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Elite Loading Title Screen
Elite Loading Title Screen


Elite is a space trading and fighting game with a basic aim of raising your pilots status to the rank of “Elite”. The game uses an open ended game engine which means the game uses an algorithm to generate lots of the detail used when you enter one of the systems, saving on memory.

You play as “Commander Jameson” and start at Lave Station with 100 credits and a lightly armed trading ship – the Cobra Mark III. From here you can basically do what you want, whether it be trading, mining, piracy, missions or anti-piracy.

Elite was a revolutionary game and way ahead of its time, ever since its release it has enspired people to develop many other modern games using similar engine techniques. Some of the more recent include games like Eve online and Infinity: The Quest For Earth.


Cheat mode

Enter SARA or SUZANNE when prompted for a word from the manual during the copy protection check. Then, enter a valid word when the prompt appears again. Press [Keypad Plus] and/or [Keypad Asterisk] during game play to display the cheat screen. A prompt for a byte and new value will appear. Enter the first number of the set, press [Enter], enter the second number, press [Enter], then press [Esc] to resume game play. Note: Press [Help] to edit the amount of arms and cargo. Additionally, this will not work in the Space Legends compilation version of the game.

Code: Result:

12/00-FF Create a new galaxy

13/00-FF Create a new galaxy

18/FF Extra credits

1F/46 7 light years fuel

20/01 Escape capsule

23/02 Large cargo bay

24/01 ECM system; press L to toggle

26/01 Pulse laser

28/01 Galactic hyperdrive or Beam Laser

2C/01 Escape pod

2F/01 Energy bomb

31/01 ECM jammer

31/0C Naval energy unit

32/01 Docking computer

34/03 Galactic hyperdrive

36/01 Mining laser

38/01 Military laser

3F/01 Cloaking; press Y to toggle

40/01 Food

47/01 Textiles

49/01 Radioactives

4C/01 Slaves

50/01 Wine

54/01 Narcotics

5C/01 Computers

63/01 Machinery

67/01 Alloys

69/01 Firearms

6C/01 Furs

2/01 Minerals

75/01 Gold

79/01 Platinum

83/01 Gem stones

84/01 Alien items

88/01 Refugees from Super Nova

8C/01 Important Thargoid doc

91/00 Clean legal status (may be 97 – 01)

97/00-08 Harmless – Elite ranking

98/FF Loads of combat points

9D/01 Seek & destroy

9D/03 Rescue Refugees

9D/04 Destroy Cougar

9D/05 Destroy Space Station

Control ship preview

Press A when the rotating ships appear on the opening screen to stop their movement. Use the cursor keys to rotate the ships. Hold A and press a cursor key to rotate them differently. Press O or I to zoom in and out. Press D to continue.

Longer song

Press H to jump into hyperspace, then engage the docking computer when the counter is below 5. The song, The Blue Danube will play until your ship reaches the next station.

View credits

Press W when flying to view your score and the credits.

Elite Game Cover

Elite Game Cover

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