How To Split My Computer Display To TV Screen and New Monitor

I’ve recently been asked this question:
Just wanted a bit of advice really, looking to buy a new hd tv and have just noticed you can get a tv/monitor combo, i have had a little look into the split screen and how it works, but don’t know a lot about it. I’ve found a monitor i like, i want a tv with freeview, but something i can still plug my xbox into, any idea if i could run dual monitors through my pc while easily changing to a tv when need be….

Here is my response:
Hello, there are many ways to connect your pc to your tv and use it as a “dual monitor”. Probably the most common way is to use an s-video output from your pc to your tv. You need to see what video output your pc or graphics card has first of all. Probably has a VGA output (the blue one you plug your monitor into) and maybe a DVI output (the white weird looking one). S-video outputs are small roundish sockets.

The TV you linked has a few ways to interface:
Interfaces: 1 x VGA – 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15) ¦ 1 x HDMI – 19 pin HDMI Type A ¦ 1 x component video input ¦ 2 x SCART – 21 pin SCART ¦ 1 x DVI-D – 24 pin digital DVI

Your job is to get a cable that will link that tv to your pc! I use ebay as it is nice and cheap. I see it has a DVI interface so you could use DVI to DVI cable if you pc also has a DVI port. You also have a VGA port on the TV so could use VGA to VGA cable or you can even get a DVI to VGA cable depending what your pc has.

I’m not sure what the xbox has port wise as i’m a ps3 guy but I assume it has a HDMI port, the HDMI port on the TV will probably be the best way to link your xbox up to it but means you will need to buy another cable from ebay if your xbox didn’t come with one.

Once your have the two machines connected in any of the ways above the actual process of making them work as a dual monitor is normally the easy bit. With newer versions of windows/graphics cards it may autodetect, Otherwise you just need to find your monitor options and switch it into dual monitor mode.

I have run many dual monitors using most of the above methods and it takes some messing about sometimes but its a good thing to do if your up to the job! Hope this helps and let me know if you need anymore info.

Update Your PC NOW!

Right you have all seen it, the little icon that appears in the right saying new updates are available. Do yourself a favour and download/install them as soon as you can, specially today:

Microsoft has released a fix for a hole in Internet Explorer that was the weak link in a “sophisticated and targeted” cyber attack on Google.

Microsoft recommends that customers install the update as soon as possible or update to the latest version of the web browser for “improved security”.

Microsoft normally issues patches monthly but the high-profile nature of the attacks led it to act more quickly.

I know a few people suffering a virus due to the fact they hate updating their pc. Trust me, a few minutes of downloading and a restart is nothing compared to dealing with a virus so make sure you all keep up to date. If you need more info or help then please give me a shout.

The Difference between GPS and GPRS

I recently got asked what the difference is between GPS and GPRS. Surely they sound pretty similar so must do similar things? WRONG! See below:

GPS means Global Positioning System. This is a system comprising 24 satellites positioned up in space around the world. Due to the position of those satellites, it became possible to assign an address to every meter of the surface of the earth, including those over the ocean.

GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Services. This is a way of sending data through radio waves that are currently being used to transmit voice. The data in digital form is sent out in packets, or in mini-bursts that are decoded by the receiving unit, which can be a GPRS-enabled handset.

Summary: GPS is a positioning system aimed at helping you find your location on the face of the planet, whereas GPRS is a radio service that is used to send data wirelessly.

How To Repair The Digihome DTR80 80GB Freeview Recorder (stuck on starting)

Had a few problems with this and it hadn’t been working for a while. Nothing came on the TV and the little display on the device itself was stuck on “starting”.

I have found a solution so thought I would post it here 🙂

Open the six screws on the outer case and then pull it up and off to get access to the hard drive. Turn the device over and undo the four screws that are holding the harddrive to the case. Remove the harddrive power and data connection cables.

Plug the hard drive into a pc – note that the hard drive will not show up like a normal hard drive does. Also note that you do not need to change the jumper settings on the drive itself normally.

Go to control panel then “administrative tools” (sometimes in system and maintenance category). Go to “computer management” and click on “disk management”. Find the hard drive – your pc probably won’t have assigned a drive letter to it so it will be the one without any. Right click on and delete both of the partitions on the drive. Now right click it again and format it – make sure the file system is NTFS.

Once it is done take the device out of the pc and put it back into the DTR80 case. Plug in the harddrive cables and the screws etc as above. Now when you re-connect the device to your tv and turn it on you will get a message saying “this device requires a format, do you want to perform this now”. Use the controller to select “yes”. Give it a few minutes until the timer is displayed on the front and then press the “on” button on your controller. Job done!

If the device is working fully and you want to format it for any other reason there is an easier way to do it – go to the menus and setup – recordings page then select format disk.

Upgrading Computer RAM

I wanted to know that if I had a particular speed of RAM in my PC, whether I could put a higher spec in there in a larger size, i.e. currently I have 2x 1GB simms and want to upgrade these to either 2x 2gb simms or 2x4gb simms, but I cannot get these sizes in the speed that my current RAM chips are for my PC.

After a bit of research I found out that you have to look at your motherboard documents!

Motherboards only accept certain types of RAM chips, the ones it works with will be stated in the documentation. I would recommend checking model number on the board and searching online if the documents have been lost.

If you get any different then the recommended type it may work ok to the reduced clocking speed, or just not work at all. I’d recommend checking the documentation. Sorry!

Also – if you gambled and upgraded the size without consulting manual it could be the case that the motherboard could not take it. Older boards have a low limit so the max they can take is around 2GB. If you was to upgrade to higher then it could take it would only see maximum it could take.

E.g it can take 2gb, (2x1gbs) you put it 4gb, it would either only see 1gb of each or none at all.

Hope that helps!

Technology – XP Pro Installation Guide

This installation guide uses a cracked copy of Windows XP Pro. This is only for training and guiding purposes and I am not advising anyone to use illegally obtained software.

This copy does not include a Serial Key, when you reach the stage when you are prompted for a serial you must input the key given when purchasing the software.

I am providing a step by step installation of Windows XP Pro, All other versions of XP installations are very similar to this and any average user can easily install XP after reading this guide. I am including screen prints of the installation whilst using Virtual PC to install XP.

1. Place the windows XP disc into your CD/DVD Drive.

2. Restart you’re computer and await for the stage which says “Boot from Disc press any key” hit any key.

3. After hitting a key a blue screen will appear looking similar to this, this screen will change whilst the software analysis you’re computers hardware.

XP Installation

Allow this process to continue until you arrive at step 4.

4. You will now be at the stage in which you are prompted to select from either the following partitions or to create a partition.

As i am using a virtual drive i only have one small partition in which I will be installing XP. If you wish to delete a partition follow the on screen instructions, if you wish to create a partition then follow the instructions give, i will be simply just

installing i have no need to create. Creating a partition usually is used for duel booting OS’s or backups.

XP Installation

Press Enter to install and then continue onto step 5.

5. This stage is now about choosing which format you wish for the partition you have created to be in, bearing in mind that Fat32 is an out dated system format I would recommend NTFS, choose the quick option if you have no previous installations if you have had another OS or even the same OS on the drive before but are just reinstalling due to error’s etc then use the NTFS file system highlighted in the installation image (This installation can vary in time from 20 Mins to 2 Hours depending on System specs i.e. RAM, CPU speed and of course the size of the drive matters)

XP Installation

6. This step will format the partition/s you selected to NTFS format so that files can be copied over and the OS can begin to be built.

XP Installation

7. Step 7 is the time when the software has now completed the format of the space allocated for the system to use, now it will begin to copy over the files in which it needs to run the computer formally known as "System32 and System"

XP Installation

8. Once the screen changes to the following, Xp has finished copying over files and folders and will start to initialize the actually installation of simple drivers, time and date settings, language and keyboard settings etc.

XP Installation

9. You’re computer will reboot after step 8 and you should see the following screen.

XP Installation

Allow this to load without fault and hesitation i.e. do not turn off you’re computer.

10. This screen is the start of the configuration process allow this to work through until it displays "Setup will complete approximately: 33 Minutes" At this stage you should follow from step 11.

XP Installation

11. This step is the start of the language configuration. If you live in the US skip this step.

XP Installation

From here you need to click "Customize" this will bring up another windowing prompting you to select the regional language you wish to use. Choose you’re desired language from the drop down menu then choose the same location from the drop down menu below and press "Accept or Apply"

XP Installation

XP Installation

Now you will need to press "Details" this section is for the keyboard layout, if you do not select the right one you will start typing in the incorrect language I.e. if you are English and want to press the @ key you will find you are actually typing " instead.

XP Installation

From here you need to change the language of the keyboard to english from the drop down menu.

XP Installation

12. Step 12 is the stage in which you need to select a name for the installation i chose my name of course.

XP Installation

Enter the details into the corresponding fields i left "Organization" blank as this is a home installation and not for a company.

XP Installation

After you have entered you’re details click "Next" and you will be prompted with a new window containing the drop down menu for the timezone in which you live in.

XP Installation

I chose GMT London etc as i am based within the GMT +- area. After clicking "Next" again you will see the following screen

XP Installation

13. This step is where you are asked if the computer is connected to a network i always leave mine set as the already default selected option and then type in HOMEGROUP displayed in the following picture. Click next when you have done this

XP Installation

14. Once you receive this image, XP has finished preparing the installation and configuration and is now applying the settings and actually installing. Await the next stages.

XP Installation

15. When you receive this image, the XP installation is completed and is now finalizing the installation. Be patient and wait a little more for it to complete. You’re computer will restart after the installation is finalised.

XP Installation

16. Now that Xp has finished installing it will attempt to auto adjust the screen resolution to fit you’re monitor and graphics card. Just click OK.

XP Installation

17. If this resolution is good and is not to large or to small then click ok when you see this screen as well

XP Installation

18. Congratulations and welcome to Windows Xp you are almost finished.

XP Installation

19. On this stage I recommend selecting the green shield option, this will automatically update from the windows server whenever there are new updates. Click "Next"

XP Installation

20. This step is where XP will attempt to identify if you are using a wired connection to a network or Internet connection.

XP Installation

21. For this stage keep the default selection "Yes it will connect through network etc"

XP Installation

22. On this stage i am using no to registering with Microsoft as I am using a cracked copy of windows. I do advise you to register with Microsoft if you are using a legal version it will benefit you.

XP Installation

23. This stage is where you will be creating the account names for the people who will be using the computer, i used my name as its my installation you can use whatever you like.

XP Installation

24. Well done the process is now over, officially welcome to XP hope you enjoy you’re stay and never upgrade to Vista!

XP Installation


Go to "Start > All Programs > Windows Update"

XP Installation

26. Click Accept to install Microsoft Update on the following prompt

XP Installation

Click accept to install Windows Update on the following Prompt

XP Installation

27. Click "Update Windows" on the next screen

XP Installation

28. Click "Express" This will initiate a search of the windows servers for any updates that you’re computer may need, this also only works with Internet Explorer as IE has a inbuilt feature to search you’re systems hardware and then locates any drivers it may need.

XP Installation

29. Allow the green bar to continue to go across and don’t exit the web page this is now searching for those updates.

XP Installation

30. Once it locates the updates you need to click "install updates" this will then bring up another box which will download/install the updates to you’re computer

XP Installation

(Installation Box)

XP Installation

31. Once the installation has been completed you may be asked to restart you’re computer if you are not you have two choices you can either redo the entire update process just exit the window and follow from stage 25. Stage 26 & 27 will not reappear as you have already installed them. Again do "Express installation" once you have repeated this step if nothing appears to installm restart you’re computer and then try again, after two or three times of this restart you’re computer again and then repeat the process using "Custom" this will enable you to find any that windows do not think are necessary but you may want/need them for you’re own personal use.

Congratulations – XP is now fully functional with Service Pack 3 and all necessary updates installed.

Installation and guide created by Frogz

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Technology – Ventrilo guide

As you may or may not now, many clans and guilds online use ventrillo for events.

What is Ventrilo?

Ventrilo (vent) is software for quality voice communication via the Internet.
Basically, its a program that lets you listen/talk to other players.

To begin, you must first have the ventrilo client to connect. Its Free!

When you’ve downloaded, open the file, and install. This will be a process of opening the downloaded file, click next untill installed.
Once, installed open Ventrilo.
You are now ready to follow the guide. Click the right arrow next to the box in the picture.


Press New to setup your new username as shown by the picture below.


After you put your username, you can enter it in the box that shows up.

After you choose a name, make sure you tell the server how to announce your name when you join. You can play around with to make it sound like your name. After you are done, click OK and continue the guide.


Once you have setup your name, click on the middle right arrow at the top of the Ventrilo window. This will take you to the server setup page where you will tell Ventrilo the connection information.

On the server setup page, or “Connection Editor” click new to add a Ventrilo server to connect to.

Note: You can have more than one server in this list.



Name the server something that you would recognize.

Note: Get the connection info from the owner of the server or anyone who you know has it.

Hostname: This can look like the picture below, or it can be a web address like

Port number: Ask anyone in the ventrilo for it.

Password: Optional on servers. If there is a password then you will need to enter it.

Click OK and continue the guide.


Then press connect on the right.

If you can’t connect re-follow the guide and focus on the problems listed below.
* Wrong information entered in the server setup section – This is the most common problem so check first!
* Double check IP/Hostname/Port in server setup.
* Make sure you are using a password only if there is one.
* Make sure you are connected to the internet.

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