Runescape – Tormented Demons Guide

This isn’t a full guide, it’s just something small to help those who go on TD events, a helping hand.


Tormented Demon - What an ugly beast!
Tormented Demon – What an ugly beast!

Minimum Levels

— 80+ Ranged, Attack, and Strength

— 70+ Defense

— 80+ Hitpoints

— 43+ Prayer, You have to be able to use all the protection prayers

Recommended Levels

— 90+ Ranged, Attack, and Strength

— 85+ Defense

— 90+ Hitpoints

— 70+ Prayer, Blessing is a very helpful ability to have at an event

Basically at TD’s you need 2 forms of combat, the best combo is to take melee and range, the Demons attack using all 3 combat styles, with a special attack and shield!

Tormented Demon Attack Styles
Tormented Demon Attack Styles

Mage – They Basically look like they swing backwards and swing forwards, and shoots a little fireball.

Range – Looks like they take something out of their pocket and fling the spike at you like a dart

Melee – Looks like a D claw spec, they lunge and swipe at you with their claws leaving a little swipe mark in the air (epic)

Special – They look like they’re having a seizure, they bend backwards and shake a bit, then the special shoots out to hit the floor as they continue with their normal attack

TD’s dont hit too high, usually around 25-30 ish, but they switch attacks and they can combo you, especialy if another couple of demons decide to join the party.

You cant deal much damage to the demons if their shield is active, you can see the little flamey-egg encircling them, you need to attack with darklight till you get the message that the demon is weakened, then you can deal some proper damage!

The Demons special attack is basically a mage attack that hits the ground near you and damages everybody around if they dont have mage prayer on, this combo’s with their normal attack so basically its just a mage attack + other attack, a double hit.


Tormented Demon Inventory
Tormented Demon Inventory
Tormented Demon Inventory

You don’t have to use this exact set-up, but its just recommended, remember this is just to give you an idea of what to take.

— Sapphire Lantern – necessary for reaching the Guthixian Temple.

— Darklight – you will need this to weaken the demons’ fire shields otherwise you’ll hardly do any damage.

— Rune Crossbow and a Godsword/Dragon Halberd – You must bring two styles of attack, use a decent bolt, Diamond(e) seems to be pretty good for these demons. For your melee style bring a Dragon halberd for its great specs, you can also bring a godsword or whip or something efficient for melee, but seeing as this is a team guide, you’re best to stick to simple stuff

— Familiar Pouch + Scrolls – Healing familiars are extremely helpful in teams, but if you are going solo, it would be wise to bring a Beast of Burden for extra food.

— Super Attack and Strength, and Ranging Potion – Be able to do as much damage as possible.

— Prayer Potions – Without prayer, you’ll be a horrible stain on the ground!

— High Level Food – Sharks are good, but tuna potatoes/pineapple pizzas are best, you can alternatively use Saradomin Brews and Super restores but its sorta unnecessary because you’re in a team.

The Safespots

Tormented Demon Attack Styles
Tormented Demon Attack Styles
Tormented Demon Safespots

There are more safespots but these blue highlights are the most commonly used and are most favourited by clans, the red line is the demons range, they cant attack you if you’re beyond that, thats the ideal potting time.

The Luring to Safespot

Tormented Demon Attack Styles
Tormented Demon Luring Safespot

This is the basic safespot and luring, the red arrows is the demons path, the blue are your own steps.

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