LOOK OUT FOR THE GULLS! A review of the 2016 Canadian Grand Prix.

A review of the 2016 Canadian Grand Prix.

Canada considered possibly one of the best tracks out there, with a surprisingly long history, the wall of champions and the unpredictable weather (who can forget 2011*)!

With Hamilton still recovering from a poor start to the season and his first win only in Monaco two weeks before it was tough to judge who would actually win. It seems in this day and age pole position means very little especially when you have the likes of Risky Rosberg who like Hamilton is a true racer who would take any chance to win; Hamilton’s 2015 dominance has not been seen this year so far.

Let’s not forget Hamilton has won here 4 times already.

The front of the starting Grid consisted of Hamilton in pole, followed closely by Rosberg third held by Vettel and Ricciardo in 4th. You could see the sheer determination of Hamilton on the grid who had already slightly pointed his car towards Rosberg looking to immediately alpha him out. Lights out and a shocker of a start Vettel faster than the speed of light over took both Mercedes leaving them to fight for 2nd leading to Rosberg being forced off the track and fall back down to 8th. Deemed as a racing incident no action by the stewards was taken but I would have loved to see Toto’s initial response.

The race was on Vettel looking to create a huge gap between Hamilton and himself until a little mishap between Vettel and couple of Seagulls and yes this is true it was then Hamilton who had the opportunity to make the time up.

Sad times for Alonso a previous world champion and one of the best drivers out there was caught holding up a pack of angry drivers at lap 9 and button retiring on lap 11. Alonso near completion of the race then querying why they were even pushing at P11 just for one point!! It’s a sad state of affairs for Mclaren these days who have brilliant drivers but just can’t sort out their speed and reliability. No doubt they will rise again someday – I hope.

Prior to race start words of wisdom arose from David Coulthard who stated there will be a safety car in this race, well he was right due to buttons car stranded on the side of the track VSC came out. Ferrari perceived this as a good time for Vettel to take a pit stop could this strategic move be the winning one?

It is possible for a one stop or two stop strategy on this track the Ultra Soft tyres were working a dream for majority of drivers at the start bear in mind that all drivers must use Soft tyres at some point in this race.
This Pit stop lead Vettel to having an attack of the red bulls it was game one, fresh tyres gave him that extra speed and grip.

Lap 21 we sadly saw a retirement from Jolyon Palmer no drama involved.

Lap 25 commenced with the only pit stop to be taken by Hamilton, bringing him back out to 2nd behind Vettel. With Vettel taking an early pit stop could he hold out for the whole race?

At this part of the race you could clearly see Rosberg putting pressure on everybody in front of him, he shouldn’t have been amidst middle markers it looked like this was not to be Rosberg’s day.

Lap 34 involved the 2nd pit stop for Kimi’s Ferrari being rather quiet this race and not making a huge impact pitted first. Vettel in Lap 37 obviously losing time and coming out behind Hamilton. This 2 stop strategy was not going to work for them. Only a Safety car would have brought them back together to fight it out with the speed of Ferrari’s it would have hard to determine who would have won on a head to head battle, unfortunately we were not treated to this in Canada.

Sad times for Williams when Massa retired for the first time this year on lap 52, first retirement this year. Lets not forget this man nearly became World Champion in 2008 he should not be underestimated.

Rosberg’s day became worse when he had a slow puncture running up to lap 51 managing to getting to 4th unfortunately this dropped him back to 7th although this was not stopping him and you would clearly see he fought all the way through the race. Personally I would give him driver of the day. By lap 64 he was giving Mad Max in 4th a run for his money pushing constant pressure on the teenager but unfortunately Rosberg made an error with a only a couple of laps to go losing time and leaving Max to drive without a Mercedes constantly in his mirror. Poor Rosberg, lucky Max.

Hamilton floated to the finish line, quoting the late Muhammed Ali “float like a butterfly, sting like bee” a thoughtful and considerate dedication.

Now 9 points behind Championship leader Rosberg can Hamilton take the lead in Baku! Lets not forget Vettel and Ricciardo are still able to grab the title too. The Ferrari’s and Red Bulls are getting stronger. With 13 races to go anything could happen!

*I would not encourage anybody to try and watch the full coverage of the 2011 Canadian GP, maybe catch the highlights on YouTube if possible – let’s just say I ate all the contents of my fridge waiting for the race to get going.

Runescape – No Banking Fruit Tree Trips

83 Farming: plant a spirit tree in Brimhaven
Tiranwnn Quiver 1

What to Bring;


Farmers outfit
Tiranwnn Quiver
witchdoctors mask


6 tree saplings
7 fruit tree saplings
13 Supercompost


1. Tree patch at Lumbridge (lodestone)
2. Tree patch at Taverley (lodestone)
3. Tree patch at Falador park (lodestone)
4. Tree patch at varrock castle (lodestone)
5. Run to spirit tree in north-eastern part of the ge
6. do the tree patch in gnome stronghold
7. do the fruit tree patch in gnome stronghold
8. use spirit tree to teleport to brimhaven and do the fruit tree patchto the west
====Note your collected fruit here=======
9. use spirit tree to teleport to tree gnome village, go through the fence, talk to elkoy do the fruit tree patch to the south
10. do the fruit tree patch east of catherby bank (lodestone)
11. use quiver to teleport to lletya. do fruit tree there
12. use witchdoctors mask. Run south and do the fruit tree there
13. Teleport to prif (lodestone). Do the tree patch in trahaern section then do the fruit tree patch in meilyr section.

WHS Mediasmart Server Add Hardrive Problems

Windows Home Server – How to Troubleshoot Mediasmart Server Add Hardrive Problems

Plugged in a 500GB esata hard drive to use a backup for my WHS data.

When I click “Add” and then “Use this hard drive to back up files that are stored on your home server”

I get the message:

“Drive partitioning and restart required. The drive does not seem to have a partition created. Please create a partition and then restart home server before trying to add the drive.”

Add it as a data drive first using the WHS connector, it will format then add. As soon as this completes then remove it again using the connector.

I had to do this a couple of times as it would not let me add as a backup drive the first time I added and removed as data!

Remote desktop onto the server and go to “all programs”->”administrative tools”->”computer management”->”disk management”
Create a primary partition

Toyota Minolta 88C-V Race Car ’89 Tuning For GT5

Toyota Minolta 88C-V Race Car ’89 Tuning For Gran Turismo 5

– Rigidity Improvement
– Turbo Kit 3 (High RPM)
– Fully Customisable LSD
– Racing Soft Tires

Driving Options:
TC: Off
SRF: Off
AS: Off
ASM: Off
ABS: 1
CSS: 0

Downforce: 60/85
Transmission: 249 ( set roughly 10 above max speed on straight)
LSD: 15/30/50
Ride Height: -30/-20
Spring Rate: 17.5/14.5
Dampers Ext: 9/8
Dampers Com: 9/8
Anti-Roll Bars: 6/3
Camber: 0.0/0.2
Toe: 0.15/0.25
Brakes: 9/8

Teamspeak 3 – Guests can’t see who is in other channels

A quick fix for server admins using teamspeak 3 when guests cant view who in channels:

To join a channel the i_channel_join_power of the server group (found in servergroup/channel/access) must me equal or higher than i_channel_needed_join_power of the channel (found in channelrights/channel/access). To view the members in channels, you have to do the same for i_channel_subscribe_power. Probably this is too low or not set for your members.

Classic Games – Stormbringer 1987



Stormbringer case and tape for ZX Spectrum
Stormbringer case and tape for ZX Spectrum


Welcome to Strombringer, the concluding episode in the acclaimed
Magic Knight saga. The story so far…

In previous episodes (Spellbound and Knight Tyme) Magic Knight
rescues his friend and tutor Gimbal the Wizard from a self
inflicted White Out spell, and then finds himself catapulted into
the 25th Century aboard the starship USS Pisces. Having acquired
a secondhand time-machine from the Tyme guardians, Magic Knight
finally reaches his own time and planet – but with a slight
problem; Whilst travelling back, a serious malfunction
occurred with the secondhand time machine, and now, horror of
horrors, there are two Magic Knights!

The other Magic Knight is a real nasty piece of work. He calls
himself the “Off White Knight”, but locally he is known as the
Stormbringer because of his powerful and dangerous Storm Cloud,
which he is planning to use to destroy Magic Knight.

In your role as Magic Knight, you realise that you cannot kill
Stormbringer, because if you do, you will destroy yourself in the
process, the only way for you to become your old self again is
to merge with him. Good Luck, Magic Knight!


ZX Spectrum (separate 48K and 128K versions), Commodore 64, Amstrad, MSX, Atari ST


Stormbringer Screenshot - More Spooky Forest and Robin of Shylock
Stormbringer Screenshot – More Spooky Forest and Robin of Shylock
Stormbringer Screenshot - Beware Bearwoolf and Robin of Skylock
Stormbringer Screenshot – Beware Bearwoolf and Robin of Skylock
Stormbringer Screenshot - In the Castle Examining Yourself
Stormbringer Screenshot – In the Castle Examining Yourself
Stormbringer Screenshot - Loading Screen
Stormbringer Screenshot – Loading Screen

Playstation 3 Error Code 80010514

This message is not a hardware failure – I bought a new laser and laser chassis and did a direct replacement but still got the same message (Yes it was the right part number etc etc). This error is caused by a firmware update from Sony. You can’t reset the firmware once you have downloaded and installed it, even if you do a full system reset to factory settings the new firmware version will stay on there. You can’t roll back the firmware as some of the newer games rely on it for their features to work. In other words you are fucked and Sony refuse to acknowledge that they have broken your machine.

If you have warranty then great – get them to fix it or replace it for free. If you don’t have warranty then you can pay them a shit load of money to fix it or replace it. If you are feeling brave then you can try to fix it yourself as I did but you will most likely run out of things to fix and be left wondering how you are supposed to fix the firmware.

Some have reported fixing this error by doing the following:
1. Start with having the system in standby (redlight is on)
2. Hold the power button down; the system will turn on and turn off once again.
3. Press and hold the power button again and keep holding, it will beep as it turns on and then it will double beep. When you hear the double beeps immediately take your finger off the power button (if your system turns off before you get a double beep just try again and hold the button, it should double beep the 2nd time you try)
4. You will be prompted to plug in your controller via USB and then hit the PS button
You will now have a screen with these options (I have attached a picture of this screen below)
1. Restart System: Restarts the PLAYSTATION 3 System.
2. Restore Default Settings: Reset all system settings back to default.
CHOOSE THIS ONE 3.Restore File System: Checks for corrupt/missing system files.
4. Rebuild Database: Rebuilds the OS for the PLAYSTATION 3.
5. Restore PS3 System: Fresh restore; Deletes everything and starts from Scratch.
6. System Update: Update the PLAYSTATION 3 System

If the Blu-ray Disc does not support 1080p 24Hz video mode, the video output may not display properly. Go to [BD 1080p 24Hz Output(HDMI)] under (Settings) > [BD/DVD Settings] and select “Off. It worked fine 4 me, for now anyway.