Producing Works Of Art From Skyrim Screenshots

I have been playing around with Skyrim images on Photoshop and produced some wonderful works of art as a result. Here I show some very simple ways to have a go yourself.

Here is the original image taken from the game, I think this game is so well done that the screenshot is a work of art in itself!

Skyrim Screenshot Art Original Image

You can see how easy it is to manipulate this image in the below picture. Adding a simple patchwork filter to the image produces the following effect, making it seem as is the image has been stitched together:

Skyrim Screenshot Art Patchwork Image

Another filter can be applied to make the image look like it has been drawn with chalk on a blackboard:

Skyrim Screenshot Art Chalk Image

Using a brush stroke filter you can achieve a nice little painting look-a-like:

Skyrim Screenshot Art Crosshatch Brush Stroke Image

Finally, you can really go to town on manipulating an image, it took me a whole five minutes to make something that looks vaguely like I have drawn the whole thing with a pencil! Have a look below:

Skyrim Screenshot Art Pencil Image

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