Runescape – Armadyl God Wars Solo Guide

I like to solo armadyl it is my favorite thing to do on the game. I have been soloing armadyl at least once a day for approximately 3 month and I have made roughly 300mill in drops

2x hilts

5x helms

1x skirt

and 20million in dwarf weed herbs and seeds

Although it appears indimidating to risk a substantial amount of armor to solo fight a high lvl monster, armadyl is perhaps the easiest to solo with the proper setup and the best to solo for time. Although bandos kc takes 5 minutes you are only in the room 5 minutes. Armadyl kc takes 20 minutes and I have stayed in the room for 10 kills and 45 minutes as my record I have done atleast 1,000 solo kills and have experimented with numerous techniques to minimize damage and inventory setups and I would like to share with my friends in the clan what I consider to be the best money on the game (I made the same amount of money one would earn runecrafting from 70-99)

First off I would recommend atleast 85 defense/range before attempting solos because the amount of kills per trip probably wouldnt compensate for the amount of total supplies lost. Armadyl soloing is expensive. Even with addy bars a trip will cost roughly 200-300k a trip but mathematically one should receive atleast a helmet drop for every 5mill in supplies spent. (Trust me on this one I constantly broke even from helmet drops to pay for supplies). Now lets get down to business with inventory/gear.

Inventory is absolutely crucial to maximizing return on investment (supplies).


Armadyl God Wars Solo Familiar Inventory

As you can see I do a 2/1 ratio in my tort with 1 extra brew so 11/5 with pouch and scrolls. I do 2/1 because when im able to heal with some fruit I dont restore after brewing for prayer.

Gear is also very important and I understand that risking a sizeable portion of your bank can be a turn off so here is my personal setup I use that I found out is the best setup for low risk. You will notice I have 2 armadyl pieces with a risk of 8.3. I choose to wear a few armadyl pieces because I am still risking 7m if I wear karils and bird helm so the extra 1m risk for armadyl is justifiable. It doesnt matter if you trade in arma helm for v helm or wear karils and v helm the risk still equals the same.

Armadyl God Wars Solo Inventory/Gear

Basically any mix of armadyl and karils is a good setup. Even full karils with spirit shield and v helm is a good setup.


Fighting armadyl imo is not that hard. You constantly protect range so that attack does not hit while your mage bonus armor protects against the mage somewhat well. Kilisa is the only minion that you have no prayer or armor to work around. I quick pray protect item steel defense protect range and eagle eye. I like to keep a certain distance away from kree because there is one technique that will help not take so much damage while healing. I like to call this the evade and heal tactic. As you know krees wings will blow you in certain directions so when i need to heal I will run in the direction of the wind (it helps propel you far away from him so he wont melee when you are healing). I click one sip run away from him and sip again. At this point in time i will range him one time to trick the system so he will not melee me and take 1 more brew sip. I range him one more time as I restore and that is my effective technique on healing without taking melee damage.

I do not pray at the altar until I break out my bat. Reason is before you break out the healing familar you brew/restore enough to keep prayer up so I save my altar praying until when I need it and that is my first kill with bat.

The Bat-For those that are familar and experienced with the bat you should already have an understanding of the timing. It is very important to keep some distance between kree and yourself when you are picking up papayas. You can time it to pick up a papaya range him pick up pap range him multiple times without the bird coming in for a melee attack. This is a great technique for healing and not using brews for a period of time and can extend your trip by a few kills.

The minions-As soon as kree dies I unclick my quick prayer and immediately turn on just protect range and hawkeye to save prayer. I also do this so I can 1 click my quick pray back on when kree spawns. I Always take out the mage first unless the melee minion has half hitpoints or something. Mage/melee/range is the proper order to kill minions in. The time you are killing minions is the best opportunity to fill any empty inventory spots with fruit.

Well that is all I guess have fun soloing if you choose to 🙂

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