Gran Turismo 5 (GT5) Zonda R ’09 Perfect Setup Tips

The Zonda R ’09 is a great car to win many of the harder races including both the GT All Stars, and Like the Wind series. Using a controller is not hard if you change the the accelerator and brake to R2 and L2, respectively. My basic settings for my fully built Zonda R is as follows:

Racing softs

Traction Control 3 with skid recovery and stability management on

Downforce at max, front and rear

Transmission set at 230 mph (this changes depending on the track, but this works as an all around setting)

Brakes: 5 front and rear

LSD: initial torque 7, Acc sensitivity 30, Braking sensitivity 15

Suspension: Ride height -15 front and rear, spring rate 14.5f 16.0r, all dampers at 7, roll bars at 4, camber at 2.0 front and rear, toe angle 0.0f 0.20r

This is the setup that I have been using since I go the car, and it dominates every track I go to, with very little wheel spin, and handles like a dream.

You’ll also need to buy Chassis Reinforcement, High RPM turbo, soft racing tires along with Stage 3 engine

Here is another setup for the Zonda:

30F//55R For other courses like Daytona road or suzuka just set it to max
30-55 still keeps the initial ratio when you buy the car stock (math involved = ftl).
Using lower aero will increase speed, while increasing will increase manueverability. Obviously with Daytona (oval) and Indy, you want all the speed you can get. On the other hand, more demanding courses like suzuka would require max maneuverability
IT:5 Set in the 40’s
A:12 Set in the 30’s

B:5 Set in the 10’s
I was being lazy as hell with the updated settings. I wanted it higher because sometimes I’d find my car occasionally mis-performing. For “B”, Braking would kind of turn into an issue where the whole car would spin out. Now you can atleast slide into the turn if you want, or you can just grip through it

236 (maxes out @223) (minimum)
This is the optimum transmission setting for both set-ups. For high speed races you could set it higher due to drafting and an increase of speed from that

Don’t plan on touching these settings unless I totally feel like reworking it
Wheel Align

Might be able to change these settings to turn it into a drift car

5F//5R 10F//8R
Like i said, I kept spinning out when I would brake. With more power to the front it’s a lot less likely it happens
No Racing assists turned on Traction control:7/ABS:10
Racing assists will kill speed, but for the grip re-tune I found the above settings great. It’s possible to go lower with traction control, but I like 7

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