Rants – Wearing Slippers Outside?

I’m no expert on fashion, quite the opposite actually but recently I’ve seen a trend for some women wearing slippers outside.  You know, the same footwear that has been designed for the opposite reason – being comfortable inside a house.  Most of the ones I have witnessed seem to be a particular type and could be described as half sandal half slipper with the front of the slipper that goes over your toes covered by some kind of furry strip.  I’m guessing they have a name but a google search for “slipper with furry bit on front” didn’t produce any names, just showed me images of even more absurd looking items.  To me it looks like they have killed two chinchillas and glued them to their feet.

Now I have seen two types of people wearing these, one is the younger woman who apart from the slippers seems to be dressed to impress.  Why would you spend all that time picking the right outfit, doing your hair and makeup only to ruin it by going out the door in ridiculous looking slippers?  I’ve seen it too often for it to be a mistake “oh I just walked out the door and forgot I had slippers on my feet” so I’m pretty sure its intentional.  The other type is the older, fatter more weathered type of woman who I’m guessing has seen the younger type wearing them and now thinks it’s the thing to do.  The difference is they haven’t dressed to impress, they are wearing dirty looking clothing with stains down, haven’t done their hair, have makeup on like a clown mask and have a bad attitude to match their bad footwear choice.  The latest one I saw pulled up at the supermarket parking in the family with children parking spaces even though they blatantly didn’t have a child then proceeded to waddle the short distance into the supermarket.  All I could think was “why the devil are they wearing those slippers?”.