The Difference between GPS and GPRS

I recently got asked what the difference is between GPS and GPRS. Surely they sound pretty similar so must do similar things? WRONG! See below:

GPS means Global Positioning System. This is a system comprising 24 satellites positioned up in space around the world. Due to the position of those satellites, it became possible to assign an address to every meter of the surface of the earth, including those over the ocean.

GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Services. This is a way of sending data through radio waves that are currently being used to transmit voice. The data in digital form is sent out in packets, or in mini-bursts that are decoded by the receiving unit, which can be a GPRS-enabled handset.

Summary: GPS is a positioning system aimed at helping you find your location on the face of the planet, whereas GPRS is a radio service that is used to send data wirelessly.

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