Runescape – The most efficient route for elite scan clues

I seem to do clue scrolls in waves, specially now they stack nicely and go in the clue carrier. Every time I got back to doing a batch I’m never sure which route to take when running the elite scan location clue scrolls. The images below should help! One of the missing maps is is Menaphos – For this one start at the lode then run to imperial district and right click the tomb entrance, go to one of the other districts then repeat for all three. Most of the time the clue will show but if not then you only have a few places out of range you need to run to.

Runescape - Varrock - Elite Clue Scan Route
Runescape – Varrock – Elite Clue Scan Route
Runescape - Zanaris - Elite Clue Scan Route
Runescape – Zanaris – Elite Clue Scan Route
Runescape - Tirannwn Elf Lands - Elite Clue Scan Route
Runescape – Tirannwn Elf Lands – Elite Clue Scan Route
Runescape - The desert, east of the Elid and north of Nardah - Elite Clue Scan Route
Runescape – The desert, east of the Elid and north of Nardah – Elite Clue Scan Route
Runescape - Taverley Dungeon - Elite Clue Scan Route
Runescape – Taverley Dungeon – Elite Clue Scan Route
Runescape - Piscatoris Hunter Area - Elite Clue Scan Route
Runescape – Piscatoris Hunter Area – Elite Clue Scan Route
Runescape - Mos Le'Harmless - Elite Clue Scan Route
Runescape – Mos Le’Harmless – Elite Clue Scan Route
Runescape - Kharazi Jungle - Elite Clue Scan Route
Runescape – Kharazi Jungle – Elite Clue Scan Route
Runescape - Keldagrim - Elite Clue Scan Route
Runescape – Keldagrim – Elite Clue Scan Route
Runescape - Haunted Woods - Elite Clue Scan Route
Runescape – Haunted Woods – Elite Clue Scan Route
Runescape - Fremennik Isles - Elite Clue Scan Route
Runescape – Fremennik Isles – Elite Clue Scan Route
Runescape - Brimhaven Dungeon - Elite Clue Scan Route
Runescape – Brimhaven Dungeon – Elite Clue Scan Route
Runescape - Ardougne - Elite Clue Scan Route
Runescape – Ardougne – Elite Clue Scan Route

The chaos tunnels below has now been removed as a scan path (thank the lord!). here is the old map:

Runescape - The Chaos Tunnels - Elite Clue Scan Route
Runescape – The Chaos Tunnels – Elite Clue Scan Route

Runescape – Adding Perks To Weapons and Armour To Help In Combat – A Beginners Guide

Invention is tricky to understand with all the different components and its difficult to know what combines with what to get something that may help you get a bit more damage in combat or a few useful perks.  There are lots of spreadsheets out there and posts but they seem to be written in code most of them so I’ll try to go through from a beginners point of view to help you understand how to start perking your armour and weapons and a suggest few nice ones to add to help start out.

First Step – Augmenting

The first thing you need to do to your weapon or armour is augment it.  You can make an augmentor or buy it on the grand exchange.  To make it you need divine energy, base parts, flexible parts, tensile parts, enhancing parts and powerful components.  These all take time to get so if you don’t have time or have money then just buy one on the grand exchange.  Once you have one just use it on your weapon or armour piece you want to augment and it will turn into an augmented version ready for the next step.

Second Step – Gizmos

So gizmos are things you need to make and on them you can generate perks which then attach to the augmented armour or weapon to provide a bonus.  To start with you need to make gizmo shells (you can’t buy them).  There is a weapon gizmo shell and an armour gizmo shell, you can also get a tool gizmo shell which I won’t be covering in this post.  You make the weapon gizmo shell with blade parts, crafted parts and strong components at the invention bench.  You make the armour gizmo shell with deflecting parts, crafted parts and protective parts at the invention bench.  Once you have the shells then you can click on them “add materials” to get to the next step.

Update:  If you have invention level 85 then you can use ancient gizmos.  These need to be unlocked via a blueprint you can make or buy on ge but give access to more material slots and allow the use of ancient materials.

Third Step – Adding Materials

So clicking “add materials” on a gizmo shell will bring up a new window:

Runescape Adding Materials To a Gizmo Shell
Runescape Adding Materials To a Gizmo Shell

As you can see from the image above, you click or drag the materials onto the five slots to see what possible perks you can get and then can create it if happy.  When you click create you will not necessarily get the top one and may have to re-roll it a few times until you get what you want, you can also fail it.  If you have enough materials to try again it will let you re-roll on another gizmo shell but it will use a new one, not the previous one.  “But how the hell do I know what materials to add for what perks?”  I hear you cry.  Well that depends what you want to get out!  In the next section I give some tips for those who want to add stuff but don’t want to research the full ins and outs of whats available.

Non-elitist Ok Perks To Get Started

On an augmented two handed weapon you can add two weapon gizmos, otherwise you can add one gizmo to main hand and one to offhand.  Generally I would aim for precise and aftershock perks on weapons if you are after adding extra damage.  The pros go for Precise 4 + Equilibrium 2 in one slot and aftershock 3 in the other but you don’t have to get those exact numbers, even aftershock 1 is better than nothing.

On armour you can have two gizmos on legs and two on tops.  The main ones to aim for are crackling, enhanced devotion, impatient and biting.  The pros will go for things like biting 3 which requires nox components and is too expensive for my tastes but you can get biting 2 for nowhere near the cost and is very helpful.

Weapons – Precise Perk

So to make the first one you want precise really, you can use precise 1-5 on its own instead if you can keep re-rolling until you get what you want.  To get precise 5 add 5 armadyl components to the gizmo shell.  You can’t get that many have a look at the other suggested combos on the wiki page which includes getting equilibrium with it:

Weapons – Aftershock Perk

Now aftershock perk can seem expensive as you need to use Ilujankan components which come from Anima Core Zaros items which are 18mil at the time of writing but only get you 1 component for disassembling but don’t panic, there is a way to get more.  You buy an Anima Core Legs of Zaros and Anima Core Body of Zaros then augment them both (you don’t need gizmos on them).  Then level them up to level 9 in combat and disassemble which will give you more Ilujankan components and enable you to make this expensive perk.  More details and combos on the wiki page:

Armour – crackling

Crackling 3 is great and can be reasonably cheap to get by using explosive components gathered by disassembling hand cannons.  Even if you only have crackling 1-2 its better than nothing.  You can get it with secondary perks too as shown on the wiki:

Armour – Enhanced Devotion

This one is gained by using Faceted components which can be gathered by disassembling crystal items.  A cheaper way to do it is by disassembling crystal flasks or light orbs.  You can get enhanced devotion 2-3 quite easily:

Armour – Impatient

Now this one can cost some money as it needs Zaros components and Zamorak components specially if you are after 3, I would go for 1-2 to start with as its a lot cheaper:

Armour – Biting

Now as I said above biting 3 is not worth it for most people but biting 2 can be got quite easily and cheaply using direct components.  You can also try to get it with a secondary perk like venonblood/reflexes/mobile.  The compnents you need for this are suggested on the wiki:


Now if you have learnt anything from this I hope it is that perking is worth it and doesn’t have to be expensive.  Start with adding a few small cheap perks to get the hang of it and you can easily replace them over time when you get more cash or components.

Runescape – Spring Cleaner Guide

The Spring cleaner is an item I use a lot and make a lot of cash from, it can be confusing to set up and understand how to use it so here are some words and pictures to help you!

Where to get it?
You can get it from invention at level 43 or I think they still dish it out on treasure hunter now and then. If you have it sitting in bank then you should definitely start using it 🙂

Should I upgrade it?
Answer is yes you want the max upgraded version to Spring cleaner 9001 as it dismantles noted drops too then and you can get it instantly by buying springs on GE but its expensive (10K springs needed!) so don’t worry if not – Start using it anyway and it will upgrade as you go.

Don’t panic – All you need to do is set it up first time and then just take it with you on slayer tasks or even to boss kills and it will start dismantling stuff and sending the ore etc to your bank (so saves picking stuff up too!).

There are two modes, I only use dismantle mode. The rest is personal choice on what you want to dismantle and what you don’t. To start off copy my settings below and off you go:

Runescape Spring Cleaner Configuration Settings
Runescape Spring Cleaner Configuration Settings

Make Money
So you will see messages appearing and have stuff appearing in your bank which is generally worth more than the normal drop! I got this today with a bit of combined luck of dwarves ring so it does work:

Runescape Spring Cleaner Chat Notification
Runescape Spring Cleaner Chat Notification

Runescape – User Interface Recommendations and Tips


Press “L” to toggle lock/unlock interface in order to drag, resize and re-arrange your UI. Gameplay – make yourself familiar here. A lot of useful settings here. Worth mentioning are area looting & the different skilling options. Interface Settings – toggle slim headers, XP pop-ups, show reset timers and make X progress to mention a few. Controls – customise keyboard and mouse sensitivity, keybinds and toggle camera type. Graphics Settings – graphic settings. Audio Settings – audio settings. Combat Settings – select combat mode and which stats to recieve XP in for the combat styles.

General recommendations

Slim headers – what do we need large headers for? Gameplay settings – take a few and make yourself familiar here. Many useful QoL settings. Lock interface when not editing.

How to create a customized UI

1. Start out by resetting your current UI by going to the main menu (ESC) then go to “Quick Load Layout” and select “Retro”.

2. Resize the game window so it is exactly as you would like it. Personally I have my game window occupying 70% of my screen. Ignore this if you play on fullscreen.

3. Main menu then “Edit Mode” then “3D World Editing”. Resize your “Game View” to something like this. (we will get back to this later).

4. Now open everything you want accessible at all times while playing RuneScape. It will look messy at first don’t worry – we will make this look good.

5. Play around with the placement and sizes of your interfaces boxes. This may take some time and you may have to change the “Game View” several times.

6. Main menu then “Edit Mode” then “Gameplay HUDs Editing”. Change the placement and sizes of the different HUDs.

7. Congratulations with your new interface!

Tips & Tricks

If your gameplay is stuttering go to “Controls” then check that your camera type is set to RS3.

Runescape – Arc Skilling Guide and Tips

Daily Contracts

great method for gaining xp
7 can be completed in one day (if all unlocks are purchased)
skip “collecting” tasks for sea shell/driftwood

Number of Contracts Completed | Cost to Reroll

0 contracts – 1 chime
1 contracts – 10 chimes
2 contracts – 20 chimes
3 contracts – 30 chimes
4 contracts – 40 chimes
5 contracts – 50 chimes
6 contracts – 60 chimes

Tasks can be for rescources gathered on the Arc/Uncharted Islands
All rewards include 150 chimes (except collecting tasks)
Sometimes contracts award 1-2 taijitu

Task | Amount | Reward

Chop Bamboo (35-95) 12,600–34,200xp
100 bamboo per tree:SUPPLIES:

Cook Oil (12-40) 11,220–37,400xp

Craft Bowls (12-40) 11,220–37,400xp

Harvest Energy (35-95) 10,150–34,200xp
300 energy per spawn

Fish Wobbegong (35-95) 12,600–34,200xp
100 wobbigongs per spawn

Fletch Bundles of Bamboo (12-40) 11,220–37,400xp

Catch Tortles (35-95) 12,600–34,200xp
207 shell chippings per spawn

Mine Salt (35-95) 12,600–34,200xp
110-130 salt per spawn

Slay acolytes of Seiryu (35–100) 25,900–74,000xp
as well as 2-8 Slayer points

Producing Chimes

Make Shark Soup with

1 x Shiny Tortle Shell Bowl
Crafted with 4 shiny shell chippings

1 x Bundle of Bamboo
Crafted with 2 golden bamboo or 5 regular bamboo

1 x Sliced Mushrooms
# of mushrooms used varies

1 x Wobbegong Oil
Made with 2 wobbegongs

1 x Alaea Salt
From mining Alaea Crabs on Uncharted Islands


Ancestral Energy can be converted to another resource.


Sold by Boni, who can be found on Waiko next to the bank.
For Taijitu do Long Voyages (costs 20 SUPPLIES)

Hanto Armour Set
Cost: 90 Taijitu & 60,000 chimes

Hanto Weapons
Winds of Waiko/Thalassia’s Revenge/Rage of Hyu-Ji
Cost: 50 Taijitu & 25,000 chimes (each)

Hunter Skilling Outfit
Cost: 10 Taijitu & 10,000 chimes

Salty Title

Runescape – Quest List Useful For PVM and Slayer

Quests for PvM

Broken Home – BIS Ring (ASR)
Plagues End – Access to Priffdinas (Supreme Ovls, quick way to change spellbooks, etc)
The Mighty fall – God Wars tele for Ranged duo Nex
Ritual of the Mahjarrat – Dragonbane Ammo + Akrisae at Barrows + Glacors
While Guthix Sleeps – Glacor boost & TDS
As a First Resort – Decant Flasks
River of Blood – Sunspear, Berzerker Blood Essence, Drakans Medallion, Blisterwood
Summers End – Access to Corporal Beast
Lunar Diplomacy + Dream Mentor – Lunar Spellbook (+ Livid farm to fully complete it)
The World Wakes – 4 New Abilities, 3 of them being very helpful
The Digsite Quest – 3 New Abilities (Tendrils) Extremely helpful for DPS
Ghost Ahoy – Ectophial (Teleport to Araxxor)
Tales of GWD 2 – Teleport tablets to GWD 2 (Telos/Gwd 2 camping)
One of a Kind – Dragonrider Necklace (Good alternative for Hydrix necklaces)
Kindred Spirits – Linza
The Elder Kiln – Fight Kiln Access
Temple of Sennisten – Curses (Soulsplit/Turmoil)
Kings Ransom- T70 Prayers (Augury/Rigour/Piety)
Desert Treasure – Ancient Magicks(edited)

Quests for Slayer

Smoking Kills – Crucial for training slayer
Fate of the Gods – Muspahs & Nihils
The Light Within – Crystal Shapeshifters
Ritual of the Mahjarrat (+While Guthix Sleeps) – TDs & Glacors
The World Wakes – Automatons
Children of Mah – Nightmares
Branches of Darkmeyer – Vyrewatch
One of a Kind – Celestial Dragons
Do No Evil – Sophanem Slayer Dungeon Access(edited)

Runescape – Updated Friends Chat List


“Boxes” for Portable Deposit Box locations (On DXP)

“Chase Trees” or “Evil Tree FC”- for Evil Trees

“Harmed Ore” – for Harmonised Ore locations

“NemiForest” – for 9/9 Nemi Forests

“Portables” – for Portable skilling locations

“TH Trade” for trading for Skilling Outfits

“Tree Hunt” – for Crystal Tree locations

“Star Find” – for Shooting Stars

“Soulobby” – for Soul Obelisk Locations (Menaphos)


“Ba Teams” for Barbarian Assault Games

“Goldtrimmers” for Castle Wars Games(Afk)

“ConquestChat” – for Conquest Games

“demonmobs fc” for Demon Flash Mob locations

“Free Leech” for free leeching of Dungeoneering floors

“Hybrid Top” – for Fight Pit Games

“2FlingFish” – for Fish Flingers

“Minigames” – for Mazcab Supply Runs

“GOP Addict” for Great Orb Project Games

“Heist4Fun” – for Heist Games

“World60pengs” or “W60 Find Pen” for Penguin Hunting

“Fast SC” for Stealing Creation (Non-Combat)

“Bafcw” or “CWANS” for Soul Wars Games

“vis wax fc” for Vis Wax Combinations

Price Checking:

“90weaps pc” for price checkingT90+ Weapons

“R Quark” for price checking Rares

“TH Rares PC” for Treasure Hunter/SOF price checking

PVM / Teaching:

“AoDTeams” to find teams for Angel of Death

“NexAoD” for Angel of Death Masses

“Boss School” or “PvMing FC” for teaching / finding teams

“Casual KK” for smaller Kalphite King teams

“lskk247” for Lootshare Kalphite King

“duck hunters” for Megaduck pet chance

“Raid FC” for raids

“Teachingrots” for learning / making teams for Rise of the Six

“Rago PVM” for Vorago Masse