Hero’s Hour Skirmish Guide

This is a guide on how to do all of the skirmish/scenarios by level and the type of unit you need:

1 – Carver(10)
2 – Jellykiller(3), Blastmaster(2)
3 – Pyrebeast(7), Flame Stoker(1)
4 – Disciple(12), Tricrow(9)
5 – Spirited Fire(11)
6 – Stone Watcher(26)
7 – Disciple(18), Sneagle(7)
8 – Leech(24), Swamp Arrows(7)
9 – Voodoo(18), Equine Guard(8)
10 – Worm(30), Swamp Arrow(1)
11 – Blight Stinger(21)
12 – Automaton(30)
13 – Shah(1), Sand Devil(18)
14 – Spirited Fire(22)
15 – Bloodsucker(90)
16 – Spirit Serpent(1), Mutant Trogs(29)
17 – Goblin Guard(40), Gargoyle(10), Djinn(1)
Note: Relies a bit on Djinn Spellcasting RNG, specifically getting good buff coverage via the Fortune buff – may take a few tries.
18 – Deadeye(20), Forest Spirit(49)
19 – Goblin Guard(21), Automaton(10), Djinn(1)
Note: The most difficult mission currently IMO. Relies on Djinn Spellcasting RNG, – it has to be proc’d early and needs to have good coverage. It also relies on enemy Golden Buck Midas procs being low. May take many tries. Let me know if anyone’s found a consistent way of beating this.
20 – Spirited Fire(31)
21 – Archer(62), Wildspeaker(2)
22 – Spirited Fire(39)
23 – Flame Stoker(34), Canine(18), Shah(1)
24 – Spirited Fire(56)
25 – Wise(2), Trogs(45)
Note: Relies a bit on Wise Spellcasting RNG, specifically getting good value from Evolve(Wise Spell) on Trogs. Might take a few tries.
26 – Hierophant(1), Carver(28), Lizarcher(17), Lizgennaire(13)
27 – Marksman(44), Swordsman(28)
28 – Harpooneer(15), Mutant Trogs(41)
29 – Bearguard(29), Seastars(58), Stingers(5), Seamare(1)
Note: Seastars need to get access to the enemy hillkeepers and deadeyes – good positioning generally should make this strategy consistent.
30 – Aspect of Shadow(4), Wildkind(20), Flamestoker(188), Voodoo(46)
Note: Actually pretty easy, as long as you have plenty of Flamestokers you can get away with any composition

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