Runescape – Corp Beast Guide

Before I start this guide I would like to raise a few key issues

1) if you die you don’t get a grave, so don’t take anything you dont want to risk.
2) Corp beast is incredibly strong and can hit 55+ at a consistent rate, so mage prayer is a must.
3) Mage prayer doesnt totally negate all damage dealt, just as when pking you dont negate all damage when praying against a fellow player.
4) The Corp Beast does ignore most of your armour Bonuses so therefore the argument of “put on karils instead of Black d hide” is in my opinion irrelevant.
5) The corp has 20,000 hp so killing it will take a while
6) Do not step under the corp beast at any time as it will crush you, hitting upto 500 damage.
9) you guessed it, NO BROAD BOLTS
10) Don’t take a summon, it will only get eaten and heal the corp


the corp beast is the strongest creature currently on runescape. The corp will attack with all 3 combat styles however using mage prayer is best as it hits hardest with its mage attack.
The risks are great with this beast, however the rewards are great. Not only does it drop the 4 sigils, almost all of its drops are worth having as they are all worth something, e.g. 2000 cannonballs.
To fight the corp effectively you need either 6+ lvl 130+ or 10+ lvl 120+.

Corporeal Beast is a boss that requires a high combat level and good gear to kill efficiently. However, a very underestimated aspect in corping is “skill”. The number of kills a trip and kills an hour you do is highly dependent on how you how you handle your supplies in the corp lair. This includes but isn’t limited to: when you eat, what you pray, how you react to the core, how good the stunner is, and where you stand. Just because you meet the combat requirements and have all the supplies does not mean you can corp. This guide will tell you how to corp efficiently and do a large number of kills per trip ranging from 20-25 kills a trip (I’ve done 28 as a peak but considering the majority of corpers get around 12 ATM, 20-25 is good enough to distinguish you from the rest).

British Elites Runescape Clan


Must of completed SUMMERS END (quest)

90 range (if ranging)

85 attack and strength (if meleeing)

85 defence

These stats are only a guideline so dont panic if you have lower stats, you can still fight the corp beast. Of course the more people there are the lower stats are required to kill it.]


Corp Beast Range Gear Setup

Corp Beast Elite Gear Setup

Note: Gear that can substitute the above:
Fighter hat
D stone/Diamond (i)/Berserker/ Berserker (i) (if you’re under 100 MA rank bring berserker, If you don’t want to risk 5m extra corping here’s you inspiration to start doing ma). If you bring ring of life you will be KICKED from most 5 man teams. Simple as.
Fire cape (Bring games necklace if you’re bringing it) / Ardougne Cloak 4
Why the rune crossbow? It has always been debated that the rcb “kos the core more than mith”, where it doesn’t affect ranged strength. I honestly don’t care which you bring because the difference is probably microscopic when you’re in karils and your range bonus is already high and are hitting on a low def lvl 75 core.


Range setup:

Corp Beast Range Gear Setup

Corp Beast Range Gear Setup

Neit helm > Archer
Black D’hide body
Black D’hide Chaps
Snakeskin Boots
Ring of WEALTH
Spirit Shield (Ely or Divine) > Unholy Book > Other prayer books.
Rune Crossbow
Amulet of Ranging > Fury > Glory
Alerter > Accumulator


Ruby bolts (e)
Emerald Bolts (e)
2 Range potions (Ext if you can)
3 Prayer potions (optional)
Inventory of Sharks/ Cavefish/ Rocktail
(You can if you wish take Brews and Super restores with the ratio of 3 brews to 1 Restore)

Melee setup:

If you have the bank value to increase your weapon then do so, upgrading the Darklight to a Bando’s Godsword is extremely helpful.

Super Set Setup

This setup is for people with low cash value, and people who have not got 90+ herblore.

Corp Beast Melee Gear Setup - Super Set Setup
Corp Beast Melee Gear - Super Set Setup
Corp Beast Melee Gear – Super Set Setup

Extreme Set – Setup

This setup is for people with low cash value, but 90+ Herblore.

Corp Beast Melee Gear Setup - Extreme Set
Corp Beast Melee Gear Setup – Extreme Set

Overload – Brew – Restore – Setup

This setup is for people who have a slightly higher cash pile, as well as 96+ Herblore

Corp Beast Melee Gear Overload - Brew - Restore - Setup
Corp Beast Melee Gear Overload – Brew – Restore – Setup

Neit helm
Black D’hide body
Black D’hide Chaps
Dragon Boots > Bando’s Boots
Ring of WEALTH
Fury > Glory
Uber cape (Upon Arrival) > Max Cape > Ardy Cape (+ Stab Bonus) >Fire Cape > Soulwars Cape > Skill Cape
Barrow gloves
Zamorakian Spear

Super Set Inventory

Statius Warhammer > Bando’s Godsword >Darklight
3 Prayer potions (2 Super Prayer Potions if 94+ Herblore)
Super Set/ Extreme (90+ Herblore)
Inventory of Sharks/ Cavefish/ Rocktail

Overload Inventory

Statius Warhammer > Bando’d Godsword > Darklight
17 Saradomin Brew
7 Super Restore


Since recent updates have reintroduced the Wilderness, you no longer are required to run through past Bounty Hunter to get there. As a requirement you need to use a Games Necklace which will teleport you directly into the lair’s entrance. From there follow the screenshots on what to do.

When you teleport in, run East towards the first entrance as shown on the minimap below

Corp Beast Tele In and Run Towards First Entrance
Corp Beast Tele In and Run Towards First Entrance

Enter the entrance, then continue due east to the second entrance BUT DO NOT ENTER!!!

You will now be at the Entrance to Corporal Beast’s Lair, stand around the entrance shown below and do not enter until instructed.

Corp Beast Second Entrance
Corp Beast Second Entrance


Part 1: The attacks

The corp beast has various nasty attacks at its disposal. These attacks will use all three combat types, but it is best to use mage prayer.

Splash(unsure if mage/range) – Most dangerous. Can do 4 300s.
Spiky blast of energy(mage) – Easily hit 650 without prayer
Melee Claw swipe – 550 damage.
Stomp – 510 damage IF you stand under corp.
Ball of energy(mage) – 550 damage. Drains Magic, Prayer or Summoning by a small amount

Part 2 : Luring

The first time you enter the corps lair a lure is needed to allow everyone to enter safely without dying or being attacked.

You lure the beast by one person stepping into the lair with mage pray on, then quickly stepping out again.

The corp will then end up like this:

How To Lure The Corp Beast

How To Lure The Corp Beast

This allows other players to enter without it attacking them. Once Corporal Beast has been lured, you will be able to enter the Lair without it attacking you, stand around Corp in a square/ Box formation until you are instructed to start killing, you should all be POTTING up at this stage as you will be starting soon.

Part 3 : Melee fighting.

As a whole fighting the corp beast is fairly straight forward. KEEP MAGE PRAYER ON. If it turns to attack you, run back to entrance and click to exit, then count to 5,
this normally gives enough time for the corp to swap targets, and renter.
Once the core spawns, make sure to step away from it or it will hit damage very fast, this also heals the corp. SO MAKE SURE TO STEP AWAY IF IT LANDS IN A SQUARE TOUCHING THE ONE YOUR STOOD IN.

Your job as a melee’r is to stab Corporal Beast. Upon entering Corp’s Lair you will need to use your special attacks with either of the 3 melee weapons listed above, if your specials hit, they will effectively lower Corp’s Defense making the kills quicker.

When the Core appears, alert the ranger as to where it is, if the core is under you and a ranger stuns it, please step 1 space away and do not move. Not moving will stop the core from bouncing around to other players. Whilst standing near the Core it will drain 100 HP every few seconds, if the core is stunned it only drains 100 HP every 1 minute which is acceptable.

Part 4 : Range fighting

Again this is really straight forward. KEEP MAGE PRAYER ON. If it attacks you leave the lair back through the entrance. The difference with ranging is that you need to stun the core.
If you attack the core with emerald e bolts, and it hits, you will stun the core, you then need to step next to it to stop the core from moving.
Whilst the core is stunned it will hit one damage occasionally rather than the constant hits it normally dishes out.
Use ruby bolts (which the damage is capped at 1000 damage unfortunately) until its low, then swap to diamond.

If you are ranging, killing Corp is simple, Stand far enough away from Corp so he cannot melee you, use Ruby (e)’s whilst he is above half HP, as these hit 1000 HP often enough they are crucial! After half HP Switch to your Diamond (e). When the core appears (Small creature that jumps from player to player stealing life points to feed Corp) You need to switch to Emerald (e) and attack the Core. Once you see green smoke appearing from the Core, it will be stunned, Instruct another player to stand 1 space away from the Core if it is still next to Corp, or move 1 space away from Core if it has landed underneath you.

(Standing next to core will drain 100 HP every few seconds, once it is stunned you will lose 100 HP every minute which is considerably less) Moving away from the core after it is stunned will cause it to regain consciousness and start moving around again.

Method for killing Corp/ Core whilst ranging
Method for killing Corp/ Core whilst ranging

Part 5: The aftermath

If you use up all your food, dont despair, thats why you carry a games necklace, teleport to the wilderness volcano, then run back up.
After the initial Luring kill, you will either need to leave the Lair and re-lure Corp, or you can form a circle/box around it’s spawn point. As shown in the photo below:

Form a circle/box around corp's spawn point
Form a circle/box around corp's spawn point
Form a circle/box around corp’s spawn point

However depending on how many people there are, for example if there where less than say 8, it can be better to lure it.

Runescape – Green Dragon Hunting Guide

1. Intro
2. What to wear & bring
3. What to pick up

1. Intro

Green dragon hunting is a very profitable experience. Killing 400 dragons (and only getting the bones) would be 1,000,000 GP and 123,200 XP.
Green dragons are located in different areas.

This is where I like to go:

How to get to green dragons

How to get to green dragons

It’s lvl 20 wilderness. You have to be careful of Pkers. Always check for white dots and be ready to evacuate.

2. What to wear & Bring

This is an idea of what you should wear:

What to wear to kill green dragons

What to wear to kill green dragons

Black dragon hide is for mage defence. It’s good so you don’t get entangled as much and have a beter chance of running away if you’re tele-blocked. If you can’t wear black, then wear whatever hides you can. If you can’t even wear green, then wear rune plate.

This is what you should have in your invetory:

Green dragons killing inventory

Green dragons killing inventory

Lobsters are the best for this. If you bring anything beter, (ie: sharks, swordfish) you’ll usualy end up having to drop food or eat early just to pick up dragon hides/bones. ALWAYS bring tele runes. It’s stupid not to. No honor? Well there’s no honor in killing people who are dragon hunting, but that doesn’t stop pkers.

3. What to pick up

If you have less then 70 defence, pick up anything you have room for. Hides, bones, unids, runes, etc.

If you have over 70 defence, ONLY pick up the dragon bones. 25 dragon bones in one trip is beter then 12 hides and 13 bones in one trip, even if the 25 dragon bones takes a little longer.

Runescape – Saradomin God Wars Guide

Saradomin God Wars Dungeon Guide;

Detailed guide the the Saradomin encampment

After reading this guide, you should have everything you need to take down the saradomin boss: Commander zilyana. Both with a team and on your own.

**Please remember, there is always an obvious danger when entering the God Wars Dungeon, just because you have read this guide does not mean that it is impossible for you to die. Death and loss off items is very possible in the dungeon, do not take the risk if your not prepaired for the worst.**

There are 7 major parts to this guide:
– Introduction
– Your gear
– Summoning
– getting kill count
– Fighting the boss
– So you want to solo?
– !! Rewards !!

::-::-:: INTRODUCTION ::-::-::

Welcome to the saradomin encampment. The entrance is to the South of the main god wars lobby and the first time you go you will need two ropes so that you can get to the boss door.

Here there are a number of monsters that are killable:

-Knight of Saradomin (101-103)
-Saradomin priest (113)
-Spiritual warrior (125)
-Spiritual mage (120)
-Spiritual ranger (122)

(note that certain slayer levels are required to kill these monsters, consult your slayer tab in game)

In the Bosses room:
-Commander Zilyana

::-::-:: YOUR GEAR ::-::-::

First of all many people consider two methods to kill the boss, range and meele. Meele is more comon now because of the faster rate of kills. When joining a team be sure that your team has someone with a ZGS it will freeze the boss for 20 seconds allowing for easy hits.

Remember that you will need a zammy and sara item, here is a list of the useable items:
Sara/Zammy d’hide top and chaps
Holy and Unholy Symbols
God Capes and Treasure Trail God Capes
God Swords

I personally use saradomin cloak and a zammy arrow


(90+ Att str 85+ def 70+ prayer)
This method requires no d hide.
The godswords of runescape are acceptable weapons when fighting the boss, although, it is HIGHLY recomended that you stick to either a ZGS or an AGS if you have the money.
Verac’s armor is probibly the best setup that you could use, unless you know what you are doing, then you can use bandos if you have a team willing to bless your gravestone.
Veracs, especialy the helm provides the best protection against the boss as well as a nice prayer bonus, because you will be praying mage the whole time.
I tend to use climbing boots or dragon boots its up to you.
As far as your god item goes, youl need a Zammorak item and Saradomin item. If you have a ZGS your okay but if you dont it is acceptable to use zammorak robe bottoms to replace your veracs skirt until you get in the room.
You may also use the zammorak or saradomin godcapes (the free ones) as your item aswell.

What I tend to do is use my ZGS with veracs a saradomin godcape or saradomin vamps.
The ZGS is probibly the best godsword to use here, if you have a team of 5 with at least 2 or 3 ZGS users youl be okay for over 100 Kc.

If you have an AGS you will be an asset to any sara team, but please make sure that there is at least 1 ZGS user just in case.

If you have enough godswords on your team feel free to substitute a gs for veracs flail if you do not have the money for a gs. (DO NOT BRING A WHIP)

Your inventory solely depends on what familar you are using and what your set up is. For the set up described above this is a proper inventory:

Invo With unicorn
5 Saradomin Brews
8 super restores
4 spirit unicorn stallion pouches
a few hundred scrolls stacked
2 summoning potions
1 prayer potion
(the rest of the space can be used for alch runes or spots to hold drops)

Invo with Fruit bat
5 sara brews
8 super restores
4 fruit bat pouches
a few hundred scrolls stacked
2 summoning pots
1 prayer pot
(the rest of the space can be used for alch runes or spots to hold drops)

I do not recomend going without a famillar but if you must

7 super restores
16 sara brews
2 prayer potions
alch runes

**you may add or remove any of these items for your invo if you feel comfortable, these invo guides are simply that, guides. you can come up with your own invo.**


(90+ range and def, 70+ prayer)
Torag or Verac helm is fine.
Zammy or sara d hide body. bring oposite item to compensate. (for example if you bring sara d hide bring another zammy item.
Archer Ring, ROW, ROL
Dragonfire shield, Granite/Obby shield, Rune Kite
Barrows Gloves > Vambs > Rune Gloves (if you use vamps and you have a sara d hide body bring zammy vamps or vis versa.)


With unicorn
8 saradomin brews
2 prayer pots
13 super restores
uni pouch
Tele tab

No Famillar
10 sara brews
2 prayer pots
13 super restores
tele tab

**you may add or remove any of these items for your invo if you feel comfortable, these invo guides are simply that, guides. you can come up with your own invo.**

::-::-:: Summoning Farmilliars ::-::-::

The best famillar to use here is the spirit unicorn stallion. (req 88 summ) The Uni can last about 54 minutes and heal an unlimited amount in that time, the amount the unicorn can heal is only limited by the familars special move bar, and its time limit. It is always good to have a unicorn as you will need little to no sara brews and you will last a long time. (for example my longest saradomin trip with a zgs veracs and my unicorn with a team of 5 people all with similar sets and unicorns lasted me 6 hours and 30 minutes) bring around 4-5 pouches, and a few hundred scrolls.

You may also use the spirit Fruit bat. The fruit bat picks up fruit that you may withdraw and eat as an alternative to using your brews, the fruit bats special move also provides food to other team mates and is especialy helpfull to lower level teams. (req 69 summ) bring about 4-5 pouches and a few hundred scrolls.

::-::-:: GETTING KILL COUNT ::-::-::

Getting the kill count is very straight forward. Kill 40 saradomin npcs, you should go for the ones in combat to save some hp. If you can’t find a sara npc who is in combat then pray mage and attack a saradomin priest – easy to kill.

You do not need 83 slayer to get your kill count, it only speeds up the process a little bit.
by about 4-5 minutes actualy, you do however need a certain slayer level for a few of the other monsters, so please consult your slayer tab to see exactly which level.

::-::-:: FIGHTING THE BOSS ::-::-::

THe stragety for fighting the boss is actualy very simple dispite all the hype that this boss gets for being, (the hardest gwd boss).

The commander targets one of your team members, when she spawns I suggest you select your quick prayers to be protect from magic. Once she spawns hit your quick prayers button to turn on protect from mage, that will protect from her sara sword spec. Even if she is not after you the spec will cause damage to every member of your team, (can do double 300). Once it is obvious who she has targeted the rest of the team will then proceed to attack her with whatever weapon they have. Try to negotiate who will use their ZGS spec first and second and whatnot, this will avoid double specing the boss. (which is useless). Each team member will attack the boss (except if you are her target.) untill she has chosen another target.

-if you are the target
If you are targeted by the commander, all you have to do is run around the edges of the room. Stay on the walls and continue to run unless she is frozen. If she gets frozen stop running save your energy and wait for her to chose another target. Once she does, join your team in attacking her.

DO NOT LET HER HIT YOU, I dont care what your defence level is, you cannot tank her, she hits with the speed of throwing darts and has the ability to do massive damage and possibly k0 in literaly 5 to 10 seconds, depending on your hp. If (and this will happen) she does get near enough to you to cause damage eat a shark, or use an uni spec or brew up or whatever at that exact moment, even if its a zero just get in the habit of eating when she hits you, just to be on the safe side.

go for bree first, bree causes the most damage to whoever delivered the final blow to the boss, after bree kill starlight, and then growler. Gather your drops and heal up after they are all dead. (you will have time)

-now just repeat the process above and get some pro drops.

::-::-:: SO YOU WANT TO SOLO? ::-::-::

Soloing sara boss is not hard, you just need to know what you are doing, never meele, always take the ranger gear that is listed above.

The strategie is very simple run around the edges of the room praying magic, when youve got some distance on her, shoot her with your cross bow.
you may want to bring some purple sweets to increase your run energy.

just grab a team, its funner and youl get alot more kills.

::-::-:: REWARDS !!! ::-::-::

The best part of fighting the sara boss. Here is a list of the best drops from the commander as well as her body gaurds.

-Godsword shard 1, 2, or 3
-Saradomin Sword
-Saradomin Hilt
-Dragon Med Helm
-Dragon Spear (<--- The best drop) -Shield Left Half (dragon)

Runescape – Shooting Star Guide


Shooting stars are a great method of mining experience, but also provide a nice reward. One star will land on every world every 2 hours. The stars can vary in size, from size 1 to size 9. The stars can land all over runescape, although a hint is given to the general area by using a telescope in your player owned house. The rewards you obtain from the stars depend on how much star dust you can mine.


Size 1 – Level 10 mining – Mining experience per star dust – 14
Size 2 – Level 20 mining – Mining experience per star dust – 25
Size 3 – Level 30 mining – Mining experience per star dust – 29
Size 4 – Level 40 mining – Mining experience per star dust – 32
Size 5 – Level 50 mining – Mining experience per star dust – 47
Size 6 – Level 60 mining – Mining experience per star dust – 71
Size 7 – Level 70 mining – Mining experience per star dust – 114
Size 8 – Level 80 mining – Mining experience per star dust – 145
Size 9 – Level 90 mining – Mining experience per star dust – 210

If you are lucky enough to be the first person to find the star then you will be awarded bonus experience for ‘tagging’ the star. This varies dependent on your mining level. It can be calculated as follows (level*75) for example 80 mining, would get (90X75) = 6,750 experience.

Runescape shooting star bonus experience for 'tagging' the star

Runescape shooting star bonus experience for ‘tagging’ the star

As you begin to mine the star, it will degrade and change in size. As it changes in size the level requirement to mine the star will also decrease. So, if a size 9 star falls, and you only have 70 mining if you wait you will soon be able to mine the star once it has degraded 2 sizes.

Locating stars:

Stars can be located by using your telescope in your player owned house. There are two types of scopes, Oak telescope which gives a 9 minute window for the landing – requires 44 construction. Or a teak telescope which requires 84 construction.

Example oak scope: The star looks like it will land in the next 1 hour 40 minutes to 1 hour 49 minutes.
Example teak scope: The star looks like it will land in the next 1 hour 47 minutes to 1 hour 49 minutes.

Runescape shooting star telescope

Runescape shooting star telescope

The telescope will also give a hint as to what area of the map the star will land in. Below are the areas of the map where the stars can land. And the sub locations under the area, which are more specific.


Crafting Guild Mine
Aboveground east of the Mining Guild entrance in East Falador
Rimmington Mine
Taverly Mine

Crandor or Karamja

Brimhaven Northwest Mine
Brimhaven Southwest Mine
Crandor Isle Southwest Mine
Jungle Mine
Shilo Gem Mine
Shilo Village bank

Fremennik lands or on Lunar Isle

Fremennik Mine. Near the Keldagrim entrance.
Aboveground near the Jatizso Mine entrance
Aboveground near the Lunar Isle Mines entrance
Miscellania Mine
Neitiznot Runite Mine
Rellekka Mine.


Coal Trucks
East Ardougne Mine (near Legend’s Guild)
Port Khazard Mine
South Ardougne Mine
Yanille bank

Kharidian Desert

Al Kharid bank
Chasm Mine
Duel Arena area
Enakhra’s Mine
Nardah bank
Sophanem Mine
Uzer Mine


Outside of Aubury’s Rune Shop
Lumbridge Swamp East Mine
South-east Varrock Mine
South-west Varrock

Morytania or Mos Le’Harmless

Burgh de Rott bank
Canifis Bank
Mos Le’Harmless Bank

Piscatoris, the Gnome Stronghold, or Tirannwn

Piscatoris Fishing Colony Mine
Near the Spirit Tree and the bank outside of the Grand Tree
Near the bank in Lletya


Wilderness volcano (previously Bounty Hunter) bank area
Hobgoblins’ Mine
Near the lever used to enter the Mage Arena
Pirates’ Mine
Runite Mine
Steel Mine
Skeletons’ Mine


As you finish mining the star a star sprite will appear and will reward you.

Runescape shooting star sprite reward

Runescape shooting star sprite reward

You can mine 200 star dust, maximum. However after you get 200 you can continue to mine for experience. But your reward at the end will increase no further. If you get 200 star dust the rewards are as follows:

* 50,002 coins
* 20 Gold ore (Noted)
* 152 Cosmic runes
* 52 Astral runes
* Have the ability to mine two ores at once for 15 minutes

Runescape shooting star 200 star dust

Runescape shooting star 200 star dust

If you fail to get 200 your reward will be some what reduced.

Note: you may only have 200 star dust at once, if you attempt to mine another star and already have 200 star dust in your bank, You will not be able to mine anymore. You must cash in your 200 first. You may only cash in 200 star dust once a day, no more. But you can still mine multiple stars a day for experience.

Runescape – Barrows Guide

General Requirements:

Quests: Priest in Peril (n), Nature Spirit (n), In search of the mirique (u), Ghost Ahoy (u)

(n) = needed, (u) = usefull

100+ combat is usefull, 43+ prayer is needed

Succesfull: 70 prayer

I am showing several methods, which need different requirements.

The Methods are (levels needed/usefull):

Slayer Dart (55 slayer, 50 magic)

Ancient (70+ magic)

Black Salamander (70 strength, ranged and magic)

Ranged (85+ ranged)

Godsword (90+ strength, 80+ attack to make it quick)

Whip (95+ attack and strength to make it work)

The outfits* with inventories**:

Slayer Dart:


Slayer Dart Barrows Invent

Slayer Dart Barrows Invent



Ancient Barrows Invent

Ancient Barrows Invent

This is for blitzing, you can also use burst, but you will need the following runes:

Ancient Blitz runes Barrows Invent

Ancient Blitz runes Barrows Invent

Black Salamander:


Black Salamander Barrows Invent

Black Salamander Barrows Invent

If you want to last for several rounds, you can use this inventory:


Longer Lasting Black Salamander Barrows Invent

Longer Lasting Black Salamander Barrows Invent



Ranged Barrows Invent

Ranged Barrows Invent



Godsword Barrows Invent

Godsword Barrows Invent



Whip Barrows Invent

Whip Barrows Invent


Teleport is needed! Home-teleport is easy, but I prefer the Teleport to house-tablet.

Prayer Potions, you will need them. 50+ prayer is a benefit. I usually use 4 doses, that is with 72 prayer. I use prayer on Dharok, Karil and Ahrim, then I restore my stats with super restore, and eventually another p pot dose if needed.

Several weapons are needed. DDS mainly to spec out Karil, as he is quite hard to mage through.

Runes. If you want to teleport, you can use a tele-tab since it saves 2 spaces compared to the runes. If you are going to use Magic, you will need (atleast) 100 spells. I suggest taking 200 to be completely safe, but 100 will most likely get you there too.

Food! You CANNOT go without. The monsters in the tunnels will/can do serious damage.

SPADE! If you forget your spade, go back to Canifis and get your spade. You can also bring some cash and buy a spade there, if you have inventory space left.

*You can change the shown gear for other items which you can afford. If you are melee-ing (GS/Whip), you can take Fire Cape, but I do not have one.

** You can take better food, but monkfish would do the trick.

The Trip!

Always go to Canifis first.

This is the last spot where you have the opportunity to bank. You can choose:


How to Get to Barrows

How to Get to Barrows

Quest A is only In Search of the Mirique

Quest A and B is In Search of the Mirique and Ghost Ahoy.

For the “Short Route” you only need Ghost Ahoy.

I DID NOT! Test this route out, I will soon

When you are at Barrows after a short trip (average of about 2 to 3 minutes), you need to go to the right “brother”. The best route is:

Name – Prayer

Dharok – Melee

Karil – Ranged

Ahrim – Mage

Guthan – Melee*

Torag – Melee*

Veracs – Melee*


At one of the brothers, you will find a message:

“You have found a hidden sarcophague. Are you sure you want to go in?”
Answer with: Yes, I am fearless.

You will come in an dungeon-type of room, which looks like:


The Barrows Dungeon

The Barrows Dungeon

The red bars are the ones with a puzzle, only one of them will open. If you fail the puzzle, you will have to find the open door again.

The green bars are constantly open.

The light-blue parts are the “walk-arounds” this will bring you from safe space to safe space.



If you are lucky enough, you will just find him at his chest, guarding the reward. Kill him and get the reward. After you got the reward, teleport away from the chest to a safe spot. From there you can start the guide again.

When doing multiple rounds per trip, go back to the ladder, climb out and start following the guide again.

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Runescape Clans – Echo of Silence History

First 7 Era’s Written by Broken1. 8-9 Written by Mr_Nickos_Jr. 10 Written by Seth1711. 11 – 14 Written by Buzzcut3.

Founding Date: Unknown (July 2004? – Read quote just below)

Founding Members: Polixo, Xwifebeaterx, Evil Tony, Mc Creed, a few others…

EoS was formed out of Dissatisfied ZF members as an Anti-ZF clan. It’s original purpose was to take down ZF. A quote from old ZF history:

Chapter 18: The ZF Walkout Clan, AKA Echo Of Silence (July 2004)
Burnttoast65 and XwifebeaterX both had Channel Operator on the mIRC Chatroom of Zeonic Force. There were many complaints about these two members abusing their power. Lord Death then decided to remove them from having Op status in the mIRC Chatroom. XwifebeaterX and Burnttoast65 weren’t too happy because of this and decided to leave Zeonic Force and create their own clan called Echo of Silence (EoS). Two other Zeonic Force members called Mc Creed and Polixo decided to follow them and create this so called Zeonic Force walkout clan. Those four current Zeonic Force members even asked ZF’s current members to join EoS, but most of them said no. After a while, XwifebeaterX decided to make peace with Zeonic Force, contacting one of the High Council leaders of ZF.

This same day, Zeonic Force was having an event called “Survival”. They were having a good time until EoS came under Polixo’s instruction to crash this fun event. This truly ruined the peace XwifebeaterX offered Zeonic Force. Clan PK Trips started getting crashed with EoS getting demolished every time. Not long after all this, EoS had lost some of their leaders due to power abuse and other clan issues they had, until they were no more.


1st Era, What Goes Up Must Fall: In this Era EoS was a very strong, fresh upstart clan. It reached top 20 quickly and constantly fought ZF in the wild. ZF at that time was top 15 with 150+ members and 85+ hp average so they easily outclassed EoS. EoS members, rushed together so quickly, soon began arguing with each other and the flaming slowly brought EoS to it’s knees. Polixo left EoS for EoH at this point, and EoS lost many good members with him. At this time EoS was Allied with Anarchy and TDL.

Notable 1st Era Members Currently member or friend of EoS: Mc Creed, Evil Tony, D E I N O, Broken1, Master Semir, Pyrokid69, Master 4, U Gowin Down, Jrd3478, Andy4309, a few others…

2nd Era, Dark Ages: In this Era EoS was severely weakened by the loss of Polixo and many leading members. Xwifebeaterx was the leader with Sony R and Xx Ghetto Xx as Co-Leaders. This period is the ‘Dark Age’ of EoS. Xwifebeaterx, inactive because of RL responsibilites, left the clan to Sony R and Xx Ghetto Xx. The two Co-Leaders constantly disagreed and it led to a civil war in which Xx Ghetto Xx deleted the EoS forums and took over the MIRC chatroom. EoS at that point was dead. Most members took the forums Deletion as the clan being gone and joined other clans. All of EoS’ Allies, believing EoS dead, dropped alliances.

3rd Era, Re-Birth of a Clan: After the deletion of the EoS forums by Xx Ghetto Xx, Sony R made us new forums hosted by a friend of his, Shawn(sp?). We had our own .tk and things were looking well. At this time Sony R and Broken1 were both Leaders in EoS and they begun with the rebuilding of this great clan. Sony R became a clan friend after everything was running under Broken1’s command, and joined ZF. Everything was running smoothly and EoS was gaining members steadily with it’s 65+ hp requirement. In this time EoS allied with RR, DR, Anarchy, and RB.

4th Era, The Merge: Rigmar Drake, Allied Leader of ReBirth, posted on EoS forums saying he was considering shutting down RB. Broken1 suggested a merger and it was agreed upon. A few days later EoS gained a good portion of RB and Rigmar Drake became a Co-Leader. Sony R’s friend that was providing us free hosting dropped us and we were forced to move forums at this time. At this point spam became uncontrollable on the new forums. Broken1, unused to leadership, saw no problem with this. Rigmar Drake was soley fighting a losing battle against spam on the forums and gained a lot of enemies. At this time contentions started between the new members gained from the merge and the older EoS members. Rigmar Drake was Bs’d be some older EoS members and Broken1 also demoted him to regular council because of the contentions between him and EoS members. Rigmar Drake held intentions at this time to destroy EoS. Mr Nickos Jr, a member gained from the merger and one in the confidence of Rigmar Drake, clued Broken1 and EoS in on Rigmar Drake’s intentions by posting an MSN convo on the forums. Broken1 then removed Rigmar Drake from the clan. Rigmar Drake, being wronged by EoS as a whole, vowed to destroy EoS and remade ReBirth. TDL then split off into several clans, with most of their best players joining DE. EoS then allied DE. Alliances at this time were DR, DE, and RR with Anarchy having dropped alliances with EoS.

5th Era, Self Sufficiency: Broken1 went on vacation at this time to visit relatives and left the clan in the controll of Lady Willow, Mr Nickos Jr, U Gowin Down, and Master Semir. With Rigmar Drake’s intentions of destroying EoS this could not have come at a worse time. Luckily for EoS, Rigmar Drake fought mainly a cold war with EoS and eventually made peace with EoS. During this time EoS did a lot of fighting with MK, Anarchy, and EoH in the wild. EoS teamed with TDL and a few other clans constantly to kill Anarchy. Jrd3478 kept EoS wildy active and EoS grew slowly but steadily in the absence of their leadership. After Broken1 returned forums were switched to do a major inactive sweep. Alliances at this time were DR, RR, and DE.

6th Era, Growth: In this Era EoS was gaining new members at a steady rate, with many requirement raises. KoD attempted an alliance, was defeated in a fun war, and the alliance was declined. EoS then Allied with GoW who died soon after. EoS began to have constant 20+ people on pk trips and their fame grew. EoS began their Democracy at this point and began the elections of their council. During this Era EoS attended and was decisive in winning the RD vs LL allied war (Fall, 2004) that became a mass war with most every clan in RS. Alliances at this time were RR, DR, GoW, and DE.

7th Era, The Rise To Fame: In this Era EoS started miniwarring and defeating many clans. Miniwar wins such as EoS vs TMRD, EoS vs DL and EoS vs CoR Secured EoS a position in the top 20 once again. Corruption, Gladz, TMRD, DL and several other top ranked clans made themselves enemies of EoS. Many great battles and clashes of power ensued – with EoS winning the majority. EoS + DR warred Anarchy (Spring, 2005) at this point. Both teams got max options but Anarchy prevailed. Pk trips began reaching 30 people. ReBirth leader, Rigmar Drake, tired of the weight of leadership, chose EoS as his new home. Many ReBirth members followed him and made their new home with EoS. DL shut down and several of their members joined EoS as well. EoS warred TDL (Summer of 2005) at this point in history and decimated them with less than 10 people lost. Alliances at this time were RR, DR, and DE.

Sometime around here RB disbanded again, and though did not officially merge about 30-40 of their members came to EoS including RB’s leaders Rigmar Drake and Bobtheagent. There were minor internal issues, though none that perpetuated a split again.

War: Summer, 2005: EoS vs LC. 2 week prep. EoS got 75, LC got 75. LC won with 20 left.
LC died shortly after. Eos got word that they would be disbanding after the war beforehand.

8th Era, The Perfect Storm: Broken1 goes absent due to RL constraints. Upon his return (after a month+), Rigmar drake remakes RB. This time only a handful of people left Eos for RB, the majority stayed with Eos. Eos does a forum switch and wars CL.
War: Fall, 2005: EoS vs CL. 1 week prep. EoS got 65, CL got 75. EoS wins with 40 left.

Broken1 then, due to the hurricane in Florida, loses all ability to go online or lead the clan. Mr Nickos Jr assumes leading responsibilities with Jrd3478 and Lady Willow. During this time we have many mini wars, one of which that is most note-able is the following:

Mini War: Winter, 2005: EoS vs TDL + AD. 1 day prep. EoS got 55, TDL+AD got 80. EoS wins with 30 left.

It is this mini war, where the opposing team had proof of returners (TDL’s side), that possibly helped Eos the most. Eos got recognized for it’s great organization around this time. Also, note’able members from AD joined Eos when they closed (few month/s later) such as Flinstoneman (Current High Council), Kvn Pfc (Current Webmaster) and Big Parrot (Current Advisor). It was a good time in Eos, members were very confident and having a great time.

Not long after, Mr Nickos Jr decided to declare on Wg despite the concerns from other leaders in Eos. The numbers on paper showed Wg with twice our numbers, their previous war thy had 140 people show up (for a 2 week prep).
War: Winter, 2005: EoS vs WG. 6 day prep. EoS got 75, WG got 110. EoS wins with 35 left. This war was one of the best and most satisfying wars in Eos history. Us losing 40 people, and killing 110!

We continued to do well, became very popular for our organization with good reason, and kept PKing strongly with weekly fights with Wg+Fear+allies against the prominant DEoS (DE+EoS) which was a strong and active alliance during this time.

In January, TF had a war planned with another clan, but the opponent backed out. Therefore TF offered EoS war since they had already had a weeks prep vs Eos’ none. War was accepted. Eos expected TF to get over 150 people to this war. TF showing was disappointing, Eos’ was a surprise and a sign to the community as to Eos’ rise. War: January, 2006: EoS vs TF. 10 day prep. EoS got 93, TF got 105. EoS wins with 75 left. Eos won that war easily.

For 2 months, Eos mostly mini warred clans. Such as Df, Awaken, Fear, Valor, etc. Alliance with Dr was broken due to inactivity and distancing.

In March, Mr Nickos Jr retired from RS and from EoS. Broken1 followed suit, being held down by RL obligations and time restraints, and put himself as inactive / retired. Plans were to shut Eos down, but Jrd3478 wanted to step up and assume leadership, thus was granted leadership. With the leaving of Broken1 and myself, many note-able members felt no obligation to stay and help out the clan (since the leader quit, so can they?), therefore Eos lost many members in a short amount of time.

9th Era, A New Beginning: Eos currently is planning a forum switch, and a new beginning. A forum much like that during our high days. Things are looking stable, and it shouldn’t be long until we are making more noise in the community once again.
Current Leadership in EoS:
Leader: Jrd3478

High Council: Punkhazard, Flinstoneman, Lady Willow

Council: Jr Knight Jr, Kallmeray, Mariomaniac0, Prannoy, U Gowin Down, Weird Hobo, D e i n o

Advisors: Big Parrot, Bkluge, Joker316, Kidiley, Master 4

Webmaster: Kvn Pfc

Jrd3478 becomes inactive due to Rl issues. Prannoy steps up as a renewed Council member and plans several miniwars and pk trip crashes over several weeks. EoS can’t be stopped. Then, a chain reaction of bad events hurts EoS.

Inner Clan issues cause Flinstoneman to leave EoS. Punkhazard leaves EoS and joins Corruption. Jrd3478 goes on a week vacation, during which time Prannoy and Weird Hobo make another clan (Insurrection) because of the clan’s split view on EoS p2p reputation and a mass leaving ensues, bringing EoS down to about 55 Members.

Cheezy1989, Polixo (recently returned to EoS), and Astroline were appointed to temporary Council to hold EoS together until Jrd3478 returned from vacation. Jrd3478 returns and a new Council Election is held. Cheezy1989, Polixo, and Astroline all get Council. About two weeks after the clan split, Insurrection closes and Mr Nickos Jr returns to a leadership position, now co-leader with Jrd3478 and Lady Willow. Another forum switch is done, back to

After about two more weeks, Prannoy comes back to EoS and makes his amends (recieves Council later on). With Mr Nickos Jr back as a leader, things for EoS start looking up again. Old School Members come back, who had left when Mr Nickos Jr and Broken1 had left. But again, in about a month, Lo12d Jess and most of the EoS Mage Bank Pking team leave to make a No Honor clan (Infamous Pkers), who quickly become one of the top p2p based clans on RS. EoS is down to about 55 members again, but is now left with the core members. Currently, there is no inner-clan problems at all, and EoS is a community of friends. EoS lowers its requirements to 102+ combat, and begins its growth back up to full strength.

War: November 4, 2006: 1-Week prep with Knights of Honor. EoS pulls 102 options and KO pulls 120 options. EoS wins with 30 options left. This was shows that EoS is still a force to be reckoned with, even though we only had about 60 members.

10th Era, A Rivalry Turns Dirty: EoS slowly becomes a stronger and a more dominant PKing clan despite an approximate 65 person memberlist. During this time EoS claims victories over prominent clans such as TMRD, Exercitum, and RDC. April 15, EoS arranges a PKRI with TMRD, EoS pulls 144 opts to TMRDs 160+. EoS soon wins a hard fought battle ending with 117 opts. As confidence and ability grow in EoS clans such as Exer and RDC take notice and begin to flame EoS, questioning their honor and capabilities. Combined with this constant flaming of EoS by Exer and RDC, Exer members hack EoS’ forums; thus birthing a new rivalry. Exer claimed to be a top 5 clan in PKRIs but their claims were never supported by Run-In results. EoS begins to fight Exer, indisputably winning every fight. Soon Exer tires of losing to a clan they claim to be superior than, and begin to enlist the help of their friends in RDC. Nonetheless, EoS continued to emerge the victors even defeating Exer + RDC at once. Soon, with EoS hunting them every week, Exer weakens significantly and decides to “refresh” their clan by kicking everyone and closing for the better part of a week, as a result of EoS destroying their “outmasphere”; Exer soon reopens but not returning to their former glory. EoS gets a major boost out of discovering their ability to be so powerful as to force a former top clan to close and this thrusts them into a secure position in the top 10 and reestablished their intimidating reputation as a top PK clan.

Current Leadership in EoS:

Leader: Mr Nickos Jr

High Council: Bb Blukiller, Mariomaniac0, Cheezy1989, and Goku1208

Council: Revilo143, Luckyninja, Bunga321, and Chris1234128

Advisor: Baked Goods5

Warlords: Jr Knight Jr, Boomerdabomb, and Prannoy

11th Era, A new rivalry with an old friend: EoS start getting more members and have an official war with AG, in which EoS pulls 180 opts and wins with roughly 120 opts left. EoS starts to gain steam at this time with recently destroying Exer’s “outmasphere” and an old ally, Rune Raiders, are also around the same strength. Not soon after a few brushes with RR, RR start RL flaming and on and off member of EoS for years, Tankhive2. Jr Knight Jr and Bunga321 leave EoS after disputes with others in leadership about their situation and make their own NH clan, Assylum. Jrd and Lady Willow are put to Retired Leader due to being inactive and Mr Nickos Jr is now sole leader of EoS. The EoS and RR rivalry starts heating up with both clans wanting to fight, and eventually on a Sunday RR prep for EoS and EoS prep for RR in an “unofficial planned run in”. This fight lasts for a record 10 hours and EoS come out victorious over RR, but not without controversy such as EoS having friends, NI helping, etc. A few weeks later, RR start having less and less people show up to their Sunday PK trips and EoS start feeling the momentum. Shortly after that, Mr Nickos Jr steps down as leader because of inactivity and Broken1 and Prannoy take position as EoS leader along with a fresh new Council. A few weeks later, another run in is due to happen and once again, it goes for roughly 10 hours with RR ending in lava maze admitting defeat. EoS know this rivalry is once again won and start feeling the momentum of this satisfying victory. The leadership at this time after the new Council is:

Current Leadership in EoS:

Leader: Broken1 and Prannoy

High Council: Bb Blukiller, Cheezy1989, Goku1208 and Mariomaniac0

Council: Aquariusfm, Baked Goods5, Buzzcut3, Luckyninja, Revilo143 and Urc Wolfy

Warlord: Coconutdonut and Marqouth1

12th Era, Two more rivalries to fuel EoS: EoS and VR schedule a war to and VR end up bringing a level 50 to lead them in. This being a blatant attempt to cheat the “Runehead members only” rule, EoS decide to not take it and not let the low level come. VR attack in retaliation, and thus, a rivalry is born from these ex-neutral clans. VR and EoS are much similar in accepting any wars and having a “never die” attitude, so this rivalry is certainly an interesting one. Shortly, EoS have a war with CL in which EoS brings 150 opts and CL bring 180 opts, but with EoS having proof of CL cheating, this sparks controversy and EoS decide to attack CL and make the war a run in. Within an hour, EoS force CL to stop returning and a flame war based on the validity of the proof and the tactic of “not informing CL” that it was a run in after we spammed that we would make it one. CL at this time are RR allies, and are not exactly thrilled about EoS as a clan, and EoS now have two rivalries to cope with. During this time, Broken goes inactive due to losing internet and moving making Prannoy the unofficial sole leader of EoS.
Current Leadership in EoS:

Leaders: Broken1 and Prannoy

High Council: Bb Blukiller, Cheezy1989, Goku1208 and Mariomaniac0

Council: Aquariusfm, Baked Goods5, Buzzcut3, Mommacruz, Shady666660, Urc Wolfy and Yeoldguy

Warlord: Marqouth1, Siner 69 and Sweetstick

13th Era, A loss of wilderness: EoS and VR have a run in on December 9th 2007. EoS lose the fight, and the next day, December 10th 2007, the wilderness is removed to stop real world trading and a new PKing alternative, “Bounty Hunter”, is added along with Clan Wars as a replacement. Many clans eventually cope after a week or two, but some died with these changes. Luckily, EoS is not part of the latter and soon adjust to these changes becoming a dominant BH clan within no time. EoS is now arguably in the top 4-5 and are challenging and winning against clans with 30-40+ more members. Again, the VR rivalry keeps going, although the CL rivalry slowly dies down. Soon, rules and common boundaries are applied and Bounty Hunter becomes a half decent way of PKing and enjoying the wilderness. Corruption, an old friend and rival, also start gaining momentum, as well as cockiness. Cor are roughly as strong as they were when they took the #1 spot of the clan world in summer, and are letting their ego’s get the best of them by forgetting who their friends were. A few Cor members notice this and leave Cor, and EoS also notices this and decides to not take that kind of attitude. EoS is arguably at its strongest ever here, pulling 210 opts and Cor pulling 240 opts. EoS make the fight even from the beginning never being down a considerable amount and end up winning the fight in about 8 hours. Goku1208 is soon made Leader of EoS along with Prannoy and Broken1 is moved to retired leader. Once again, EoS have a run in with VR on February 18 2008 and lose before another big change, yet again.

Current Leadership in EoS:

Leaders: Goku1208 and Prannoy

High Council: Bb Blukiller and Cheezy1989

Council: 77396, Aquariusfm, Avenge Xx Buzzcut3, Urc Wolfy and Yeoldguy

Warlord: Marqouth1, Siner, and Sweetstick

14th Era, Loss of PKing altogether: On February 19 2008, Jagex released that Bounty Hunter was not mostly single with stipulations, but these stipulations still made run ins impossible. Clan Wars was still available, meaning that wars were still possible, but that run ins were no longer possible. This caused a huge hit in EoS as EoS is a primarily PKing clan. With some convincing within leadership however, EoS decided to try and warring instead of turning over and dieing. This was a difficult transition at first with the glitches in clan wars, but in a few short weeks EoS is yet again a warring clan to be reckoned with, winning around 12 matched option wars in a row. Rivalries with Cor and VR are still apparent, but with no more PKing it is nearly impossible to kill another clan or to hunt them, so rivalries are dwindling. Prannoy steps down as EoS leader to focus on RL and Cheezy1989 gets promoted to leader, along with Aquariusfm and Buzzcut3 being promoted to High Council, and Marqouth1 being promoted to Head Warlord. Nothing interesting happens for months as it is nearly impossible to cause drama, but EoS is still going strong with 75 members and a solid group of retired members coming back for the summer. There are some rumors of Multi returning leaving hope for the glory days of EoS to return along with PKing, which EoS still adore.

Current Leadership in EoS:

Leaders: Cheezy1989 and Goku1208

High Council: Aquariusfm, Bb Blukiller and Buzzcut3

Head Warlord: Marqouth1

Council: Girlfrohell2, Gothic Steve, Rangerskee, Urc Wolfy, Zilpherest

Warlord: Empire Mind, Siner and Sweetstick

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