Uncharted 2 – What is the purpose of the store?

What does the store do on Uncharted 2 – Amongst thieves?

The various medals you can earn while playing single player Uncharted 2 give you some dollars to spend in the single player store. Most players get a bit annoyed when they buy unlimited ammo, for example, and then find it don’t work. Let me explain how it works – The stuff you purchase in the store can only be used after you have completed the mission on a particular difficulty.

So as an example –
You play through the entire game on normal difficulty. You can then go back on any level on normal difficulty and use the things you have purchased in the store. If you were to try a level on hard difficulty then you wouldn’t be able to use your store items until you had completed that level on hard first. Basically the store is like a cheat mode and obviously they want you to complete it without cheating first!

Where are the online boosters and When do I get boosters while playing online?

ANSWER: You have to buy them from the store. Press R1 at the menu after connecting to multiplayer. You get different boosters at different levels so will gradually unlock all of them as you work your way up.

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