Runescape – Ivy and Farming Combined Guide

– 9 Farming (higher is advised though)
– 68 Woodcutting (for Ivy)

Suggested levels:
– Higher Farming
– 51 Magic (For Ardougne Teleport)

Item Requirements:
– Rune/Dragon Hatchet or Inferno Adze
– Herb seeds (Toadflax if you want big profit, Highest possible herb seeds if you want experience)
– Flower seeds (Optional)
– Allotment seeds (Optional)
– Payments for the other seeds (If you want to be sure your Allotment patches will stay alive)

Here is a link to Zybez’ Farming information [link in the text]
– Super Compost (optional)
– about 250 gp cash, to buy Plant Cure.
– Regular farming equipment (Spade, Rake, Seed Dibber)

Suggested/Usefull Items:
– Magic Secateurs (for more herbs per patch)
– Ardougne Cloak 3+elite (for teleporting to the Ardougne patch) If you don’t have one, just use runes to teleport to Ardougne.
– Falador Shield 2 (for more herbs when farming Falador patch)
– Explorers Ring 3 (for teleporting to the Falador patch, this one is needed for effective farming)
– Ectophial (for teleporting to the Morytania Patch)

Useful information:
– You can use your farmed items (herbs, allotments and flowers) on the Leprechaun to receive them in notes. This makes mass-farming very easy.
– Weeds can NOT be noted, so make sure you drop/bank these.
– It’s useful to have a decent amount of Supercompost stored in the Leprechaun.
– You can note your payments, making it easy to take the payments for several trips.

Your inventory and gear should look somewhat like this:


Inventory and gear required

Explanation to the picture:

Ardougne Cloak 3+elite, this is very hard to get, but I took runes too, so you can see a regular set-up.

Magic Secateurs
Falador Shield 3, I have 3, but 2 is sufficient.
Explorers ring 3, this is the highest possible, but it’s very easy to get.

8 Supercompost, this is enough for the herbs and the flowers for one trip.
24 herb seeds, this is for 6 trips using 4 patches. There is a 5th patch, which is usefull, but certainly not necessary.
24 flower seeds (marigold seeds used to show what to take), same as the herb seeds.
144 allotment seeds (potato used to show), 3 seeds per patch, 2 patches per set, 4 set per trip, 6 trips for a round. 2*3*4*6 = 144 seeds.
48 buckets of compost (payment for the potatoes), 2 buckets of compost per patch, 2 patches per set, 4 sets per trip, 6 trips for a round. 2*2*4*6 = 96 buckets of compost (or 48 units of payment)
Ectophial to teleport to the Morytania patch.
18 Law Runes for 6 Camelot teleports and 6 Ardougne Teleports.
30 Air Runes for 6 Camelot teleports.
12 Water Runes for 6 Ardougne teleports.
Farming Equipment

As you can see, I forgot the coins. If you come to the same conclusion while cutting ivy, run to Draynor, and grab some cash

How to start:

1) Teleport with the Ectophial to the Ectofuntus near Port Phasmatys.
2) Walk north, then west, past the farm to get to the first set of farming patches. Remove all the weeds per patch and start planting the seeds per patch.
Use Supercompost on your herb patch before planting your herb seed. There is a chance your herb-plant can die. With Supercompost, this chance is reduced.
Depending on your Flower seed, you might want to use Supercompost. This is advised when using Limpwurt seeds.
Plant your Allotment seeds per patch, without the Supercompost. Use the “Pay-(Location) for both the patches.

3) Teleport to Ardougne with either your runes, or the Ardougne Cloak. When teleporting with the runes, walk to the northern city gate, proceed further north, climb over the first stile, over the second stile, and open the fence at the cows. Walk north and you’ll find patch-set 2.
Repeat the actions said in step 2.

4) Teleport to Camelot. Walk east and a bit south and you’ll find patch-set 3. This is the Catherby patch-set. Repeat step 2 again.
5) This is your final step for starting. Teleport to the Falador Farming patch-set with the “Cabbage-port”-option on your Explorers Ring 3. Repeat step 2.

After you’ve planted your seeds and paid the farmer, walk north.
You’ll end up at Falador’s South wall. There are 7 spots where ivy will grow, start cutting them.


Ivy Cutting

As you can see below, if you turn your camera the correct way, you can see your herb patch.


Herb patch

This patch is your “timing-patch”. If you notice the herbs are getting diseased, use a Plant Cure on the patch. Keep cutting the ivy until you notice the herbs are fully grown. You’ll notice this if it shows the option “Pick Herbs”.

Now it’s time to do your new farming run.

6) Teleport to Ectofuntus again.
7) Your patches will all be done. Start harvesting your allotment. When you’re done with the patch, use the farmed items on the Leprechaun to receive notes. You can do this for every item you’ll gain from farming.
Harvest the other patches at the area, plant new seeds (as said in step 2), pay the farmer and click Exchange on the Leprechaun. Click on the empty buckets in your inventory tab. The Leprechaun will store them.

8) Teleport to Ardougne, repeat step 3. When you arrive, harvest, plant, note, and pay the farmer as said in step 7.
9) Teleport to Camelot and walk to the Catherby patch-set. When you arrive, repeat step 7.
10) You are now close to a bank. You can take the empty buckets out of the Leprechaun’s storage. Go to the bank, which is located south of the patches. Bank the empty buckets, nests obtained from the ivy and whatever you want to bank. I suggest keeping the noted items in your investory. This is a great motivation and an easy way to check how much profit you’ve made.

11) Teleport to the Falador patch-set and repeat step 7.

Walk back to the ivy and start chopping again.
Again, when you notice your herb is diseased, cure it.

Every ~75 minutes, you’ll be able to farm the herbs.

In the 75 minutes you’ll be chopping ivy, you’ll most likely gain between 90k and 140k woodcutting experience.

In the end, your farming will go up in no-time, especially when you’re new to the members area. You’ll also gain a lot of woodcutting experience.

After about 300k woodcutting experience and a nice bit of food and sleep, I ended up with:


Easy cash!

That’s some easy cash too, using just herbs.

Good luck getting some nice cash

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