Stamps – Great Britain – The Match Tax, A Law That Failed To Pass In Parliament

Robert Lowe, the chancellor of the exchequer, proposed a new duty on matches in 1871. Each box was to bear a stamp, with the image of a flame and the words “Ex luce lucellum” – or “from light, a little gain”. The joke remarked one Liberal politician, might “divert a college common room”, but the thought of Oxford dons smiling over a tax on the poor was bad politics.

A leading economist rallied to the defence of the tax, arguing that the poor should contribute to the state in proportion to their means. If they did not, surely taxes would fall on capital which would flee to foreign countries and so lead to unemployment. Such arguements were no match for the bad politics of Latin puns, and the tax was abandoned in a matter of weeks. Bryant and May, the great match manufacturer, erected a celebratory drinking fountain on Bow Road to mark the defeat of the tax:

Bow Station Bryant May Drinking Fountain
Bow Station Bryant May Drinking Fountain

The Stamps were produced but unissued.

Dayz Survival Tips – How do you identify and solve the sickness?


Symptoms: Your character is occasionally grunting, your vision blurs, you have no blood gain and persistent health loss.

Cause: Getting a cut or treating a cut without disinfected bandages.

Cure: Use alcoholic or iodine tincture on the wound to disinfect it but that only works in the early stages of infection. In any case take Tetracycline as that should help it clear up.


Symptoms: Your vision blurs, you are being sick and getting dehydrated.

Cause: Drinking unclean water.

Cure: This one takes a few days to cure, use Tetracycline. When you need to eat or drink take small bites or sips to avoid being sick again straight away.


Symptoms: The only symptoms are sneezing. If you have more than sneezing then its probably flu (influenza)

Cause: The common cold can be caught from other survivors or you can get it by being exposed to the elements i.e. not wearing warm clothes.

Cure: Use Tetracycline. It can go naturally but takes ages so tetracycline is the best method if you can find some.

Flu (influenza)

Symptoms: The main symptoms are coughing but you can sneeze and have a fever too.

Cause: The flu can be caught from other survivors or you can get it by being exposed to the elements i.e. not wearing warm clothes.

Cure: Use Tetracycline. It can go naturally but takes ages so tetracycline is the best method if you can find some.

Dayz Survival Tips – Water

One of the main tips when starting as a noob on the beach is to find a water pump in a town or village and drink until you can’t drink anymore. Eventually, this symbol will show indicating if you continue then you will be sick, that is the time to stop and move on with your adventure:

Dayz Full Stomach Symbol
Dayz Full Stomach Symbol

When you eat or drink, it first goes into your stomach. The stomach can hold 2000 millilitres of content. When the volume reaches 1500 the stomach symbol appears, and when you hit the 2000 limit, you’ll vomit to empty the stomach. If you stop eating before that though, it takes about 5 minutes to digest the food and turn it into energy and hydration. While the contents are being digested and drop below 1500, the stomach icon will go away. Filling up on water at the start of your journey will mean you can easily get away from the coast or do some serious looting without having to worry about your water level for a while.

If you find a water bottle in Dayz or a canteen of water I would not drink it straight away as there is a chance you could get a nasty disease, make sure you pour out any water that comes with it and refill at a pump. Receptacles can be filled and water can be drunk from ponds, lakes, dams and extracted from water pumps.

There is no need to disinfect bottles or canteens, disinfecting bottles does nothing. You can use chlorine tablets to get rid of the chance of contracting cholera from bottles of water that you have found containing water that is potentially infected. There is a chance of getting it from water pump too so using a chlorine tablet or taking a multivitamin pill before drinking is a great way to protect yourself. If you have been gutting anything and are not wearing gloves then make sure you wash your hands before drinking too as this can also lead to getting sick.

Another nice tip is to use some larger vessels like jerrycans or cooking pots to drink from, you can use 1 chlorine tablet on it but get to drink a whole lot more water. Drinking rainwater from barrels is 100% safe as well unless you pour contaminated water into it then it ruins the entire barrel and you can’t use chlorine tablets on it.

Written at Dayz version 1.13.

Dayz Survival Tips – Scrumping!

Normally when I’m a fresh spawn I’ve been close to death many times and one thing has saved my life – Scrumping! There are fruit trees everywhere in DAYZ though I will focus on three in particular the apple, pear and plum trees. You can find fruit on the floor next to the trees in various states either raw, dried or rotten.

Where are these fruity trees?

Fruit trees are everywhere and you can use one of the DAYZ interactive loot maps to find them, after a while you will start to recognise the trees and not need the map anymore. Generally I have found that most of the trees in a town and in gardens of houses are fruit trees so that is a good place to look. In some places there are orchards with loads of fruit trees in, generally with these it depends how big they are to how successful your fruit finding will be. Weirdly the bigger the orchard the less fruit you will find as I think they have the same amount spawning per area no matter how many trees there are.

What fruit can I eat?

As I said above the fruit spawns as either raw, dried or rotten. You can eat raw or dried fruit straight away without any danger of becoming sick. Though the dried fruit doesn’t look very appetising its actually very good for your food levels. Take the standard raw apple for example, when you eat it you get 100kcal food energy and 75ml of water. Eating a dried apple will give no water but 200kcal food energy which is double the raw apple. Cooking the apple does increase the food energy slightly but generally isn’t worth the effort.

Eating burned or rotten food will make you sick.

How often does Fruit Respawn?

Constantly! Pick a piece of fruit up, run around a little and come back to that same tree a moment later and it may have some more for you to pick up. There are some areas where you have a close patch of 10 or so trees where you can literally do a loop running around each one checking for fruit then it will keep respawning. Make sure you pick up all fruit, even rotten ones as doing so will allow more fruit to spawn there. Somewhere like this with a couple of houses and 10 or so trees is perfect for the scrumping loop:

The DAYZ Scrumping Loop
The DAYZ Scrumping Loop

Happy scrumping and please do leave a message below if you have anything to add to help our fellow scrumpers survive this zombie apocalypse.

Written at Dayz version 1.13.

Elite Dangerous – Good Multipurpose All-rounder Ships

I don’t like to get stuck doing one particular thing in game and for that reason I’m a big fan of multipurpose ships. Multipurpose ships allow different ways of fitting to suit whatever role the player is aiming for whereas others are reasonably restricted by their abilities to a certain role be it combat, exploring, passengers, mining or carrying cargo.

You all start with a Sidewinder MkI which itself is a multipurpose ship and that is very much so you can try different roles, learn the game and decide what you like doing. I used the sidewinder to make some money and the next ship I went for is the Cobra MkIII which costs 349,718 CR but you will need a Mil or two to fit it well. I found its a great small ship that is manoverable and has many fitting points. As a result you can haul stuff with it, kill stuff with it and even turn it into a miner if you wanted to!

When you are ready to upgrade and you have enough credits to buy one and fit one I’d say the next best all-rounder is the Asp Explorer. It has a good amount of hard points, decent cargo space, amazing jump range and is medium sized. Though to buy the ship its 6,661,153 CR it will cost around 30M if you want to A-rate fit it.

Going up another level (though still classed as medium ships) your choice should be between the Python and the Krait MkII. If you are more into combat then take the Krait, if you are more into space trucking/mining then take the Python. The Krait will cost you 45,814,205 CR and Python will cost you 56,978,180 CR but, as above, make sure you have a lot more than that to cover fitting and upgrading. Modules cost a lot more for these bigger ships!

Hopefully that gives you a good path if you are like me and favour the multipurpose ship. Keep in mind that everyone is different and there are pros and cons to all ships so its important to do a bit of research before jumping in and buying one. Finally here is a table from the Wiki showing all of the multipurpose ships currently available and a link to the Wiki page showing comparisons of all ships:

Elite Dangerous Multipurpose All-rounder Ships
Elite Dangerous Multipurpose All-rounder Ships

Wiki link:

Deadly Days – What Can I Get From Each Mission Type?

The supermarket provides mostly food so if thats what you need pick this one.

Airdrops provides weapon(s) 1-3 and normally at least one special weapon.

The warehouse provide base items.

Rescue – Get a new teammate.

Scavenge provides lots of normal loot spots including:

  • Houses = scrap, *maybe weapon, *base item, *active item
  • Secret House = Scrap, *food, *base/active/weapon
  • Cars = Scrap, *maybe weapon
  • Trees = 1-3 food
  • Billboard = Pretty obvious based on the picture
  • HELP = New survivor

Airdrop = 1-3 Weapons

Graveyard – Weapons and can dig up a dead survivor to rejoin the party.

The hospital provides a bit of everything. While looting it, you can get food, scrap, and a guaranteed power as well.

The fire department lowers your threat level by 3-5, I normally always pick these.

Burger provides very little food and a piece of a final mission map.

Discord – How to get a webhook to ping roles, users, channels and other items

Discord allows you to post messages from other websites and apps using Webhooks which is really useful, in the past I’ve used it from IFTTT and also linked into google calendar to share messages between them. What do you do if you want to get a webhook to ping roles or users at the same time it posts a message?

Well you need to use a special syntax to mention channels/users/roles etc in a webhook. For channels and users you should be able to use <@CHANNELID> and <@USERID>. To grab the IDs you need to go to settings->appearance then turn on developer mode. Once you have done that just right click a user or channel and hit “Copy ID”. Just paste it with the above so it looks something like <@684309756589074816>.

For roles its a similar approach to the above but you need to use <@&ROLEID> to get it working. You can also use it for other things like emojis if you need to for any reason! It took me a while to work it out so thought I would post here and I hope this helps someone.