Oblivion Beginners Guide


Umbra, both sword and armor is found in Vindasel (ayleid ruin) South West of the IC


The fastest way we found to level up (legit)
is to become a mass murderer by fighting the guards
you will level up very quickly. It would take around 10 game days to level up 10 times whereas using normal methods can take up to 50 game days…


Gain access to the Arcane University create a small spell for each college of magicka
DESTRUCTION: fire 3 points 1 sec SELF
RESTORATION: restore health 3 points 1 sec SELF/TOUCH
ILLUSION: Invisibility 1-5 secs SELF or Light 1-5 secs 10-15 ft.
ALTERATION: open very easy lock (keep casting on harder lock)
COUNJURATION: bound helmet 1-5 secs SELF or summon scamp
MYSTICISM: detect life 1-15 secs 10-30 ft.
When your magicka runs out rest for an hour – for the most part getting to expert (75/100) is fairly easy after that it mite take up to an hour to increase 10 points.


DUPLICATION: once you have 2 or more scrolls of the same kind double-click on it. Drop the item you wish to duplicate (the first attempt might fail).

95% of items can be duplicated including SOULGEMS and SIGIL STONES.

PERMANENT ENCHANTMENTS: this one requires you to have 4 or more scrolls of the same kind.

1ST: do the duplication cheat on the ENCHANTED ITEM you wish to make permanent you should now have 2 of the item

2ND: equip one of the two ENCHANTED ITEMS

3RD: double-click on the scroll you have 4 or more of

4TH: then drop the UN-EQUIPPED version of the ENCHANTED ITEM
now BOTH versions should be dropped and the item should be un-able to be re-quipped (because the enchantment is permanent) – sell the extra copies.


Gain access to the arcane university. Do the duplication cheat on any UN-ENCHANTED item. Enchant the EXTRA COPIES of the duplicated item, for example: fortify magicka 24 pts
Perform the duplication cheat on your new enchanted item
then do the permanent enchantment on your duplicated enchanted items
sell your extra copies
since you kept the original version you can do it as many times as you wish
Its possible to fortify magicka 5000 in less than an hour
since you MASTERED all your magicka colleges (or even just a few is nice)
you now can create FREAKY spells (100 frost damage 50 feet 10 secs + 50 damage health 100 ft 20 secs)
A spell like that mite in fact cost 10,000 gold to create and 5000 magicka to cast but the sky is the limit!!!!!
Get creative and enjoy

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