Grand Theft Auto 4 – Trophies and Tips

Grand Theft Auto 4 – Trophies and Tips

Here are the names of the Grand Theft Auto 4 trophies, and some tips on how you can achieve them. The tips were written based on my ps3 experience but lots of the tips are also relevant to the xbox and pc versions of the game.

51 Total Trophies: Platinum Trophy 1 Platinum Gold Trophy 3 Gold Silver Trophy 5 Silver Bronze Trophy 42 Bronze Hidden Trophy 12 of these are hidden

Bronze Trophy
Off The Boat

You have completed the first mission.

No tips required!

Bronze Trophy
One Hundred And Eighty

You scored 180 with 3 darts.

No tips required!

Bronze Trophy
Pool Shark

You beat a friend at pool.

Packie is the worst at pool so prbably best to play against him if you are having trouble getting this one.

Bronze Trophy
King of QUB3D

You beat the high score in QUB3D.

This one takes a bit of time but isn’t that hard and QUB3D arcade machines are found all over each of the islands. It will tell you how to play when you have a go and you just have to beat the highscore at the top of the screen.

Bronze Trophy
Finish Him

You completed 10 melee counters in 4 minutes.

This trophy is bloody difficult! There is also a bit of confusion about over what counts as a melee counter so let me clear that up a bit. A melee counter is where you lock onto a pedestrian target with only your fists equipt. When the other guy takes a swing at you, dodge it by pressing X. You then need to hit him back straight after by pressing circle or triangle – This will do a counter combo sort of thing.

Just a few other notes on this one – You can die while doing it and your streak will continue. Say you get 5 counters in 2mins then you die – You then have 2mins to get another 5 from the hospital spawn point. You will have to provoke someone to start fighting you and you can’t melee counter someone with a gun so don’t try! Good locations to do this are the helicopter tours place or near where you start the game at Roman’s taxi place.

Bronze Trophy
Genetically Superior

You came first in 20 singleplayer street races.

When you gain brucie as a friend and get his respect you will be able to do races by phoning him up. Win 20 races for this achievement – Most of them are easy but make sure you are in a decent enough car with minimal damage when you get to the start line.

Bronze Trophy
Wheelie Rider

You completed a 500 foot wheelie on a motorbike.

You may find that you get this achievement without even noticing. The easiest and best way to do it (ps3 users) is to go to your mobile and select SIXAXIS. While testing the SIXAXIS control of vehicles you will get the chance to do it on a motorbike. Simply position your controller correctly and do a massive wheelie down the airport runway!

Bronze Trophy
Gobble Gobble

You got a turkey in 10-pin bowling.

This is another real tough one to get! Go to the bowling alley and it don’t matter if you chose full game or half game – full game you get more tries if you mess it up. Pick the lane on the left and once there, take two steps to the left. All you have to do now is pull the control stick straight down then push the stick up slowly and in a stright line. This can take some practise and it may help if you use something to move the stick against so you ensure it goes in a straight line.

Hidden Trophy
Bronze Trophy
Driving Mr. Bellic

You unlocked the special ability of Roman’s taxi.

All you have to do for this one is make Roman like you. You need to get the like pecentage up to around 80% and then Roman will offer you his taxi service. Get the percentage up by taking him out to dinner, for drinks etc often.

Bronze Trophy
Rolled Over

You managed 5 car rolls in a row from one crash.

There are many ways to do this one but its certainly not easy. Most people seem to head for the airport when trying to gain this achievement as there is pleanty of space to build up speed and crash into the various obstacles. There is still a lot of luck involved in this achievement, some may do it first time, other may take thousands of attempts. You may get this by accident when doing the unique stunt jumps so may want to do this one after that.

Bronze Trophy
Walk Free

You successfully lost a 4 star wanted rating.

This is fairly easy to achieve and you actually have to do this as in at least one of the main missions you will have a four star wanted rating. There are various ways and I did it by simply watching the minimap and driving down roads with no police cars. You can hide under motorway ramps, use a boat (easier to escape) or try going into your house and saving the game.

Bronze Trophy
Courier Service

You completed all 10 package delivery jobs.

When you become friends with Little Jacob you will be able to find work from him. Go to Little Jacob in the phonebook and pick “Job”. Complete all 10 of the missions to unlock this trophy.

Hidden Trophy
Bronze Trophy
Retail Therapy

You unlocked the special ability of buying guns from Little Jacob.

All you have to do for this one is make Little Jacob like you. You need to get the like pecentage up to around 80% and then Little Jacob will offer you his gun service. Get the percentage up by taking him out to dinner, for drinks etc often.

Bronze Trophy
Chain Reaction

You exploded 10 vehicles in 10 seconds.

For this one, most people head to the central area of the game, grab a bus and block a road or bridge. You let the cars build up behind and rocket launch/grenade your way to victory.

Hidden Trophy
Bronze Trophy
Lowest Point

You completed the mission “Roman’s Sorrow”.

You will do this as part of the main missions.

Bronze Trophy
Order Fulfilled

You completed all 10 Exotic Export orders.

Find a computer and check your e-mail for e-mails from Brucie. Brucie will describe a vehicle he wants and you have to go fetch it for him. Select the “Positive Reply” option on the e-mail. A marker will appear on your minimap where the vehicle is located, just pick it up and take it to Brucie’s garage – The less damage on the vehicle, the more cash you get.

Bronze Trophy

You completed the most wanted side mission.

Get any type of police car and access the police computer while the vehicle is not moving. Select most wanted, pick a criminal and the marker will appear on your map. Some people moan that they have killed all the most wanted but no trophy/achievement yet. This is because there are 10 criminals on each island to kill and you have to kill all 30 of them! To access the different islands criminals you must use the police computer on each island to see them.

Bronze Trophy
Cleaned The Mean Streets

You caught 20 criminals through the police computer.

Get any type of police car and access the police computer while the vehicle is not moving. Look at the view current crimes section and the easy ones are the ones on foot as you can normally just run them over and there is no car chase involved. If there are no easy ones displayed just restart the police computer and it will display a different set of criminals. Do this 20 times and you have this trophy.

Hidden Trophy
Bronze Trophy
Fed The Fish

You completed the mission “Uncle Vlad”.

No tips required – Just complete the Uncle Vlad mission that comes as one of the main missions.

Bronze Trophy
It’ll Cost Ya

You made a taxi trip from one island to another without skipping.

Very boring but very easy, just get a cab to one side of a bridge then get in it again and ask it to take you to the other. Just avoid the temptation to skip the journey πŸ˜›

Bronze Trophy

You have taken all variations of the helicopter tours of Liberty City.

You have to unlock all of the islands first to be able to do this trophy/achievement. To the South of the middle island there is a helitours icon on the map – go there and you will see big yellow H markings on the floor where each tour should be. You need to get in each of these helicopters as a passenger for this trophy, do not steal them. You can skip the actual journey once it takes off and this trophy/achievement will still count. Take a ride in all of the helicopters on all of the markings to unlock this – some helicopters may be missing from the markings when you get there but just come back later.

Bronze Trophy
Warm Coffee

You were invited into your girlfriend’s house.

Pretty easy, you can get this trophy from Michelle near the beginning of the game or meet Kiki, Carmen, or Alex from the internet. All you have to do is take them out to the places they like, get them to like you and then at the end of the date you get the option to try your luck. After a few dates you should be able to take the relationship to the next level for this trophy πŸ˜‰

Hidden Trophy
Bronze Trophy
That’s How We Roll!

You unlocked the special ability of Brucie’s helicopter ride.

All you have to do is get Brucie to like you by taking him out etc. Eventually you will unlock the helicopter ride Brucie bonus and will be able to use your mobile to arrange one with him.

Bronze Trophy
Half Million

You have amassed a fortune of $500,000.

If you complete all of the main story mission then you should easily get enough cash to get this trophy. There are loads of other ways to make up the money if you are short at the end.

Hidden Trophy
Bronze Trophy
Impossible Trinity

You completed the mission “Museum Piece”.

No tip really required with this one – Just complete the mission.

Bronze Trophy
Full Exploration

You unlocked all the islands.

If you work your way through the main missions then you will eventually unlock all of the island and this trophy.

Bronze Trophy
You Got The Message

You delivered all 30 cars ordered through text message.

Stevie will send you a MMS showing you a car picture and a location. The location isn’t exact and requires a bit of hunting once you get to the area. The car will always be parked (not driving round) and the bottom right of the screen will tell you what area you are in. Once you get in the right car it will direct you to the garage and you can deliver the car there – remember the less damage the more cash you get! Stevie will send you another text a few hours later for the next car.

Bronze Trophy
Assassin’s Greed

You completed all 9 assassin missions.

In Alderney there will be a payphone ringing – answer this to get the assasin missions. You should always come stocked up with armour and weapons but there will be some left near the payphone too once you finish the call.

Bronze Trophy
Under The Radar

You flew under all the main bridges in the game.

For this trophy/achievement you need to fly under every single bridge on the map. There are 14 in total and its best to use a helicopter – most will not be too difficult but there are some very low ones that may take a few goes. Everytime you fly under a bridge, icons will flash up on the map for a couple of seconds to show the other bridges you still have to fly under.

Hidden Trophy
Bronze Trophy
Dial B For Bomb

You unlocked the special ability of Packie’s car bomb placement.

All you have to do is get Packie to like you by taking him out etc. Eventually you will unlock the car bomb perk and will be able to use your mobile to order this from him.

Hidden Trophy
Bronze Trophy
Gracefully Taken

You completed the mission “I’ll Take Her”.

No tips required – Just complete this mission as part of the main story.

Hidden Trophy
Bronze Trophy
No More Strangers

You’ve met all the random characters.

When you find a random character in game they will appear as a blue person symbol on your map when you are near them. Go up and talk to them to meet them. Some will give you a mini-mission and other will just chat for a bit.

Hidden Trophy
Bronze Trophy
That Special Someone

You completed the mission “That Special Someone”.

No tips required – Just complete this mission as part of the main story.

Bronze Trophy

You killed 5 opposing team members.

Do this on multiplayer in any of the team games. You can set up a game with people you know to get this trophy easily by just killing them.

Bronze Trophy
Cut Your Teeth

You were successfully promoted up a rank in multiplayer.

Very easy, just do a few multiplayer games and you will get this straight away.

Bronze Trophy
Join The Midnight Club

You won a multiplayer race without damaging your vehicle too much.

I am a good driver and my favourite events are the race events but I still didn’t get this for a while. You need to have a lot of skill and a bit of luck as how many times in each race do other people drive into you? Failing this you can do a private race with a mate.

Bronze Trophy
Fly the co-op

You completed “Deal Breaker”, “Hangman’s NOOSE” and “Bomb da Base II” in time.

Here are the times you have to beat for each one:

Bomb Da Base II: 5:34

Hangman’s Noose: 2:32

Deal Breaker: 7:05

Bomb Da Base II:

I recommend 3 or 4 players to beat Bomb Da Base in under that time. I’ll separate it into 3 parts: part 1 – stop and get the truck to meeting point. part 2 – fly to the boat. part 3 – plant the bombs.

– Part 1: The first part actually should take the longest and requires a bit of luck. Hopefully when you start it’s up the street and not far away. When you get to the truck, ignore the two SUV with the back up. Just start unloading on the truck, shooting from in front of it if you can. Shooting at the drivers even though the glass is bullet proof seems to cause them to stop faster. Once you got the truck, just follow the GPS yellow path, it’s usually the quickest for getting to the meeting point.

– Part 2: This is where most people waste time. The fastest way to fly there is over the building. Don’t try the fancy maneuvers between buildings and ****. Just up and over. But don’t waste time going all the way over all the skyscrapers. There are plenty of spaces between them at high altitudes. Now pay attention. The fastest way to proceed is to actually “land” on top of the bridge. You probably won’t end up landing safely and will have to bail out. Just make sure you end up within 1 or 2 stories down from the bridge.

– Part 3: This is where you need to split up. One guys should be enough to kill everyone on the top 2 floors (including the bridge) and plant that bomb. The rest should just hop over the railings to get down the ground floor faster. Kill any incoming enemies as you come down. Ignore all enemies from the rest of the ship. Then rush in the main door while going trigger happy, you want to get the drop on them; don’t bottleneck the doorway, just move right into the kitchen and let the whole team get in. You goal is to go through the kitchen and the main room, straight down to the cargo hold. This is where it might get tricky. After the stairs, take out the 1 or 2 guys in the first room, then everyone should just toss grenades through the door. Whoever has armor (remember communication is important) should rush that door to the cargo hold while the rest back him up. The grenades should’ve taken out at least 2-3 guys. After that just rush to the bomb site, but watch out for the rest hiding behind cargo. Toss more grenades if you still have them or shoot the red gas tank in the center, that should knock at least 2 guys out of their hiding places. Lastly, the guy in the bridge should follow after planting that bomb up there. Some enemies in the middle floor (which you guys should’ve skipped comletely) will be going down the cargo hold. What the guy from the bridge should do is catch those so they can’t ambush the team coming up from the cargo hold.

Just jump over the side of the ship after planting the bombs, don’t bother going to the ramps.

I’ve done this with two other people a few times and at least once finished just about before 5 min 30 sec. Once you get part 2 and 3 down, they become very predictable and systematic. The main variation is where the truck spawns in part 1 and whether the cops will give you alot of trouble.

Hangman’s Noose:

1. Go for the baggage cart at the beginning, and if you do get it drive to the helicopters.

2. If you don’t get on the cart then shoot as many of the police as you can and ignore the cash drops.

3. By the time one/two of your team is landing the helicopter the other team should have killed enough police for Petrovic to appear. All should be covering the remaining guards while Petrovic get in the chopper. Try and have your seats planned etc and have everyone on board as quick as you can.

4. Don’t worry about careful landings, fly as fast as possible to the evac point, don’t overshoot it.

5. Always go for the crash-landing at the end of the map.

Deal Breaker:

This ones difficult, you need to do two things in particular:

– Clear the building of enemies fast

– Have a good helicopter pilot who knows where to land to cut enemies off (in front of the bikers)

With two people one should drive, while the other flies…you both will arrive at about the same time. The Driver should take the car that is outside then drive for the highway (not the backstreet route) and drive off at the end.

The flier should run into the garage and grab the car on the left (west) right away and drive it and turn left so it is parked in the garage up against the divider between the 2 doors, this will prop both doors open (this allows you to fly into the garage at the end at high speed to end the mission). Get out and get in the passenger side of the other car to get in the other car the fastest. It takes about 6 extra seconds to park the car and get in the other car, you make more then this up at the end and it only affects the flier at the start.

The flier should driver out and make a hard left around the side of the house and head immediately north… toward the back of the house… there is a small wall back there, turn left at the last second and you will jump it… this is a bit tricky and you will land on your roof sometimes… drive north to the first corner turn right and you will approach the house with the heli… grab heli and fly to the site… keep as low as possible…. as you approach the site, fly under the highway and stay low– as you get close, let off the throttle pull back and you will decellerate and rise up high enough to land on the roof quickly.

Having someone drive and the other fly does 2 things, it seems to make more bikers spawn on the ground level (when the driver arrives first) and these are easier to clear than inside the building

As the driver I usually will work around the N. side of the building, getting everyone on the N. side (there will be quite a few) including all the bad guys you can reach on the 2nd floor from the ground then work up to the 3rd level sweeping each level to collect each card dropped– you should encounter your partner on either the 3rd or 4th floor and be clearing up any stragglers/cards. To have a shot at the time, you have to have the building cleared before the 5 minute point– the faster the better.

The flyer should sweep the upper levels with one player then with two as there are always just 7 bad guys on the top 2 levels and all can be reached from the roof (you can shoot the leve 6 guys from the top level– they are always in the same places– when you do shoot down at them, be careful not to miss any packages dropped– these are hard to see some times.

Nobody on the 5th (but there is a rocket launcher near the stairs on the east side you might want to grab– there are 2 rocket launchers on the 5th floor and 2 more on the fourth– you need to grab at least 1 of them (picks up 3)– if you die, you get to keep these so don’t waste time picking them up again if this happens- work down to the 4th floor– I normally clear the 4th floor working from the east– as you go down the stairs, stop half way down and you can shoot 4 bad guys from this spot (2 are close to you, 2 are to the west and you will shoot them over the obstructions– there are only 2 other guys on this floor (6 total)– if the driver is a bit slow, go down to level 3 and shoot a few of the stragglers– but give yourself time to head back up top to grab the heli before the last guy and package are clear– if you both have mics, and they are down to 1 package or one guy left to kill– tell them to hold off until you get up to the roof (if you don’t have mics– the “driver” should just wait and listen for the heli blades to start spinning up before doing this– when on the roof, they can pick it up or kill the bad guy and you will have time to get in the heli and fly down to the quay to shoot the boat with the rocket launcher (if you get this spawn)– if you get one of the land spawns– fly to the cut offs immediately land far enough in front that you have time to get out and shoot them– use rockets on the van, AK for the bikers….

The driver should have ran or jumped down to the ground level when the building is clear– you can jump from the 3rd level and survive if you have sufficient health– you can jump from the 2nd without any loss of health.

If you get the boat spawn– head to the quay (corner)– get in the heli and spin up the blades as the flyer shoots the boat with the rocket launcher so you can immediately take off when he gets in.

If you get one of the land spawns head down to the bikes/cars and drive to the cut offs– you will arrive about the time the flier takes them out and is back in the heli– get in and fly back….

.. fly back to the house and come in low and hot and straight and fly into the garage door you propped open earlier- this will end the mission if you land it right– takes some practice…

Bronze Trophy
Taking It For The Team

You were on the winning team in all multiplayer team games.

You just have to win:
1. Team Deathmatch
2. Team Mafia Work
3. Team Car Jack City
4. Turf War
5. Cops’n’Crooks

Bronze Trophy
Top Of The Food Chain

You successfully killed 20 players with a pistol in a deathmatch.

No tips required – Easy enough.

Bronze Trophy
Top The Midnight Club

You won 20 different multiplayer standard races.

This one means winning almost all variations of standard races. You can check which races you have already won using the stats page and going to network. Its difficult as normally you will have to do the race another player sets until you gain control of the race settings. Even when you have the race settings you still have to actually win! Obviously you can use a friend to setup games and take it in turns to win/lose until you have the achievement.

Bronze Trophy
Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic

You won in all variations of multiplayer games.

Rediculous trophy – you have to win every variation of game which means every race, every level on all teams. You can obviously set up games with friends but it takes a long time.

Bronze Trophy
Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie

You killed a Rockstar in multiplayer.

This achievement is awarded if you manage to kill a Rockstar developer…don;t worry though, you can also get it for killing someone who killed someone who killed someone who killed a Rockstar developer. Play a few deathmatches and you should get this without much effort.

Silver Trophy
One Man Army

You survived a 6 star wanted level for a full 5 minutes.

Easiest way to get the 6 stars is to go onto one of the islands you haven’t unlocked yet, early in the game. Easy ways to survive the 6 stars is to find a place where the police can’t get to you. Hiding under bridges, in buildings or in tunnels.

Silver Trophy
Dare Devil

You completed all the unique stunt jumps.

Always use a motor bike unless you happen to find one of the faster cars in the game. Google a stunt jump map you can tick off as you go along.

Silver Trophy
Endangered Species

You collected every hidden package in the game.

Kill all the pigeons around the map to get this – there are 200 and its easy to miss one even when you are following systematically. Trust me i’m on 199 and ill remain there forever at this rate……… Google a pigeon location map you can tick off as you go along.

Silver Trophy
Liberty City (5)

Your friends all like you above 90%.

You get this by hard work and making sure your pals are all happy with you. The 5 are Dwayne, Packie, Little Jacob, Brucie, and Roman – If one of them died in the main mission then you do not have to make them happy and can still get this trophy. All have particulr places they like going, particular times they are available, particular items they like you wearing and particular cars they like to travel in. You can check how happy they ar with you on the stats menu – get them all to like you 90% and you will have this. Answer their calls if they call you and some missions will automatically increase the amount some characters like you so best done later in the game.

Hidden Trophy
Silver Trophy
You Won!

You have completed the story.

No tips required – Just complete all the main missions.

Gold Trophy
Liberty City Minute

You finished the story in less than 30 hours.

You need to decide if your going to go for this trophy from the very start, it will change the way you play this game. I decided to go for this trophy and drove everywhere as fast as I could, reloaded failed missions and generally did everything as fast as I could. My mistake was not using the taxis and the “skip” feature to lower time actually playing. Once I realised this makes every journey five times as quick I got this trophy in no time.

Gold Trophy
Key To The City

You completed GTA IV to 100%.

To get 100% completion it takes a long time and there are many things you could miss along the way! Heres a list of the things you need to do:

Story Missions – 60%

– Complete every available story mission.

Procedural Missions – 8%

– Little Jacob drug delivery – 2%

– Brucie 10 cars export – 2%

– Brucie Races – 2%

– Assassinations – 2%

Car Thefts – 2%

– Deliver all 30 vehicles requested by Stevie via text message to the garage

Friends – 10%

– Open all unique abilities

— You must unlock all unique abilities from friends.

— Brucie – Helicopter

— Little Jacob – Guns

— Packie – Bomb

—- You do not need to keep the abilities unlocked, you just have to unlock them all at least once.

– Complete every possible activity with each friend.

— You must actually BEAT your friends at pool, darts, and bowling.

— Dwayne, Michelle, and Roman do NOT count towards the percentage.

Games – 5%

– Beat all games at least once

— Darts vs friend or computer – 1.25%

— Bowling vs friend in a FULL game – 1.25%

— Pool vs friend or computer win – 1.25%

— QUB3D beat high score – 1.25%

Random Characters – 5%

– Find all the random characters and complete all their missions

— NOTE: The achievement for No More Strangers only requires you to meet each random character once, for the percentage, you must complete all parts i.e. Brian Part 1, 2, and 3.

— Jeff, Cherise, Clarence, and Ivan do NOT count towards the percentage.

Most Wanted – 2.5%

– Kill all 30 PEDs on list

Vigilante – 2.5%

– Complete 20 crimes

Flying Rats – 2.5%

– Find all 200 pigeons

Unique Stunt Jumps – 2.5%

– Complete all 50 stunt jumps

Gold Trophy

You achieved the highest personal rank possible in multiplayer.

This trophy takes ages and the quickest way to get your cash up is by playing hangmans noose on hard difficulty. To see the multiplayer ranks and rewards please take a look at our multiplayer guide:

Hidden Trophy
Platinum Trophy
Taking A Liberty

Sorry for taking liberties with your time!

Platinum Trophy! Get all other trophies!

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