in under three months time. From what I’ve seen on the furoms we are two very diffrent clans.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’ll still go along with the merge if thats what everyone wants. OD is still our best friends and we would do anything for you guys. But I’m just uncertain about the future if we do merge.

As for the talking thing. There is a place for it and there is a place not to talk. For example when we are almost at the GD’s. People should shut up. Talking could get us all killed. Basically any place a clan could be. But in other places it’s ok as long as your not spamming. When your in the wild it should be all business. Chasing is a different matter. I can see some strikes coming to people that are deserting there clan just to chase a runner down 30 lvls.

P.S. Geo, I’m fairly sure TOL member’s don’t hate you. Your great buddy.”

Afterward Geo and Expo settled things and the merge was back on. Expo went to work on making the new forums and Geo helped prep both clans for the merge.

Collision is Born

On Mar 19, 2006 at the stroke of midnight Expounder posted the link to COl’s first forums on both OD’s and COL forums. Also a Post was prepared for RSC by both Expo and Geo on the matter.



Once upon a time, there were 6 friends that decided to make a crew which would soon turn out to become one of the greatest clans in runescape history. These 6 friends were Geometrical, Sakabatou59, Phillyphil, Eewerd, Zone Wolf, and Ace Hykari. Around level 50, these friends made a crew called the coyotes lead by Eewerd. Why were we called the coyotes? This remains a mystery. We started figuring out the “mysteries” in wildy as we wander endlessly around, killing noobs and getting killed ourselves. Back then our armor (so to say) was mainly MITH, every time we pk, we would wear mith. After this experience, the 6 friends found themselves in a tight decision to keep the crew going on or to train. The reason for this was because of going onto vacation. It was only right to take a break


Then after this experience, the 6 friends found themselves in a tight decision to keep the crew going on or to train. The reason for this was because of going onto vacation. It was only right to take a break so they did. One by one at different times, each left to take a brake, but as they did brake off from the game combat levels went off beat from each other, competition, and the creation of enemies between the friends grew. There was no more balance…

K.U.I (Killing. Under. The Influence.)

After the long tedious training and competing among each other. Zone Wolf couldn’t take it anymore and decided to leave the crew and clan. Because of this lost, Eewerd and the rest of the crew decided to make an official clan known as K.U.I ( Killing Under the Influence). There we met our elder members of COD which were V eye E tee, Hios, Matamorph, Zxztigerzzxz, and Koenma2005. With the help of these members, K.U.I became a great force to be dealt with in wildy.

A. The Betrayal

Chewy67 was a player to depend on in the beginning because he helped us in a way to build up K.U.I, but we didn’t know what was in store for us later. As the days passed, Eewerd gets hacked. Eewerd gets into a fight with Chewy67 so Eewerd accuses him of hacking. Note that Chewy67 was met through Runescape not IRL. The reason Eewerd accused Chewy67 because he would always say that he hacked Eewerd to other people and so he left the clan…

K.U.I (Continued)

We started to grow slowly but, one day, an omen came down upon K.U.I. That day, after a pk trip, our leader Eewerd gave us an announcement. He announced that he will leave K.U.I and Runescape to follow Zone Wolf. Geometrical knew what to do, being as he was the 3rd member out of the 6 to play Runescape. He stepped up and took position as leader. With the leadership of Geometrical, KUI sprouted up and made its way to the top clans. With the help of V eye E tee, KUI made an Alliance with Green Dragons. They soon fell apart, and a few members joined KUI. This was the start of a beautiful beginning for Geometrical and the clan.

Long Lived K.U.I ?

K.U.I have fought vigorously through the wilderness and grew slowly. After 2 months, K.U.I had it’s usual meeting, but this meeting changed everything. In the meeting, a member named Vietguy666 started to be very obnoxious and were making arguments with other clan members. This caused a separation between the clan members. Looking at this, Geo had no more hope in K.U.I and it broke apart due to this separation.

TOL and then 13 Devils

After the separation of K.U.I few of the members went to TOL because they knew a lot of members in there. Then Geometrical met up with Kil Jaeden, a close friend, and he said that he was going to make 13 Devils live again. So the members left TOL and started 13 Devils. 13 Devils didn’t last to long due to the “giveaway” of ranks. It seemed that everyone in the clan had some kind of high positions and everyone wanted it so 13 Devils broke apart…

Overdosing on that Ownage Pill

After the departure of 13 devils, our 3 friends, Geometrical, Sakabatou59, Phillyphil, went to train but still kept in touch. They thought that they should re-make K.U.I again because old K.U.I members wanted it to come back. After a few weeks, Phillyphil thought of a name for a new clan, Clan Overdose. Then lived Clan Overdose, with our Leader Geometrical and Co Leaders Sakabatou59 and Phillyphil. With lots of pk experience, knowledge, and organization, these 3 friends pulled it together and made this clan, Clan Overdose.

The Future

The future is still uncertain, but the 3 friends know one thing, that they will try their best for this clan to work out and knowing that one day, Clan Overdose will grow and rise to the top above all in Runescape. . .

By: Geometrical, Sakabatou59, and Eewerd

A Look Back

Let’s take a moment and look back. That was the History leading up to Overdose. Now, I guess it’s my turn to talk about the leading up to Collision since I’m the only remaining of the 3 Friends. What should I start with? Ah yes, let’s start with some embarrassing moments of some of our current members:

A. Some of Bl4z1ng’s Post

“strange plant…Feb 14 2006”
i wasnt payin attention while trainin.. and when i look, i saw a strange plant attackin me…. (im new to being a member) wat does it drop if u do kill it… it has ridiculous high def or is it immune to melee?

“wooohooo…Feb 3 2006”
woohooo i got my first kill in today’s pk trip laugh.gif forgot to take screen shot of the drops but i shared wit ppl

we coulda gotten more kills, me and smack was chasing a lvl 122? or 123? but the mage foloed us and didnt try to bind until he was 2 step away from single………

Aha, there is more from other members but yeah thought I put some of Bl4z1ng’s posts as he was mad noob.

Overdose Officials Before the Merge

Alright so, I would like to get some statistics out of the way before going into the story. But before the Merge, here were the Officials:

Leader: Geometrical
Co-Leaders: Sakabatou59 and Phillyphil
Master Warlords: Hios and Matamorph
High Council: Hurly Star, Mistasize16, and Romeo In Luv

These guys were the backbone of Overdose. Took care of everything. But you know as time went by they had to retire. So far the current members that are active in Collision are Matamorph and me (Sakabatou59)

The History Continues: Time Passes By

As time passed by, Overdose had its Pk Trips and fought many clans in Wildy. One clan that was big for that I remember beating was THOR (The Hobbits of Runescape). Went out to wildy and basically took them out. Other clans that we had beef with was KO (Knights of Order). But the beef mainly involved the 3 Friends and the new additions – Hios and Matamorph. It seems that Overdose was running well. Although there were some drama at times, there was nothing ridiculous that took the clan apart. In order to continue our prosperity, we sought out clans that shared our common interests. This clan happened to be TOL. Sakabatou59 and Geometrical approached their Officials to become Allies.

OD and TOL

Because the 3 friends were once a part of TOL, they decided to let some TOL members join OD PK Trips. The most active of the TOL members that came to the PK Trips were Avenger Yo K and Darkreaper70. OD had become very fond with these 2 members and the idea struck that OD and TOL should be allies. However, before being allies both clans made sure that both knew each others members. After some discussion and the great debate of Teleing, the two clans became Allies but both had no idea that they would soon become Collision.

From here, I’m sure that everyone else got a glimpse of how things would become from Expounder’s Part. There are some details but I don’t think its necessary for the History. Have fun. Bl4z1ng/David has Part 3!


Once Collision was merged from TOL and OD. We had alot of clans doubting us, calling us fail clan and we were going to die soon. But we were determined to prove all of them wrong. Shortly after our merge, Collision started to show our potential of becoming a great clan. Thus we attracted alot of attentions from other stronger clans. Collision was challenged by The Death Squad shortly after, and our first OFFICIAL War. We were the underdog in this war as everybody think Collision would lose and get own. Collision were pump up, we trained and preped for the war, and pulled 220+ opts! and slaughtered TDS.

With the win over TDS, our morale were high and more people joining. We got cocky as hell. One week later, Moriquendi challenged us to another full our war. Moriquendi was rank top 20 around the time and capable of pulling 250+ opts. Once again we were deem the underdog, with everybody expecting us to lose and the win over TDS was a fluke. We were once again determined to prove them wrong by defeating Mori.

After our Mori war, Collision was getting alot of attention in the clan world as the new and upcoming clan of the year. With great success also come with great problems. We were getting hunted by alot of top 5-10 clans that were trying to kill us and clans having spies in Collision. EOS started hunting us almost every pk trip, and they would find us easily due to the spy. Our morale was killed as a clan. We were scared to go out. But we did not stop, we continue pking and fighting EOS. We always lose to EOS at that time, but everytime we fought EOS, we would last a little longer. Then finally one day we were able to fight EOS neck to neck on the verge of beating them, but Corruption crashed our fight.

After we prove to EOS that we are able to fight them neck to neck, they got off of us. But Corruption started hunting us, and it was like a repeat of EOS. But then DF started helping us due to the friendship between Expounder and Lego from DF.

At this time, Collision have a 140s member ML, and we were fucking cocky as ever. Talk shit to almost every clan we think we can beat.

One day we encountered Anarchy in the wilderness, and we raped them in a pkri. Anarchy was so mad losing to a top 15 clan and them being a top 10 clan. They immediately make a Official Declaration on RSC to punk us out. But we accepted!!! Once again we were the underdog….. Every mother fucking clans out there think we are going to lose. Reason being Anarchy is a 3 years old clan compare to us less than 1 year old. This is the most pumped full out official war in Collision History, as losing was not an option. Anarchy talk so much shit about us being sissy. So for our war, all Collision were asked to changed their character to Female. Just like our previous wars, we were again determined to win.

After the Anarchy war, we fought The Titans in a full out mini war. And we won. [The only win vs TT] This fight make us somewhat cool with each other, and we were interested in forming an alliance together. At this time, Collision offered a multiple combined clans vs THE. With one week prep, Collision set up alot of practice fight in preparation to fight the monster The Clan with 250+ members.
In the end it become to be Col+TT+Mori+Deathrow vs The. Both side started with 399+++++++. The entire was member gate area was lagging, when The charged with 399++++ opts, the CTMD weren’t able to see them after 10 seconds and then we realized they had charged. We better piling and transition, the CTMD came out victorious. With the victory, there is also a reward, Collision and The Titans decided to be an official allies. Our Alliance still stand till this day as one of the strongest alliance out there.

As every clan have their up and down, Collision hit our first slump and after our inactive sweep, we were down to 90ish member from our 140s member list. Summer hit us the hardest worst than any other clan have ever done so. During our slump, for some reason, we started beefing with a Dutch clan. Red Devil Clan. There were alot of flame toward both clan. So we wanted to settle it in a good old fashion official war, but it was decline several time. But RDC was still flaming us saying they are better, because they have higher combat average, older clan and more members than us. After numerous taunting from both side, a 10 days prep war was settle between both side. This war is special, a 5 hybrid cap rule was set, but as neither side had experience fighting in a war with hybrid. We trained and drilled, after all our hard work, we destroyed RDC in this fullout.

At this time, we have become a top 10 clan pull 200ish opts to all our pk/pkri. Also at the same time a new clan was merged, Hostile and Awaken to form Violent Resolution. Everybody think Vr was going to die within a couple months because of the leadership. Collision and Violent Resolution have alot of history, they crashed our fights, and put spies in our clan. So we basically fight each other every time we pk just like we did with Eos. After a couple months, both clans slumped and we eventually moved on.

Alot has changed in Collision since then, we hit our usual summer slump but we knew we were going to come out of this stronger. And we were. We were once again a power house around October/November. During December 6, 2007, one of our dearest member Sir Nemesis [Peter] passed away due to cancer. Peter had a dream while he was alive and that was to beat Damage Inc. who were ranked around top 3 at the time, but DI had fallen to top 8 or so. As our farewell gift to Peter, we challenged Eternal Honour who were ranked top 5 instead of DI. We dedicated this fight to our friend Peter who were kicking in heaven, and losing was not an option no matter what the costs may be. After 14ish hours of fighting, Collision had won the fight vs EH and setting the longest pkri in the history of RS in the name of Peter.

After our win versus EH, Collision didn’t have many fight after that. Soon after summer hit us once again. But this time we were more stabilize and knew what to do. Collision started to rise once again at a slow pace. Our leader Geometrical decided to retire due to RL. But David[David802291] step up and did a fantastic job leading along side with Expounder.

During late December of 2007 and Early 2008, Expounder went MIA, and David become less active. Then comes the terrible news of wilderness being taken out and replace with Bounty Hunters. We lost some members due to that. Not wanting to waste time in moaning and bitching. Collision adapted to the new battle field and started going strong once again pull 180-200 opts with 80ish members.

During the Bh Era, Collision was going strong. We pked almost daily. Our warlord Hios[Matt] and Council Bl4z1ng set up to pk every day in Bh, and thus attracted alot of people to join us. By the end of BH, Collision was undoubtedly top 5 in Pking wise.

By April, BH was made single, and a new arena was given to the clan war. A clan war arena. CWA lasted for half a year until Wildnerss was given back. Plus with the approaching summer, and our slump time. Collision hit the hardest slump in years. With us losing so many CWA fight due to us not taking it seriously. Soon our members started leaving and we were struggling to pull 50 people to our prep fight. By the end of CWA ERA, we started to take it more seriously and gotten stronger from it.

Around October 2008, Jagex released a new Arena, Dangerous Free for all Portal. This time not wanting to wait or not taking it seriously, we wanted to adapt and we did. But it was nothing like the wilderness, and alot of clan hated it. After 2 months or so, Jagex re released wilderness back to us. Around this time we barely have a 60ish members ML. We have alot of up and down in this couple months time. Alot of official leaving. Collision stuck through it and promoted bl4z1ng to our new leader. With the help and the hard works of the members and official. Collision were once strong and kicking pulling 180-200 opts. But our new found success was short lived due to members retiring to RL and other reasons. We lost about 15 members in 2 weeks. From pulling 200 opts in mid March, were started to pull 130-150 in the end of March.

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Runescape – Pyramid Plunder Speed Guide

Quick thing: I suggest you don’t start this way, do a few hours of plunder first to get used to how it works.

Maybe check out the beginners guide first!

Ok, so you’re wondering if there’s a faster way to plunder right? I’s not fast enough already 😛

1. The items you’ll need

Preferably, take more stone seals rather than monks. To clear things up, the staff is a Pharaoh’s Sceptre. MAKE SURE IT’S FULL. (examine it it’ll say it’s fully charged) (it’s the bottom one bought at GE)

Pyramid Plunder Items
Pyramid Plunder Items

2. Inventory

Your inventory should look something like this (I personally like monks because monks are cheap and it doesn’t take 2 bites like pizzas do)

Pyramid Plunder Inventory

Pyramid Plunder Inventory

3. Equipped Items

For the cape, hood, gloves, boots, those are all optional, can wear whatever you want. Fully charged pharaoh’s sceptre equipped, FULLY CHARGED GLORY (that is VERY important). 3rd stage f2p ring (for the run energy)

Pyramid Plunder Equipt Items

Pyramid Plunder Equipt Items

4. Getting There

To use the sceptre, it’s the TOP TELE, Jalsavrah, it tellies you straight to the mummy to start the run.

Getting To Pyramid Plunder

Getting To Pyramid Plunder

5. You should already know how the next bit works, run through this garbage.

6. Go to the room BEFORE your max room until the timer reaches about here, then go to your max room.

Going To Your Max Lvl Room

Going To Your Max Lvl Room

7. Do NOT pick from the chests or the coffin, waste of time and valuable exp. BUT! I do pick from the chest right before i leave my room before max and max.

8. If you do open up the chest and the scarab things come out in a room you’re staying in, flick on protect from melee and keep thieving, they do nothing.

9. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE 1 CHARGE LEFT from the sceptre. So you used up 1 full sceptre, and 2 charges from the other 1. Glory to edge and withdraw 24 stone peices, and use your last tele back to the mummy, left click talk to him, recharge your sceptres. Edge tele, restock, do it again.

10. Doing this my way I made a minimum of 180k exp per hour and got as high as 240k.

11. I hope this helps.

12. What’re you doing still reading? get stealin’!

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Runescape – Thanksgiving Cryptic Clues 2009

Clue Number 1:

Letter: Dear candidates,

If you wish to join our group, you will need to pass a series of logic tests. This induction is expected to take four days to complete and you will get a new clue each day. We do not look favourably on cheaters or those who give away the answers! Only those smart enough will reap the reward!

The exercise works like this: Each stage of this task has two clues – one clue points to one of our contacts each day, the other to some specific ‘code items’. In order for our contacts to talk to you, you will need to have (in amongst your other inventory items) that very particular set of code items, all in the right quantities! You can find the clues about which items you need in our daily news letter. Our trusted contacts will then give you a new clue on who to speak to next. Here are your first two clues to point you to the right person with the right code items…

“To a sponger of Lumbridge is to whom you must speak, He asks folks for money, week after week.”

Know who that is? Good. We thought we’d start you off with an easy one. Talking to our contact is all well and good, but don’t forget the code items in order to give him the all clear to talk to you!

Here I have a selection of items in a grid, along with some letters. Use the clues below to point you to some secret words. Building these words will give you the coordinates for the right items on the table. The words begin with the letters down the left. Simple, isn’t it? Don’t worry; things will get much tougher later on!

Bold = Person this week
Person: Lumbridge Sage

Key Code for clues:
Cake – Rope
Cane – Shrimp (Cooked)
Cate – Bronze Med. Helm
Care – Lobster (raw)

Bake – Iron Dagger
Bane – Pot (Possibly unfired I can’t tell)
Bate – Tin ore
Bare – Bucket

Rake – Potatoe
Rane – Logs (Normal or possibly oak)
Rate – Banana
Rare – Cowhide

Word for Item 1: “Hardly nutritious, but it can be frosted even during summer!”

Word for Item 2: “Oh my, sounds like a naked grizzly!”

Word for Item 3: “A judgement of quality you pass on things and people. Sometimes you do it highly, sometimes rather poorly.”

Know what those three items are? You’ll want to carry three of the first, two of the second and five of the third, so he knows you’re not just a lucky guesser!

Go and find our contact for today – he will tell you who the next contact is to be. Then read tomorrow’s edition of the newsletter for clues on the next set of code items. Fair well, hopefuls…

Clue Number 1 Solution:

The contact is Lachtopher in Lumbridge.

The items are
3 rope
2 buckets
5 bananas

Clue Number 2:

Dear candidates,

I see you’ve made contact with our first link in the chain – this is good. He should have given you a clue regarding whom you’ll need to see next. See if you can figure out what code items you’ll need in order to get him to speak to you, then go and speak to him with those items in your inventory. Cast your gaze on the text below:

For this clue, you will need to have a great deal of insight, for there are many things in this world that are not always as they appear. Can you rise to the challenge?

Highlight: When baking a cake, there’s a bucket of one ingredient you’ll need. Carry two of these.

It is a world full of mystery and magic, after all. You may need to cast your lines to the farthest reaches of Gielinor in order to obtain all you need.

Highlight: You’d never catch Herring with empty line, so carry seven of this item to catch your contact.

Lumbridge, Draynor, Falador, Varrock, Edgeville, Al-Kharid; who knows where your adventures will take you? What treasures you will discover!

Highlight: Ever heard of Roman numerals? You’ll need to carry CCXXVII gold coins!

I’m afraid I’ve told you all I can – you must now strike while the iron is hot! With wisdom comes the ability to read between the lines, so don’t let us down!

Highlight: The final item is a tool used in creating your dwellings and protecting your body from attack. Hit the nail on the head with four of these.

Clue Number 2 Solution:

The contact is Wildy Bartender, by the sawmill north of Varrock.

The items are
227 gp
2 buckets of milk
7 fishing bait
4 Hammers

Clue Number 3:


We must congratulate you on making it this far. It’s day three of your trial and you’re doing well. Hopefully, you’ll have the details of the third contact you will need to speak to. As always, we have a series of code items you’ll need to have with you in order to persuade our contact to speak.

The next batch of bewildering brain-teasers comes from the most fiendish annals of Varrock Museum. See if you can solve these age-old puzzles:

Puzzle 1

A tailor is making a new coat. He needs half the amount of threads that are in the hem for the collar. The sleeves need four times as many threads as the collar. The trim, which is the same as the hem, requires ten threads. The sides need five times less than the sleeves. If the tailor buys 55 threads, how many does he have left over once he’s made his coat?

The number of threads he has left is the same number of Red Spiders’ Eggs you’ll need.

Puzzle 2

Fred the Farmer and his brother, Geoff the Gardener, have acquired a ten-acre plot of land between them. They split the rights to the land evenly and go to work at planting seeds and crops on their half of the farmland.

Farmer Fred starts from the west, while Geoff the Gardener starts from the east. Fred plants seeds at twice the rate Geoff does, but Geoff ploughs an acre every ten minutes while Fred takes twenty-five minutes.

Selling all of their produce results in 400 gold coins between them.

How much of that wage is Fred entitled to? You will need to be carrying that same amount of gold coins.

Puzzle 3

My first is in jungle but not in rectangular,
My second is in blunder but not blender,
My third is in gallant but not in talent.

To this you will need to add the following:
My first is in dwarf but not in farced,
My second is in battle but not in mettle,
My third is in monster but not in ransomed,
My fourth is in mention but not in notion,
My fifth is in thread but not in death.

What am I? You’ll need to carry three!

Clue Number 3 Solution:

The contact is Gem Seller in West Falador.

The items are:
6 red spider eggs
200 gold coins
3 jug of water

Clue Number 4:


You’re nearly there! You have the details of the final contact you’ll need to speak to. All you need are the code items to give him the go-ahead to share his knowledge with you. Get your cryptic-crunching craniums around this clue and you’ll be all set.

For your next brain-training endeavour, we asked our good friend Sir Tiffy Cashien to come up with a complex conundrum for you to contemplate.

“On one of my many journeys about Gielinor, I encountered the strange beast known as the Chaos Elemental. When I came across this swirling vortex of randomness it was holding a rather mundane looking chest.

“What items do you have in that chest?” I asked it.

The creature responded: “Its no Mirasol all Gentle cats can tilt red Romulans rear crease bulbs salt gate”

Thoroughly confused, I told him I didn’t understand. Again, the bizarre monster responded: “43 – 35 – 27 – 19 – 11… Use what follows to skip over the answer.”

Confused? By Jove, that’s an understatement! I was dumbstruck for a while, but I remembered my lessons in deciphering secret messages and eventually I cracked it! An odd assortment of items, but then the Chaos Elemental is a strange being!

Anyway, you’ll need three of the first item, ten of the second and the number you get if you take the first from the second for the third. Haha!”

If you can solve Sir Tiffy’s little puzzle then you should know what items you will need for this part of your test! Take them to our contact for your final set of clues.

Good luck, as ever.

Clue Number 4 Solution:

The contact is Faruq, the games equpiment salesmen near to the gem seller in al-kharid.

The items are:
3 Small Nets
10 Air Runes
7 Cabbages

Clue Number 5 Solution:

The contact is Roddeck in Lumbridge

The items are:
8 Chisels
3 Eggs

Congratulations! Have a magnifying glass:

Congratulations! Have a magnifying glass Runescape thanks giving event 2009