Classic Games – The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy

Classic Games - The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy Title Screen 1
Classic Games – The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy Title Screen 1
Classic Games - The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy Title Screen 2
Classic Games – The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy Title Screen 2
Classic Games - The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy Title Screen 3
Classic Games – The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy Title Screen 3


The evil wizard Zaks casts a spell on the Yolkfolk and kidnaps Dizzy’s girlfriend Daisy. It’s up to Dizzy to undo Zaks’ doings and rescue Daisy from the castle in the clouds.


In Dizzy’s hut the door is locked and you will need to open it using the Key which is directly above you when you start the game. Jump onto the dresser and then up on to the rafters. Stand in front of the key and pick it up using the B or 1 button. Now stand in front of the door and put the Key down using the B or 1 button again. Dizzy will open the door. Once doors are open you can make Dizzy go through them by pressing the B or 1 button whilst standing in front of it.

If you walk left from Dizzy’s hut you will find a Plank of Wood. The Plank can be placed over the spit of spikes at the base of the tree-house village, just stand on the edge and put it down. To the left of the Ground level Elevator there is an Elevator Key which should be used to operate the Elevator back up to the tree-house.

Back in the tree-house to the right of Dizzy’s hut is a Snappy Weed which will not allow you to pass. This can be killed by using a Bottle of Weedkiller which can be found just past the pit of spikes.
To the left of the tree-house village there is an Armourog which will attack you unless you give it the Cooked Chicken or Ham found near the Prince. Just stand at the base of the cliff near the Armourog’s den and throw the Chicken by pressing B or 1.

Having killed the deadly grabbing plant you will be able to explore far into the tree-house village. Just past the plant you will find the rope which you will need in the tree-house, the Pirate Ship and Zak’s Cloud Castle. Remember, you can only use it where there is a hook.
To the left of the Armourog there is a Bag of Gold which can be used to bribe the guard in the tunnel of Keldor Village.

As you enter the Village next to Crystal Falls there is an Umbrella which will protect Dizzy from acid drips in the tunnels or mines whenever he is holding it.

On Dock Street in the village, there is a Pirate Ship to explore but you must first get past Blackheart the Pirate. You can find a Barrel of Rum by walking far right of the bridge in Bridge Street. There are several objects on the ships which are used later in the game and will be discussed later but remember to take the Rope onto the ship with you as you will need it to swing around the ship’s masts.

Problems encountered in the Yolkfolk’s secret tree-house village and how to solve them

When exploring the tree-house village you will need all the door and elevator keys. These can be found in the following places:
Daisy’s door Key is just to the left of her hut.
Dozy’s door Key is in Daisy’s hut.

Dora’s door Key can be found on the left side of the tree-house complex, about halfway up.

Dylan’s door Key is to the left of his hut, but you’ll need the rope.
Denzil’s door Key is at the base of the tree-house village on a path below Daisy’s hut.

Grand Dizzy’s door Key is in the meeting hall above Dizzy’s hut.
Dylan, Denzil and Grand Dizzy all have elevators near their huts which must be turned on before they can be operated.

Dylan’s elevator Key is very close to his elevator.
Denzil’s elevator Key is just left of Dizzy’s hut.
Grand Dizzy’s elevator Key is just inside the mine entrance.
Remember to examine what keys you have.

Nearing the top of the tree-house there is a ledge which is slightly too high to jump onto, it’s the one with the hook at the end of it. Just below this ledge you will find a 1 Ton Weight which can be attached to the hook to pull down the ledge, making it possible to continue up the trees.

Rescuing the Yolkfolk.

Within the tree-house village each of the Yolkfolk has their own problem which you must solve in order to progress further into the game
Dora is at home, but she has been turned into a frog by the Evil Wizard Zak. The spell can only be broken by a kiss from a Prince who is on the Forest Floor. In return for bringing Dora the Frog to him, the Prince will give you a Crossbow which you will need later when you make your assault on Keldor Castle.

Dylan can’t catch Pogie the Fluffle, who can be found wandering around the village tree-house. He’s hard to hold, so the only way you can catch him is by placing the Cage over him, this can be found in Daisy’s hut. When you give Pogie to Dylan he gives you a Pygmy Cow which he no longer wants to look after now that he has Pogie back.

Denzil was hit by a Freeze Spell while he was out swimming, he has now been brought back to his hut but needs to be thawed out. This can be done by putting the Pile of Straw, which is found near Denzil’s hut, underneath him and lighting it with the Match found to the left of the Leprechaun. When Denzil thaws out he decides that he won’t be doing much swimming any more and so gives you his Flippers.

Dozy has fallen into a deep sleep and can only be woken by clashing Cymbals near him. The Cymbals can be found in an underwater cave below the bridge near the mine entrance. To gain access to this cave you will need to cut through the bridge with the axe which can be found at the bottom of the mine, but don’t forget the Aqualung. When Dozy wakes up he gives you his Thick Rug which is used in Zak’s Cloud Castle.

Grand Dizzy is ill in bed and needs you to make some medicine for him. The recipe is in his room and you can examine it. You’ll need a Star Plant which can be found just below Grand Dizzy’s hut, the Mushroom which is next to the mine entrance and an Empty Bottle which is also very close to Grand Dizzy’s hut. Throw these three ingredients into the cauldron on Grand Dizzy’s room and then give him the Full Medicine Bottle which comes out of the cauldron. In return for curing him Grand Dizzy will give you a Golden Dragon Egg.

Last of all, Daisy must be rescued from the tall tower in Zak’s Cloud Castle at the very end of the game. You will need to have collected all 250 stars from around the game in order to enter Daisy’s prison Tower.
The following information will help you with the problems encountered under the sea.

On the Pirate Ship, you can swing around the rigging using the Rope and should, with a bit of skill, be able to find a Winch Wheel there. This can be used to open the portcullis of Keldor Castle.
If you walk near the plank on the Pirate Ship, Blackheart the Pirate will jump on you from the rigging above and make you walk the plank. This is not quite as bad as it seems because you can use the bubbles to get back to the surface and collect some valuable starts on the way. When you reach the island at the top of the bubble game you will find an Aqualung which will allow you to breath underwater for as long as you like and so explore the sea bed.

In the sea you will find an old shipwreck which has an empty treasure chest on it. To the left of the shipwreck is a rock with a bubble below it. Using the Pickaxe which is on the first beach you can remove the rock and gain access to the cave below. But don’t attempt to explore this until you have the Flippers. In the cave there is a Coin and some stars. Use the bubble released from below the rock to raise you to the high ledge and onto the new beach.

At the far right of this beach is a cliff which is too high to jump up. To climb this first put down the treasure chest you found on the shipwreck next to the cliff and then jump onto it. You are now high enough to jump up the cliff.

As you walk right from the cliff you will find the broken bridge over the Rock Poll, with a dead-wood log sunk in it. If you drop the Bag of Salt, found on the beach, into the water the buoyancy will be increased and the log will float. Walk onto this and jump off the far end, be careful not to roll into the Poisoned water.

Between the Rock Pool and the Graveyard you’ll find Shamus the Leprechaun barring your way. He has lost his Golden Shamrock along with his temper! The Golden Shamrock can be found at the back of the Dragons Lair deep in the deserted mines.

To reach the dragon and get the Golden Shamrock you will have to go down into the mine. The mine is closed off normally because the elevators don’t work. You can fix the elevator machine by using the Machine Wrench which is found to the right of the bridge near the mine entrance. Work your way deeper into the mine, across the flaming lava pit, until you come across a sign which says “DANGER – Blasting Area”. Put the Sticks of Dynamite, which can be found in the hull of the Pirate Ship, by the pile of rocks and the end of the fuse and then walk back and push the plunger of the detonator. You can now gain access to the Dragons Lair.

Things aren’t as easy however as the dragon is a ferocious guardian of its egg at the back of its lair. However if you are carrying the other Golden Dragon Egg which Grand Dizzy gave you the dragon will let you past to put it back. Once you are in the lair put down the egg and take the Golden Shamrock.

By this stage you will have completed a large part of the game but you will have to contend with Keldor Village and Zak’s Cloud Castle.
To eventually gain access to Zak’s Cloud Castle you will need Zak’s Winch Handle. This is in the centre of the Pirate Ship. It is locked into a small room and you’ll need the Crowbar found in Bridge Street to lever the door open.

You can enter Keldor Castle by using the Winch Wheel, not Zak’s Winch Handle (that is found in the rigging of the Pirate Ship). Make sure you enter the castle carrying the Crossbow which the Prince gave you. Once you have dealt with the guards and entered the castle you should be able to find a Rope Bridge Kit. This is used in the Graveyard to build a bridge across the gap leading towards the Skull Key which is needed in Zak’s Cloud Castle.

In Keldor Village you will have probably noticed a Grave Diggers Spade to the far left of Bridge Street which is too high to get. This can be reached by completing the mine cart game which starts in the mine. This is a difficult part of the game but you should soon learn a route through and collect all the stars.

In the centre of the Graveyard you will see a hollow area below the soil. If you use the Grave Diggers Spade here you will gain access to a Secret Cave which has an Empty Bucket in it as well as some valuable stars. When you have the Bucket make sure you go underwater, this will fill it. Remember to examine it to check. To get out of the cave use the trampet found there to propel yourself to the surface. Place it below the opening to the surface and bounce on it.

To get to Zak’s Cloud Castle you will need the Pygmy Cow given to you by Dylan. Give this to the Shopkeeper in Castle Street and he will give you a Magic Bean in return. You can plant this in the soil where Shamus the Leprechaun was standing (there’s a sign with a picture of a bean on it).

Magically a beanstalk will sprout up into the clouds. Jump onto the leaves and then up into the clouds. You must find a route through the clouds up to Cloud Castle but be careful not to sink through them. Stop every so often and jump straight up as this will put you back to the top of the cloud.

When you reach the entrance to Cloud Castle you will need Zak’s Winch Handle which can be found on the Pirate Ship. Once you have used Zak’s Winch Handle and gained access to the Cloud Castle you will find an elevator. Use the Skull Key you found earlier to turn it on. At the top of the elevator there is a Bed of Knives designed to stop intruders. You can get past this obstacle by placing the Thick Rug (given to you by Dozy) over it. Also in Cloud Castle you will find a raging fire which you should put out using the Bucket of Water.

Now continue further into the castle, using the Rope to swing to inaccessible areas, collecting all the stars and find Daisy’s prison tower. When you get to the tower door a magical beam blocks your path. This can be disintegrated by collecting 250 stars. Once inside you must climb the tower, defeat Zak and rescue your true love Daisy! Sounds easy doesn’t it!

Completing The Sub-games

Probably the first one you’ll encounter is Wizard Theo’s Sliding block puzzle. If you can rearrange the blocks to the mystic spell before the egg timer runs out then you will get an extra life.

To move a block hold down one of the buttons at the same tame as pressing the direction you want it to move. The secret is to get the corners and sides first followed by the stork. The rest will then fit together easily. Also try to memorise what the picture looks like when you first see it so that you can visualise it when you try to reconstruct it. It may seem difficult at first but after a few attempts you should get the hang of it. If you walk to the far right of the Pirate Ship, Blackheart will catch you and make you walk the plank. Then you’ll have to play The Bubble game. But it will have it’s reward!
Always walk off a bubble before it bursts or you will fall through other bubbles for a short time. If you are falling and can see no bubble underneath you can then head for the edge. You can make Dizzy swim and hence slow down his fall by repeatedly pressing the jump button. Try to catch fast bubbles as they will take you further. Also remember, the bigger the bubble the longer it lasts! In the deserted Diamond mines of the Yolkfolk to the right of the tree-house village you can find an old mining cart. Jump in and prepare yourself for an exhilarating ride!

The mine has four exits:
1. Brings you back into the mine and is a safer way to get deeper into the mine.
2. Brings you out onto the beach across the bay. If you re-enter this exit you’ll find yourself back in the mine.
3. Brings you out near the Leprechaun and enables you to get an extra life.
4. This exit must be used to get the Grave Diggers Spade.

This is a game of memory and you must learn a safe route. Try to memorise where the trolls in carts come from as they will repeat the pattern every time you play the game. In the centre of Keldor Village you will have noticed a portcullis. Behind this lies the Castle of Keldor. This is guarded by rock throwing Trolls. The only way to defeat them, and gain entry into the castle, is by shooting them with your Crossbow.

Always enter holding the Crossbow and with room to pick up at least one object. Keep the Crossbow pointing near the centre of the castle as most of the guards appear there and not much movement of the crossbow is required to shoot them. Duck (using the B or 1 button) when the guards throw rocks at you. Shoot the guards by pressing the A or 2 button. Each time you get a hit means you’ll have to shoot another guard to counteract the effect. When you have shot 4 more guards than have made hits on you they will surrender and allow you to enter the castle.

When you have solved every problem and collected all 250 stars you will be able to gain entry into Zak’s Tower where he is holding Daisy. To defeat him you will need to turn his evil power against him, but first you’ll have to climb the tower!

As you attempt to climb you’ll have to avoid Zak’s evil Tumbling Balls! These come bouncing down, and if they hit you, you’ll lose energy. Watch the ball carefully and try to avoid it.
All the sub-games appear more difficult than they really are. You will master all of them with time (and practice!).

Classic Games - The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy Game Tape Cassette Cover
Classic Games – The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy Game Tape Cassette Cover

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