Runescape – Barrows Guide

General Requirements:

Quests: Priest in Peril (n), Nature Spirit (n), In search of the mirique (u), Ghost Ahoy (u)

(n) = needed, (u) = usefull

100+ combat is usefull, 43+ prayer is needed

Succesfull: 70 prayer

I am showing several methods, which need different requirements.

The Methods are (levels needed/usefull):

Slayer Dart (55 slayer, 50 magic)

Ancient (70+ magic)

Black Salamander (70 strength, ranged and magic)

Ranged (85+ ranged)

Godsword (90+ strength, 80+ attack to make it quick)

Whip (95+ attack and strength to make it work)

The outfits* with inventories**:

Slayer Dart:


Slayer Dart Barrows Invent

Slayer Dart Barrows Invent



Ancient Barrows Invent

Ancient Barrows Invent

This is for blitzing, you can also use burst, but you will need the following runes:

Ancient Blitz runes Barrows Invent

Ancient Blitz runes Barrows Invent

Black Salamander:


Black Salamander Barrows Invent

Black Salamander Barrows Invent

If you want to last for several rounds, you can use this inventory:


Longer Lasting Black Salamander Barrows Invent

Longer Lasting Black Salamander Barrows Invent



Ranged Barrows Invent

Ranged Barrows Invent



Godsword Barrows Invent

Godsword Barrows Invent



Whip Barrows Invent

Whip Barrows Invent


Teleport is needed! Home-teleport is easy, but I prefer the Teleport to house-tablet.

Prayer Potions, you will need them. 50+ prayer is a benefit. I usually use 4 doses, that is with 72 prayer. I use prayer on Dharok, Karil and Ahrim, then I restore my stats with super restore, and eventually another p pot dose if needed.

Several weapons are needed. DDS mainly to spec out Karil, as he is quite hard to mage through.

Runes. If you want to teleport, you can use a tele-tab since it saves 2 spaces compared to the runes. If you are going to use Magic, you will need (atleast) 100 spells. I suggest taking 200 to be completely safe, but 100 will most likely get you there too.

Food! You CANNOT go without. The monsters in the tunnels will/can do serious damage.

SPADE! If you forget your spade, go back to Canifis and get your spade. You can also bring some cash and buy a spade there, if you have inventory space left.

*You can change the shown gear for other items which you can afford. If you are melee-ing (GS/Whip), you can take Fire Cape, but I do not have one.

** You can take better food, but monkfish would do the trick.

The Trip!

Always go to Canifis first.

This is the last spot where you have the opportunity to bank. You can choose:


How to Get to Barrows

How to Get to Barrows

Quest A is only In Search of the Mirique

Quest A and B is In Search of the Mirique and Ghost Ahoy.

For the “Short Route” you only need Ghost Ahoy.

I DID NOT! Test this route out, I will soon

When you are at Barrows after a short trip (average of about 2 to 3 minutes), you need to go to the right “brother”. The best route is:

Name – Prayer

Dharok – Melee

Karil – Ranged

Ahrim – Mage

Guthan – Melee*

Torag – Melee*

Veracs – Melee*


At one of the brothers, you will find a message:

“You have found a hidden sarcophague. Are you sure you want to go in?”
Answer with: Yes, I am fearless.

You will come in an dungeon-type of room, which looks like:


The Barrows Dungeon

The Barrows Dungeon

The red bars are the ones with a puzzle, only one of them will open. If you fail the puzzle, you will have to find the open door again.

The green bars are constantly open.

The light-blue parts are the “walk-arounds” this will bring you from safe space to safe space.



If you are lucky enough, you will just find him at his chest, guarding the reward. Kill him and get the reward. After you got the reward, teleport away from the chest to a safe spot. From there you can start the guide again.

When doing multiple rounds per trip, go back to the ladder, climb out and start following the guide again.

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