Album Review – Muse – The Resistance

Muse – The Resistance

Muse - The Resistance Album Cover
Muse – The Resistance Album Cover

This is Muse’s fifth album. When you think that the trio simply cannot get any better they come back with this fantastic album.

The opening track on Muse’s first studio album in three years, “Uprising”, is a case in point. It takes a Goldfrapp-style schaffel beat and the “whoop-whoop” riff from Blondie’s “Call Me” and merges them into some great lyrics (“Rise up and take the power back/Fat cats will have a heart attack”).

“Undisclosed Desires” employs a sound that Timbaland might have knocked up at his missing desk, mixed with a Prince digi-funk riff which emerges into greater catchy symphonious words (“I want to exorcise the demons from your past”).

All in the entire album is mix of electronic and off the wall madness. If you missed out on their latest gigs earlier this month, then September 2010 stadium gigs should not be ones to be missed!

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