Runescape – Saradomin God Wars Guide

Saradomin God Wars Dungeon Guide;

Detailed guide the the Saradomin encampment

After reading this guide, you should have everything you need to take down the saradomin boss: Commander zilyana. Both with a team and on your own.

**Please remember, there is always an obvious danger when entering the God Wars Dungeon, just because you have read this guide does not mean that it is impossible for you to die. Death and loss off items is very possible in the dungeon, do not take the risk if your not prepaired for the worst.**

There are 7 major parts to this guide:
– Introduction
– Your gear
– Summoning
– getting kill count
– Fighting the boss
– So you want to solo?
– !! Rewards !!

::-::-:: INTRODUCTION ::-::-::

Welcome to the saradomin encampment. The entrance is to the South of the main god wars lobby and the first time you go you will need two ropes so that you can get to the boss door.

Here there are a number of monsters that are killable:

-Knight of Saradomin (101-103)
-Saradomin priest (113)
-Spiritual warrior (125)
-Spiritual mage (120)
-Spiritual ranger (122)

(note that certain slayer levels are required to kill these monsters, consult your slayer tab in game)

In the Bosses room:
-Commander Zilyana

::-::-:: YOUR GEAR ::-::-::

First of all many people consider two methods to kill the boss, range and meele. Meele is more comon now because of the faster rate of kills. When joining a team be sure that your team has someone with a ZGS it will freeze the boss for 20 seconds allowing for easy hits.

Remember that you will need a zammy and sara item, here is a list of the useable items:
Sara/Zammy d’hide top and chaps
Holy and Unholy Symbols
God Capes and Treasure Trail God Capes
God Swords

I personally use saradomin cloak and a zammy arrow


(90+ Att str 85+ def 70+ prayer)
This method requires no d hide.
The godswords of runescape are acceptable weapons when fighting the boss, although, it is HIGHLY recomended that you stick to either a ZGS or an AGS if you have the money.
Verac’s armor is probibly the best setup that you could use, unless you know what you are doing, then you can use bandos if you have a team willing to bless your gravestone.
Veracs, especialy the helm provides the best protection against the boss as well as a nice prayer bonus, because you will be praying mage the whole time.
I tend to use climbing boots or dragon boots its up to you.
As far as your god item goes, youl need a Zammorak item and Saradomin item. If you have a ZGS your okay but if you dont it is acceptable to use zammorak robe bottoms to replace your veracs skirt until you get in the room.
You may also use the zammorak or saradomin godcapes (the free ones) as your item aswell.

What I tend to do is use my ZGS with veracs a saradomin godcape or saradomin vamps.
The ZGS is probibly the best godsword to use here, if you have a team of 5 with at least 2 or 3 ZGS users youl be okay for over 100 Kc.

If you have an AGS you will be an asset to any sara team, but please make sure that there is at least 1 ZGS user just in case.

If you have enough godswords on your team feel free to substitute a gs for veracs flail if you do not have the money for a gs. (DO NOT BRING A WHIP)

Your inventory solely depends on what familar you are using and what your set up is. For the set up described above this is a proper inventory:

Invo With unicorn
5 Saradomin Brews
8 super restores
4 spirit unicorn stallion pouches
a few hundred scrolls stacked
2 summoning potions
1 prayer potion
(the rest of the space can be used for alch runes or spots to hold drops)

Invo with Fruit bat
5 sara brews
8 super restores
4 fruit bat pouches
a few hundred scrolls stacked
2 summoning pots
1 prayer pot
(the rest of the space can be used for alch runes or spots to hold drops)

I do not recomend going without a famillar but if you must

7 super restores
16 sara brews
2 prayer potions
alch runes

**you may add or remove any of these items for your invo if you feel comfortable, these invo guides are simply that, guides. you can come up with your own invo.**


(90+ range and def, 70+ prayer)
Torag or Verac helm is fine.
Zammy or sara d hide body. bring oposite item to compensate. (for example if you bring sara d hide bring another zammy item.
Archer Ring, ROW, ROL
Dragonfire shield, Granite/Obby shield, Rune Kite
Barrows Gloves > Vambs > Rune Gloves (if you use vamps and you have a sara d hide body bring zammy vamps or vis versa.)


With unicorn
8 saradomin brews
2 prayer pots
13 super restores
uni pouch
Tele tab

No Famillar
10 sara brews
2 prayer pots
13 super restores
tele tab

**you may add or remove any of these items for your invo if you feel comfortable, these invo guides are simply that, guides. you can come up with your own invo.**

::-::-:: Summoning Farmilliars ::-::-::

The best famillar to use here is the spirit unicorn stallion. (req 88 summ) The Uni can last about 54 minutes and heal an unlimited amount in that time, the amount the unicorn can heal is only limited by the familars special move bar, and its time limit. It is always good to have a unicorn as you will need little to no sara brews and you will last a long time. (for example my longest saradomin trip with a zgs veracs and my unicorn with a team of 5 people all with similar sets and unicorns lasted me 6 hours and 30 minutes) bring around 4-5 pouches, and a few hundred scrolls.

You may also use the spirit Fruit bat. The fruit bat picks up fruit that you may withdraw and eat as an alternative to using your brews, the fruit bats special move also provides food to other team mates and is especialy helpfull to lower level teams. (req 69 summ) bring about 4-5 pouches and a few hundred scrolls.

::-::-:: GETTING KILL COUNT ::-::-::

Getting the kill count is very straight forward. Kill 40 saradomin npcs, you should go for the ones in combat to save some hp. If you can’t find a sara npc who is in combat then pray mage and attack a saradomin priest – easy to kill.

You do not need 83 slayer to get your kill count, it only speeds up the process a little bit.
by about 4-5 minutes actualy, you do however need a certain slayer level for a few of the other monsters, so please consult your slayer tab to see exactly which level.

::-::-:: FIGHTING THE BOSS ::-::-::

THe stragety for fighting the boss is actualy very simple dispite all the hype that this boss gets for being, (the hardest gwd boss).

The commander targets one of your team members, when she spawns I suggest you select your quick prayers to be protect from magic. Once she spawns hit your quick prayers button to turn on protect from mage, that will protect from her sara sword spec. Even if she is not after you the spec will cause damage to every member of your team, (can do double 300). Once it is obvious who she has targeted the rest of the team will then proceed to attack her with whatever weapon they have. Try to negotiate who will use their ZGS spec first and second and whatnot, this will avoid double specing the boss. (which is useless). Each team member will attack the boss (except if you are her target.) untill she has chosen another target.

-if you are the target
If you are targeted by the commander, all you have to do is run around the edges of the room. Stay on the walls and continue to run unless she is frozen. If she gets frozen stop running save your energy and wait for her to chose another target. Once she does, join your team in attacking her.

DO NOT LET HER HIT YOU, I dont care what your defence level is, you cannot tank her, she hits with the speed of throwing darts and has the ability to do massive damage and possibly k0 in literaly 5 to 10 seconds, depending on your hp. If (and this will happen) she does get near enough to you to cause damage eat a shark, or use an uni spec or brew up or whatever at that exact moment, even if its a zero just get in the habit of eating when she hits you, just to be on the safe side.

go for bree first, bree causes the most damage to whoever delivered the final blow to the boss, after bree kill starlight, and then growler. Gather your drops and heal up after they are all dead. (you will have time)

-now just repeat the process above and get some pro drops.

::-::-:: SO YOU WANT TO SOLO? ::-::-::

Soloing sara boss is not hard, you just need to know what you are doing, never meele, always take the ranger gear that is listed above.

The strategie is very simple run around the edges of the room praying magic, when youve got some distance on her, shoot her with your cross bow.
you may want to bring some purple sweets to increase your run energy.

just grab a team, its funner and youl get alot more kills.

::-::-:: REWARDS !!! ::-::-::

The best part of fighting the sara boss. Here is a list of the best drops from the commander as well as her body gaurds.

-Godsword shard 1, 2, or 3
-Saradomin Sword
-Saradomin Hilt
-Dragon Med Helm
-Dragon Spear (<--- The best drop) -Shield Left Half (dragon)

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