Runescape – Kalphite Queen Guide


Kalphite Queen (KQ) gear
Kalphite Queen (KQ) Gear

Full Veracs is very good as it can damage the Queen even when she is protecting from melee. If you don’t have Veracs, make sure you have decent armour and bring range gear with you too.

Bring either a skill cape or a fire cape, other capes won’t do much. Accumulator can be used if you don’t have Veracs and plan to range. Amulet of glories or furys work well, you can also use power amulets or amulet of strengths if you don’t have either.

Barrows gloves are recommended, climbing boots or dragon boots are the best for killing the Queen. Zerker or warrior ring are preferred, ring of life if you feel you might die.

For a spec weapon, dragon claws, ags or bgs are recommended (these are not required).

Bring super attack and strength pots. If you plan on staying a while, bring brews and super restores although sharks/rocktails and prayer pots will work fine. Bring 1 super anti incase you get poisoned.

Remember a teleport and you can bring a summoning creature if you desire, an ice titan is used in the above screenie. Remember 5gp for a Shanty Pass and to bring 2 ropes, although the council will most likely have these.


How To Get To Kalphite Queen (KQ)
How To Get To Kalphite Queen (KQ)


After finding your way through the tunnel, stop at the bend right before the Kalphite Guardians. Make sure everyone is ready and is in the clan chat with lootshare on. Then the person with the tope will run in and place it, everyone will follow and go down, make sure you have protect from magic on as well as protect item and piety if you desire. Try to surround the Queen as best as you can.

That is the end of my guide. Please tell me if anything is incomplete/missing, or if you have an idea on how to improve it. Thanks for reading.

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